Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ben gibbard

  • Question:-What kind of glasses does Ben Gibbard wear?
    What kind of glasses does Ben Gibbard wear? He is the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie.

    Answer:-Not sure what precise brand they are but they are something like this:

    If it's not what you looked for take a look here: http://www.optical4less.com/plastic-eyeglasses/ I'm sure you can find a pair that looks just like his.
  • Question:-Is it possible for Ben Gibbard to "cover" Such Great Heights by the postal service?
    Me and my friend had an argument over this because Ben Gibbard wrote the song so he isn't "covering" it he's just playing it under his name. He disagrees with me but I think I'm right. So what do you guys think?

  • Question:-Where can I buy a Ben Gibbard voodoo doll?
    I, uh, am asking for a friend who's really into that awesome band Death Cab for Cutie.

    Answer:-LOL WHAT
    Make your own.
    Voodoo is guaranteed to work better that way.
  • Question:-Do you think Ben Gibbard will steal JingJing next?
    Ben Gibbard = That dude from Death Cab for Cutie, btw.

    Answer:-You mean..steal Jing Jing from ME..right? Because she/he is MINE..not yours.
    Annnnd if this Ben fellow tries anything....I'll just have to slap him up.
  • Question:-Is Death Cab For Cutie singer Ben Gibbard an atheist?
    I have read some things that suggest that he is and was just curious. Some of his lyrics sound spiritual so it got me to thinking what his beliefs might be.

    Answer:-actually a lot of his lyrics (i will follow you into the dark) are very anti god soooooo..... i dont really know but i can make the guess that he's not religous
  • Question:-Where can I find what Ben Gibbard says that the Death Cab songs mean?
    The songs I'm specifically wondering about are A Lack of Color and Passenger Seat.

    Answer:-watch the documentary Drive Well Sleep Carefully. its all about death cab and has tons of interviews where ben talks about writing songs and his inspiration for them.
  • Question:-How is Ben Gibbard's last name pronounced and does he ever sing solo?

    Answer:-I have no clue, but I have seen him perform solo.
  • Question:-How do i sing like ben gibbard of death cab for cutie?
    I want to know if theres anyway i can sing more like him

    Answer:-just practice, listen to a bunch of death cab for cutie, and try to imitate the style of singing you hear in Ben Gibbard's voice.
  • Question:-does anyone think that ben gibbard (lead singer and song writer of death cab for cutie) has of had depression?
    some of his songs sound like someone begging for an escape. am i just weird or does anyone think the same?

  • Question:-Whats the name of the song with Ben Gibbard and a woman singing about breaking up?
    Ben Gibbard wants them to stay together based on the merits of emotion. (He sings about how good it feels to be together and what have you).
    The woman wants to leave based on logic. (She sings about having flow charts and diagrams about why they should break up)
    I heard this on the radio a month or so back and it's been bugging me ever since!

    Answer:-Ben Gibbard & Jenny Lewis - Nothing Better

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