Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ali fedotowsky

  • Question:-how does ali fedotowsky keep her skin so fresh and clean. Also what does she wear for makeup?
    Well ali from the bachelorette's skin is always so clean and looks great. i was wondering if she used any skin care stuff for her face and if so what. Also her i was wondering what she used to do her makeup and how?

    Answer:-Tv makes everyone look good they use alot of makeup! We live in the real world.
  • Question:-Do you think that Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky is worth having so many guys fighting over her?
    I mean, she's pretty cute, but is she really all that?

    Answer:-I dont think she is half bad. If anything, she's too cut and dry. I would have to agree with you for the most part though. The majority of the guys just think shes hot and that is it.
  • Question:-Do you want Ali Fedotowsky to be the next Bachelorette and why so?
    Ali had regrets after choosing to leave Jake on the Bachelor due to her job back in San Franscico. she knew she made a mistake and begged to come back on the show to win back Jake's heart but Jake denied her and felt that it just wasn't a good idea. How do you feel about the whole situation and do you feel like she should be given the opprorotunity to become the next Bachelorette?

    Answer:-Absolutely not. I think she showed from the second episode that she is a jealous, snotty, whiny little brat. She tried to form a "pact" with the other girls to hate Vienna - that right there showed her immaturity. And her acting skills when she tried to corner Jake into professing his love for her just so that she could get him to commit before the finale was pathetic. It was all a ploy and it came back to bite her in the butt. I have watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and I can honestly say that I will not watch the season if Ali is the Bachelorette.

    I think the thing about her that bothers me the most is that she tries to come off as this sweet innocent girl when she is really just coniving - she is very sneaky about it and the only time she showed her true colors was when Jake wasn't around.

    Add: I agree with the answer below mine. She chose to leave the show because she was going to lose her job. So how is it that she can now take off even longer, guaranteed, to be the Bachelorette? Is Facebook suddenly OK with her taking even more time off? They weren't OK with her missing another couple of weeks, but now they are letting her take of a couple of months? Sounds fishy to me.
  • Question:-Does anyone know what happens on the Bachelorette- Ali Fedotowsky?
    It has just aired here in Australia and I want to know what happens! Has it been revealed in the US yet? I not, what episode are they up to?

    Answer:-It is still airing but you can checkout some spoiler sites (they all say that she ends up still single)
    I haven't watched in a few weeks because I'm moving but I think she's got it narrowed down to 4 or 6 by now?
    Chris and Roberto are rumored to be the final two.
  • Question:-How Tall is Ali Fedotowsky from the Bachelorette?

    Answer:-She's really petite but proportional so her lack of height isn't obvious. When she appeared with Jimmy Kimmel, Ali was teetering on 4" heels and was still considerably shorter than six-foot Kimmel. I'll guess 5' 2" or 5' 3" at the most.
  • Question:-What is the bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky's birthdate?

    Answer:-I dont think that info was given out to the public, shes 25.
  • Question:-Who do you think Ali Fedotowsky ends up with?
    I've heard rumors that she doesn't end up with either of them, but I really want others opinions!! :)

    Answer:-I think that she ends up with Chris. If she doesn't choose Chris, he'll be like the Tenley of last season's The Bachelor.
  • Question:-Is Ali Fedotowsky Still with the Bachelor Winner?
    Did she break up or is she still with the same guy from the bachelor that won the season?


    Answer:-Oh sissy guy in the room!!
  • Question:-where can i read Ali Fedotowsky's news?
    where can i read Ali Fedotowsky's news

    Answer:-you can try at www.celebzlink.com
  • Question:-do i look like ali fedotowsky from the bachelorette?
    this is ali fedotowsky
    this is me

    whaddaya thinkk:)

    Answer:-Barely, but you're definitely gorgeous!

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