Monday, November 7, 2011

wheel of fortune

  • Question:-Why is the Wheel of Fortune contestant composition always the same?
    Why does Wheel of Fortune follow the same contestant formula for nearly every episode? There is always one male, two female and one of the women is almost always markedly more physically attractive than the other.

    Answer:-I've noticed that myself. I suspect that their PR/marketing types have done surveys and figured out that that particular contestant combination is the most "viewer friendly".

  • Question:-How big is the wheel from wheel of fortune?
    Another quick question: after watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Wheel of Fortune, I heard that there was a guy that goes under the wheel and tries to stop it with his hands and feet. Is this still going on today? My guess is that it's not since in the early years of the show they did not use flippers to stop the wheel. They used thin plastic strips like the ones used at a carnival wheel. Thin plastic strips would not be able to stop a 2 ton wheel. I just want some clarification.

    Answer:-to tell u the truth i have no idea but i dont think that someone will try to stop oit from underneath it cause itr looks really heavy but the arrow is what stops it not a guy
  • Question:-How do you become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune?
    I've loved the show Wheel of Fortune forever, but have never heard how contestants are chosen. Can anyone help me get information on this? Thanks.

    Answer:-Below is the Wheel Of Fortune official site. When you click on the "Contestants" tab, it tells you, "
    Our apologies, this feature is unavailable at this time. Please enjoy the rest of the site."

    Perhaps they are not accepting applicants at this time.
  • Question:-How to find locations of the backdrop on Wheel of Fortune?
    I've been trying aimlessly to find out the location sites they display on the backdrop behind the contestants on Wheel of Fortune. Many of the sites are obvious but some seem random and a couple of those sites look familiar. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-Record the show using your computer (if you're lucky) or a DVR or VCR.

    Copy the background to an image file on your computer. If you have TV via Windows Media Center, pause and then use the snipping tool. If you have a DVR or VCR, you'll probably have to pause and take a picture with a digital camera, then copy ("upload") the photo to your computer.

    Several free sites are available for temporary posting pictures.

    After posting the picture, ask here!

    - Jim,
  • Question:-How many people have won a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune?
    I am watching Wheel of Fortune and the girl just got the million dollar wedge, and I started to wonder how many people have won a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune, because since I started watching it, I haven't seen anyone win it.

    Answer:-Only one. I believe this is the first season to include the million dollar wedge (the season is ending this week, I believe).

    It's pretty difficult to get the million. You have to
    * land on the million wedge
    * pick a letter that's in the puzzle to win the wedge
    * win that round (be the first to guess that puzzle)
    * be the big winner (win more $ than your competitors)
    * pick the million dollar prize on the small wheel in the final round (where you can't see what prize you're picking)
    * win the final round

    Frankly, I suspect the winner who did win might have been "set up" to win. The chances of doing all that are very remote - I think only 1 other person has made it to the final round with the million dollar wedge (and they failed to pick the million dollar prize from the small wheel).

  • Question:-What was the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune tonight Sept 7, 2009?
    I also need the wheel of fortune anniversary phrase. I just got home from worked and missed them both by minutes.

    Answer:-Go to
  • Question:-What is the wheel of fortune on neopets?
    I play neopets and I keep hearing about the wheel of fortune and I don't know what it is. What is it and can you give me the link to it?
    I also heard about a neo genie where can I get it on neopets?

    Answer:-I've never heard of the Wheel of Fortune. There's the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland, the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale, the Wheel of Monotony in Tyrannia, and the Wheel of Misfortune in the Haunted Fairground.
  • Question:-What happens when the Wheel of Fortune spinner hits bankrupt during the final spin?
    I have been watching Wheel of Fortune for a while now, but I'm curious, has there ever been a moment when Pat hit a Bankrupt or Lose a Turn when spinning?

    Answer:-Yeah it happens. He just spins it again.
  • Question:-What was the trivia solved today on wheel of fortune the last one?
    I am trying to find out what was the last trivia solved today on wheel of fortune because I missed it?

    Answer:-Bonus round puzzle solution was "WOOL SOCKS"

    She guessed it right after the buzzer.
  • Question:-Any tips for playing Wheel of Fortune slot machine?
    I heard a lot of good things about the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I'll be going to a casino soon, any suggestions?

    Answer:-Yes, always play the max bets. If you can afford it, play the $1 slots instead of the quarter ones. When you do hit the "Wheel---of---Fortune" and push the spin button, expect the needle to always end up on the cheap ass 30-50 slots... I've only got the 1000 one once out of maybe 5000 spin attempts over my lifetime of gambling.

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