Friday, November 4, 2011

tropic thunder

  • Question:-Tropic Thunder?
    Has anyone Heard anything about the upcoming movie called Tropic Thunder? Its rated R but it has Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr. If you have seen the preview do you think it will be a hit or a crash? Also I heard Tom cruise was appearing as a cameo. Have anyone heard anything else worthy of hearing about Tropic Thunder?

    Answer:-I think it will be amazing. I love that Robert Downey Jr will become a black man and start to really think he is "what do you mean "you people"" and then the real back guy "what do YOU mean "you people".
    It just looks so hilarious
    And i love Jack Black.

    This will be amazing hands down.
  • Question:-TROPIC THUNDER!!!!!!
    who wants 2 go see Tropic Thunder @ the movies?? i do! heres the trailer!

    tell me wat u think???

    Answer:-Saw this at the Washington, DC screening on the 10th.

    And Got Some I did. A comedy that is not Apatow's is refreshing nowadays. A relentless hard R comedy that fuses elements of practically every famous war film ever made. Beginning with trailers a la Grindhouse for every major character was already a sign of a hilarious film. While most of the humor was "funny-but-i'm-not-laughing" the same amount of laugh out loud humor and gags was provided as well, courtesy of mostly Stiller and Downey Jr. Who I wholeheartedly feel - stole the show. I can't say I've ever seen any character like his in a film of this genre, which already I feel will enter the classics. What's refreshing about Thunder is that it's actually original in certain aspects of the storyline; such as when they decide to shoot the film guerilla style in the jungle only to have the director of the film....- I'll leave this at that. A spoof of war films that isn't tireless or idiotic like the recent Epic/Date films... which do not even deserve to be called "spoofs". And be prepared for Cruise, who plays the most radical role of his entire career.
  • Question:-tropic thunder???????
    do you know in tropic thunder when RDJ says im a lead farmer motherfucker!!!!!!!! yeah i know it was funny but how can i get that line as my ringtone???????

    Answer:-Why don't you use "I don't read the script, the script reads me" as your ringtone instead? It doesn't have the f-word in it. And I just though that line was funny anyway.
  • Question:-Tropic Thunder - What is the name of the song playing during the DVD Menu screen?
    If you have seen the Tropic Thunder DVD, before you play the movie there is a song playing in the background at the menu screen. Does anyone know who that is. Its kind of sound like a Sting Desert Rain or Enigma type song.

    Answer:-i have the DVD and it is juss instrumental music in the background
  • Question:-What do you think about the movie "Tropic Thunder" insulting the mentally challenged?
    What do you think about the movie "Tropic Thunder" insulting the mentally challenged? Just curious.

    Answer:-I usually don't care when movies make fun of certain groups of people, but "retard" used in the film is possibly the worst word ever to exist. So, I don't want to see the movie personally. That word just ticks me off.
  • Question:-What is that song called in Tropic Thunder where the soldiers are in the helicopter?
    In Tropic Thunder what is the name of the song where the soldiers are going to there destination to shoot the movie in the jungle, and its a heavy strum and all?

    Answer:-Balls of Confusion by the Temptations.
  • Question:-What are the TWO ring tones in Tropic Thunder aka tropical thunder?
    There are two ring tones that go off in tropic thunder, sometimes when we touch is one.... what is the other one? Ludicris? 50 cent?

    Answer:- 1st 2nd
  • Question:-What is the actors salary in the movie Tropic Thunder?
    What was each of the actors salaries for the movie Tropic Thunder?

    Esp. what did Tom Cruise get? He's usually making 20mil per movie, and he wasn't the main role in this movie.

    Why did he accept this part/role?


    Along with the news this week that he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in Tropic Thunder as sleazy movie mogul Les Grossman, Tom Cruise revealed to E! Online that he and Ben Stiller are talking about making additional short videos, and possibly a feature film, starring the repulsive, profanity-obsessed producer and sometime bootie dancer. The character, much like the male chauvanist motivational speaker that Tom Cruise played in Magnolia seems to me like someone who is funnier in small doses, but perhaps a fully comedic movie with him as the star is what his career needs right now. At least we're likely to get some more funny fake trailers out of it.

    Outside of speaking directly to the actor or his agent, the salary amounts are currently not listed on the internet.

    Ben Stiller's salary
    Zoolander (2001) $2,500,000
    There's Something About Mary (1998) $3,000,000

    Tom Cruise's salary
    War of the Worlds (2005) (20% profit participation)
    The Last Samurai (2003) $25,000,000 + % of profits
    Minority Report (2002) $25,000,000+
    Vanilla Sky (2001) $20,000,000 + 30% of Profits
    Mission: Impossible II (2000) $75,000,000 (gross participation)
    Eyes Wide Shut (1999) $20,000,000
    Jerry Maguire (1996) $20,000,000 against 15%
    Mission: Impossible (1996) $70,000,000 (gross participation)
    Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) $15,000,000
    A Few Good Men (1992) $12,500,000
    Far and Away (1992) $13,000,000
    Days of Thunder (1990) $7,000,000
    Rain Man (1988) $3,000,000+% of gross
    Cocktail (1988) $3,000,000
    Top Gun (1986) $2,000,000
    Legend (1985) $500,000
    Risky Business (1983) $75,000
    Taps (1981) $50,000
  • Question:-What movie previews were on the Tropic Thunder DVD?
    I remember renting tropic thunder the other day, and there were a bunch of movie previews for movies I wanted to see. I'm not talking about the fake previews at the beginning of tropic thunder. 10 points for whoever can tell me them all.

    Answer:-The Sololist
    Eagle Eye
    National Lampoon's Van Wilder:Freshmen Year
    Ghost Town
  • Question:-What kind of glasses does Tom Cruise wear in Tropic Thunder?
    I was planning on being Les Grossman for halloween. Im just wondering what kind of glasses did Tom Cruise wear in Tropic Thunder.

    Answer:-lol that's a cool costume. Sorry, I don't know what type there are.

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