Friday, October 21, 2011

west virginia football

  • Question:-How would I go about and prepare myself for trying out for the West Virginia football team?
    It has always been a dream of mine to play college football. I have never played football before but have played soccer my entire life, I even played for the college I previously attended. I'm hoping to try and out and walk on to the football team at West Virginia as a punter or kicker. How would I go about doing this and how would I prepare myself?

    Answer:-I'm not going to lie to you, its very, very, very difficult to walk on to the WVU football team. At least a 100 guys try out, and out of that 100, they maybe take 1 or 2 people.
    If I were you, I would work on getting my speed up, run sprints a lot! Being fast, even if you are just a punter, is a necessity for WVU football. Then work on the consistency of your punts and making field goals from good distances and strange angles. Its going to be a lot of hard work, but if you want it bad enough then I believe you can do it.

    Good luck! Hope this helped, some, but I probably told you what you already know you should work on =).
  • Question:-Do you guys notice West Virginia football players are thugs in the NFL?
    Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, and Quincy Wilson all went to West Virginia and all of them been arrested in the NFL. Im not saying that West Virginia is Thug University. However, this is so weird that for whatever reason. Also, the fact that these guys are making millions of dollars but they do immature dumb stuff while guys would be happy to take their roster's spot.

    Answer:-As a die hard WVU fan, yes we have noticed it and Pacman Jones and Chris Henry were total thugs when they were here too, but Coach Rod wouldnt do nothin about it....I dont think we'll have that problem anymore with Coach Stewart! There are guys that would be happy to take their spot for half the money these idiots are making and I think they should all be kicked out of the NFL and put in jail where they deserve to be....not just these three, but any player who is arrested for a violent crime or drug offense.
  • Question:-Is all the HYPE and BUZZ about Rutgers and West Virginia football FINALLY Dying?
    Hey, Ray Rice has left Rutgers. Steve Slayton and Coach Rod have left West Virginia with Pat White soon to be gone as well. Are these once non-recognizeable programs finally dwindling back into the background? I for one am tired of hearing about them both.

    Answer:-Probably. The only negative is that one of these teams will probably win the conference and go to a BCS Bowl. After last weeks showing against the Pac 10, I think the Big East should be dropped as a BCS conference and the Mountain West Conference added.
  • Question:-was the West Virginia football team paid off or did they really play that badly against Pitt?
    I never seen a team make that many mistakes in a game. fumbles , overthrown passes, missed field goals. I have watched WVU all year. and this was a very suspicious game!

    Answer:-It was just a bad game; every team has them every once and a while. Deal.
  • Question:-Where I can Watch West Virginia Mountaineers vs Louisville Cardinals live stream football game?
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    Answer:-Watch Here

    West Virginia Mountaineers vs Louisville Cardinals
  • Question:-Does West Virginia football get the same respect that other quality teams get?
    I am a WVU fan and I'm trying not to favor them but I feel that every year they seem to get less respect than other BCS teams.

    Answer:-yes WVU is very underrated,,, we lost a game in which we had 6 turnovers, short of that we would be undefeated, and now with the way that we are playing?,,, hmmmmmmm we are a very good team,,,, the one guy says we have played no one or beaten no one in recent years,,, lets see, 2005 Sugar Bowl,,, WVU vs The SEC champs Georgia,,, and we beat them,,,, go figure,,, we beat the SEC champs,,, and still get no respect,,, all i can say is GO GOLD RUSH,, im a WVU fan for life and always have been,,,, we will not get the respect that we deserve, and thats prob because some defectors left the big east,,, VT, BC, and Miami, and how r those guys doing? only sporatically well,,, but the resurgent Big East is coming around,,,, so stop hating and give us some respect,,, never know we might be beating your team again in January

    Plus we have the most explosive backfield in College Football today and in recent years
  • Question:-What time is the Gerogia and West Virginia football game?

    Answer:-Games already over!!!!!!!
  • Question:-West Virginia Football Team- Anti WV Pictures?
    Does anybody know where I can find Anti West Virginia Football Jokes, that make fun of WV and or West Virginia Sucks pictures???

    Anything that makes fun of West Virginia football

    please let me know

    best gets 10

    btw: me and my friend have a friendly rivalry about osu and Wv football


    No, but I would think that you would LOVE WVU for giving you a trip to New Orleans.......
  • Question:-Any idea how West Virginia's football team is looking for 2009?
    With Pat White graduating after this season and a new coach in charge, will West Virginia's football program be on a steady decline or be able to maintain its top 25 ranking in the next couple years?

    Answer:-Sorry to say it, but they are going to miss Coach Rodriquez.
  • Question:-on the west virginia football team there is a man onthere with i guess a nick name ending with small who is it?
    he is from south carolina i think beaufort

    Answer:-Mr. Big

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