Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cma awards

  • Question:-CMA Awards?
    Is Miley Cyrus and her dad hosting the CMA awards?

    When is that awards show?

    Answer:-I think that Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus are hosting the CMA's! I believe that this year they are june 5-8th?!?!
  • Question:-CMA awards!!!!!!????
    are the CMA awards going to be brodcast on CBS this year?????????
    seriouse answers only please, I really want to know because I don't get the abc channel and I think i have to watch Rascal Flatts preform!!!!
    is it only on ABC? iknow its on monday

    Answer:-ABC and CMT are the only two networks that I know are carrying them.
  • Question:-cma awards?
    where can i go to see rascal flatts' performances on the cma awards last night?

    Answer:-Why would you want to? Save yourself some pain and forget it.
  • Question:-where can i find a dress similar to the one taylor swift wore at the CMA awards?
    I really like the dress that Taylor Swift wore to the CMA music awards and i'd like to find something similar to wear to prom. I really like the sweetheart top and sparkles, also the way the fabric flows. Help please!

    Answer:-You can probably find a very similar dress on Shiny Orb. They have a huge prom section, though you may also want to look in the bridesmaid section. Sounds like you know exactly what it looks like so you should be able to browse pretty quickly by using the style search (sweetheart, floor length?, etc). Hope this helps and good luck!
  • Question:-Does anyone know where to go to watch the 43rd Annual CMA Awards onine?
    I missed the 43rd Annual CMA Awards and I was wondering if anyone has found it online? I've looked every where and I have yet to find it. Can someone help me? This question has been asked before but all the answers given wouldn't work for me.. Please help!

    Answer:-I just watched it on Youtube. Here is the link:

    They were uploaded by:

    They are titled:
    43rd Annual CMA Awards (Part 1/15)

    Of coure the (Part ?/15) changes but all 15 are there..

    Good luck!
  • Question:-What was the name of the song he sang on the cma awards ?
    What was the name of the song Elan Atias sang after Kenny Chesney's song on the CMA music awards?

    Answer:-Three Little Birds.. I think.
  • Question:-What song did Keith Urban just sing at the 2011 CMA awards?
    Of course I missed Keith Urban and my grandma doesn't like him so she didn't pay attention to what he sang. What song did he sing at the 2011 CMA awards? Thank you! :D

  • Question:-When can I watch the cma awards again on tv?
    Is there another time when I could watch the cma awards 2008 on tv?

    Answer:-if you have cmt, it is going to be on november 29. if you check their website you can check all the times and dates. a lot of times they play those things over and over. that would be your best chance to see it again. i don't know that any other stations would rerun it....maybe gac or something but i don't get that one so i can't say for sure.
  • Question:-Did anyone get photos of the troop being honored at the 42nd CMA awards last night?
    Last night on the CMA awards they honored a troop of men from down here in grant county, ky. Well my brother is in that troop and i am trying to find any video or photos of them being honored last night. My 1st sgt from my JROTC program wants to see it and i could really use some of them. So if you know where to find any, any at all, it would be appreciated if you would tell me where to find them. Thank You.

    CSGTF Mohrhaus

    Answer:-Look in
  • Question:-What time and channel is the CMA awards?
    I want to watch the CMA awards because i really love country and plus i want to see Miley Cyrus perform "The Climb". I have Direct TV and I live in the Pacific Coast

    Answer:-check ur local listings. Chanels are different everywher try going on to find out the schedule and chanel

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