Monday, November 7, 2011

brian urlacher

  • Question:-Brian Urlacher?
    why is brian urlacher not in the pro bowl he leads the bears in tackles he has 3 ints 5 sacks 1 ff 2 recover fumbles and like 3 huge tip passes and he played a hell of a game on MNF

    Answer:-Urlacher did not deserve a Pro Bowl nomination. He had a good game against Minnesota, but he has not had a good year. I am a Bear fan.
  • Question:-Is it true Brian Urlacher wears a metal cup?
    Brian Urlacher has had a lot of groin injuries in the past years. Is it true he wears a metal cup?

    Answer:-I've definitely got to agree with 'G'
  • Question:-Do you think Steve Nash would wet his pants if he saw Brian Urlacher?
    LeBrick, Noringash, Kobrick would all pee their pants if they saw Brian Urlacher, the 2nd greatest LB of all time.

    Answer:-No one cares
  • Question:-Should I start James Harrison or Brian Urlacher?
    James Harrison against the Browns or Brian Urlacher against the Seahawks?

    Answer:-this is a coin flip. when i used to play fantasy with IDPs, i would make my decision by asking myself "if either one of them got a pick or recovered a fumble, which would be more likely to return it for a TD?" OR i'd ask "if there's a fumble on the ground/tipped ball in the air, which one wold be more likely to get the ball?" i would say Urlacher. truth is, these IDP decisions rarely matter that much, and this is a bigger crapshoot than picking offensive players. i'd just drop one of them so i don't have to make a decision every week
  • Question:-Question about a Brian Urlacher authentic jersey?
    I bought a authentic Brian Urlacher home jersey for about 159 -orig 250. it has spandex side, and is double stiched. Its all real. But, is it just older? because i seen a jay culter jersey in a new game picture and the top chest stiching was different, and the spandex was higher. All help is appreciated.

    Answer:-Many teams change jerseys on yearly basis so there easily could be new jerseys out!
  • Question:-Why does everyone think Brian Urlacher is so good?
    Everyone is ranting and raving about Brian Urlacher and I am tired of it. I have watched him play and all I ever see is him getting run over or juked out or something else like that. And please, nobody tell me, oh hes never been run over! Or hes never been juked out! Because there is a very nice clip of him getting run over by the Bus when there were already two guys tackling the bus and he was in perfect tackling position, still managed to get run over. And he got juked out by Tom Brady, not even a scrambling quarterback, a slow quarterback. And dont say those are the only times because if you get juked out by a quarterback, a running back must make you miss everytime, and it seems like everytime I see him trying to tackle a stronger back he is going the wrong way, backwards. So tell me, fans of Urlacher, what makes him so great? Or do you agree with me that he is not that good at all, that it is the team that surrounds him and the fact that he plays in the NFC, JV if you will.

    Answer:-Because he is good. He played safety in High School so he brings the pass-covering ability to the Middle Linebacker position. In his beginning seasons, he was the first LB to become a threat at both the run and pass. And as many people say, he is fast. It's true, he can stare down and just take out Michael Vick with no problem. And he's an inspiration. He led the team huddle talks that got Chicago the Victory in Arizona. And he stipped the ball from Edgerin James (who used to never fumble). So yeah, he's good. Some say he will go into the Hall of Fame his first year. That's L.T. and Junior Seau good. But don't worry, your boy Ray Lewis might get into the HoF, someday.
  • Question:-Just how good is Brian Urlacher compared to almost any other football player?
    I live near Chicago and I often see the number 54 for Urlacher on most football jerseys, especially when I occasionally visit Chicago.

    I guess this guy is one of the most aggressive, energetic, skillful players on the field when it comes tackling and taking someone down.

    I must admit when I saw that Bears/Cowboys game I think
    2 weeks ago, he did sack the quarterback twice.

    Answer:-He's above average. His speed is his advantage. Which he is starting to lose, so he's sliding.
  • Question:-Is Brian Urlacher taking a page from the TO hand book?
    TO used the media to get raises & trades, Chad Johnson read his book & is using it AND now we have Brian Urlacher in the news.

    Rumors have him threatening to retire, he wants a trade, he wants more money but he denies it all BUT, the direction this team is going can you blame him for wanting out?

    does he want out or not? where would he fit in"

    Answer:-Urlacher would not look right in anything other than a Bears jersey. But, this is a business, so who knows what will happen. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't take him at his word, which is that he wants to remain in Chicago. Other than a handful of teams (Pats, Colts, Chargers), the NFL has become an extremely fickle league. The Bears were in the Super Bowl just 2 years ago. This situation kinda reminds me of Strahan last season. He thought about retirement, though most people believed he was just holding out for more money (which he still might have been). Nobody picked the Giants to do anything. They had a terrible second half the prior season, backed into the playoffs and lost to Philly in the first round, then Tiki retired, they don't pick up any big free agents, they hire a new defensive coordinator and then the Strahan thing. And what happened? They won the Super Bowl. Get them a good QB, and who knows what the Bears could do next season? I doubt that Urlacher would want out because he doesn't think the Bears can win.

    But if they want to trade him to the G-men, that would be cool with me. =P
  • Question:-How much is a Brian Urlacher autographed picture worth?
    The picture is framed in a black frame and is in mint condition. It was signed on an offical bears nfl picture of Brian in his defensive stance.

    Answer:-I'll give you a nickel. I need something to wipe with.

    Seriously, you ought to study this on e-bay and sports memorabilia sites first, it's probably worth a fair amount, $50 or more maybe framed. Unframed Urlachers go for as little as $25 to $30 in pristine condition. Is it addressed to anyone or does it have a particular handwritten message on it? If so, that actually devalues it.
  • Question:-Would Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher be toted as best if they won the Super Bowl?
    Do you think people would say Jay Cutler is the best QB (like people have been saying about Aaron Rodgers), and Urlacher is the best linebacker (like people have been saying about Clay Matthews)?
    Or are the Bears just not lovable like the Packers are?

    Answer:-Yes, with the exception of Eli Manning, the best quarterback every offseason is the guy who won the Super Bowl. Brady and Manning are constants, but look at what winning the big one has done for Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers. It seems to give them the jump from good to elite. If the Cowboys or Rams couldnt win it though, I would like to see the Bears go all the way, Cutler deserves it after all the crap he's gotten and I've always liked Urlacher.

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