Tuesday, November 8, 2011

albert haynesworth

  • Question:-Albert Haynesworth???????????????
    was the signing of Albert Haynesworth from the titans to the redskins, which was officially $100million, but could reach $115million, the most amount of money ever given to sign a football player?

    Answer:-Yes. It is the biggest contract to ever be given to a player. But it is not the most money a player will make per year. That Contract belongs to Nnamdi asomugha of the oakland raiders. Hes making something like 16 million a year!
  • Question:-I seriously dont know alot about Albert Haynesworth, but what makes him so good?
    I rarely see the Titans play and never get to see what their players can do. Almost everyone says that Albert Haynesworth is the best D Tackle in the league and without him, the Titans defense are worthless. I've seen his stats, it doesn't really show that much to me. So what makes him so good?

    Answer:-Haynesworth is not the best and the Titans actually have a good defense most of the time. Haynesworth is a force stopping the run and can get sacks that provides a good pass rush.
  • Question:-What's the difference between Albert Haynesworth and Barack Obama?
    Obama still works in DC.



    RAWR! and Keoni, take your politics to the Politics section with rest of the southern bigots. This is the Football section.
  • Question:-Will the Patriots make Albert Haynesworth a stud player again?
    Some how the patriots have the ability to take these players people think are washed up and have problems, and make them look great again. Rodney Harrison, Cory Dillion, Randy Moss, and now Haynesworth. I think History will repeat itself. Belichick is the master of doing that.
    What do you think?

    Answer:-This was another prime example of why the best coach in the NFL resides in New England. We gave up a turkey sandwhich and half a bag of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips for Haynesworth. He is going to be a beast this year. He will be motivated and ready to show the Redskins what they had. I can't wait to watch him and Wilfork work together. This link is the reason for my hope and excitement:

  • Question:-What type of punishment should Albert Haynesworth of the Tennessee Titans receive?
    If you don't know the story Haynesworth(300 plus lbs) stomped on another players helmetless face with his metal spike cleates(yeah) causing the player a 30 stitch wound just above his eyes.

    Answer:-He should be TOSSED out of the NFL without his remaining salary and should spend time in jail, pay a fine both from th NFL and th USA. This was by far the worst sportsman like conduct I have ever seen. I dont think I will even watch his team play if he is playing even if he is playing against my favorite team in the superbowl and I have front row seats that I got for free. I wouldnt waste my time.
  • Question:-Why does Albert Haynesworth give the Redskins such a hard time about everything?
    Is he just upset with how the team performed last season? Anyone know what the deal is?

    Answer:-no its not the performance of last year that bothers him.. its the nose tackle issue..if he plays nose tackle he wont be getting the sacks that a normal D-tack does..and he loves to hit the QB..so hes gonna kick up a storm until he either gets traded or the redskins decide to play in a 4-3 not a 3-4
  • Question:-What are your thoughts about Albert Haynesworth being traded to the Pats for half a turkey sandwich?
    BQ: Who do you think got the better end of the deal? Washington or the Pats?

    Answer:-The Redskins were lucky to get anything for him. Albert Haynseworth is the Highest Paid Defesnive Player in The History of The National Football League and you would think for all that money, he would have been a 4-Down Defensive Linemen, but he was coming out of the game on every other play. It was a good deal for the Redskins because they receive a 6th Round Draft Choice in 2012 and a 6th Round Draft Choice in 2013. It's a good deal for the Patriots because they are only spending $5,000,000 a year and if Haynesworth plays well, then The Patriots will have a Defensive Front 3 that will weigh more than 1,000lbs. If he doesn't work out, then The Patriots will reade him or release him. Albert Haynesworth could give New England a Pash Rusher that they haven't had since they traded Richard Seymour to Oakland a few years ago. Buffalo, Miami and New York should be worried, Coach Bellichek is no dummy.
  • Question:-Breaking news:patriots aquire Albert haynesworth for a 2013 5th round puck thoughts?
    I'm a pats fan and I am happy as HELL another great player added to our great defense that include :Jerod mayo, Devon mccorty, brandon meriwether, Vince wilfork, Greg "Ty" Warren, patrick chung, tulla banta-Cain and now Albert haynesworth!

    Answer:-Big Al= Randy Moss for NE.
  • Question:-How much does Albert Haynesworth and Ndamukong Suh bench press?
    Not together of course. Do you think Suh will be a good player in the NFL.

    Answer:-Suh can bench press two Texas linemen (who are both holding) and still pick up Colt McCoy and toss him like a rag doll. Suh will be the Next mean Joe Greene. I would be suprized if he is not a pro bowler for years and years.
  • Question:-Do you think signing Albert Haynesworth was a good thing for the Redskins?
    He was signed to a 7 year 100M deal!

    Answer:-He's good but not 100 million good!It wasn't a good thing!

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