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toyota recall

  • Question:-Toyota Recall...................................?
    Is the US government and media making the recall bigger than it actually is?
    Is the US government and media making the recall bigger than it actually is?

    Oh yeah... the toyota hilux has never been banned and was shown on programs such as Top Gear and praised for their reliability. Many hilux's have more than 300,000 miles and are called the indestructable truck.


    NOW for the Toyota recall..........

    Stop Abusing Toyota just because of a huge recall....gas pedals wear out if you constantly floor your car when you don't really need to.....temperature and humidity can also affect it.

    I understand that everyone would agree that Toyota did hide this problem and everyone would obviously accept that American cars are better.

    The fact of the matter is that all car companies have to go through recalls. Toyota & Honda are definitely being attacked by the government especially LaHood. He's constantly making a big deal about this...

    First he says to stop driving toyota's (even Obama agreed)…

    Then He later apologies for his idiotic words....…

    I do understand that Toyota has included more than a million vehicles in this recall. Honda's wasn't even that incident triggered the whole situation & guess who made a public announcement.....YES LAHOOD.…

    So Tell Me American Car Lovers.....

    Why didn't the government announce the GM recall... (more than 1.5 million vehicles)…

    Chevy recall.... (905,000 vehicles)…

    And yours truly Ford.... (more than 80,000 vehicles)…

    Toyota has made over 175 recalls within the year of 2000
    Ford over 250+ (not too bad, very impressing, seems I can trust them)
    Chevy over 700+
    GM over 1000+

    And you still love American Cars????

    If Government did decide to make this public.............They're FINISHED. They have no money to make a recall.....sure they can do minor but major such as TOyota....they're gone.

    Lahood and the transportation department are deliberately keeping this quiet just for the sake of keeping American car companies alive as well as aiding the economy. Oh sure the economy is going up as American car companies gain profit.....wait till Toyota starts firing people...UNEMPLOYMENT IS OFF THE CHART!

    Toyota has employed hundreds of people, imagine them without jobs if Toyota left US. If they left we would be in an instant recession.

    In some cases GM, Ford, Chevy needs Toyota for competition. It is because of Toyota Honda and Nissan GM, Ford and Chevy stand this good today....otherwise they would still use same old parts from 1990's.

    Doesn't matter if Toyota made such a huge recall.....The downfall is that pretty soon Toyota will start firing workers and unemployment rates will increase. Look at the bright side....They will lose money and the CEO will have to invest into more safer technologies to make their vehicles better....

    last time I checked GM begged the government for money, they showed up in their hybrid cars to prove them that they can improve.....lets see. Because of their irresponsibility I am losing my money as taxpayer. Why should I pay for their failures when I should worry about my savings, sending kids to college, keeping a roof over my family and feeding them.

    This is all a media hype by the government to convince people to buy American cars....even if you have a Toyota just take it to the dealer and have your pedals will only take 2 hours rather than you wasting more than $18,000 on a new car....Plus Toyota dealers are seriously listening to any complaints about their vehicles from numerous customers and providing quick and fast solution.

    Every American car lover is being a bit too harsh on Toyota & Japanese cars....For your information....we need Toyota for Competition....Ford, Chevy GM watched how they rose to the top and now they're doing the same.

    Japanese cars are good, American Cars are good, all cars are good....mainly its human error which can end lives not cars.
  • Question:-Will the Toyota recall effect the price of Camrys bought at the car auction?
    Im in the market for a new car and I have a friend looking at the Detroit Auto Auction for 2008 Toyota Camry. But with this huge recall Toyota has what will happen to the prices? Will they go down because of it or will they increase? And will I even be able to buy a Camry at the auction because Toyota stopped the sale of them from all dealers? Thanks!

    Answer:-As a car dealer I can tell you as of an hour ago, MMR (auction) has pulled them from the auction lists
  • Question:-Can I break my lease with toyota since my truck is included in the toyota recall?
    I have a toyota tundra, the 2007 - 2010 model is listed in the recall. I have the truck leased and I really want to end the lease and get rid of it. Is it possible for me to take the truck back, claim that I've had the problem and then demand the lease to be broken?

    Answer:-No you can't break the lease but you might have a small claims court action for lack of use.
    reasoning: truck is unsafe, you feel unsafe driving it, you call dealer and he tells you it will take two weeks or so to get appointment to fix it. You have now lost two weeks of use on your truck. That is what you can sue for
  • Question:-Has the Toyota recall campaign by government failed?
    Every other car I see on the road is Toyota. The government tried very hard to smear Toyota as a failed car. Now even the Toyota website doesn't mention anything about recall. The recall story just faded away as soon as Toyota paid $16 million fine. So was the campaign done only to get $16 million? Isn't that suspicious?

    Answer:-the recall campaign failed miserably. Toyota is back to making huge profits and just announced $1.2 billion profit in the latest quarter. They continue making revenue at the pace of $205 billion an year, making it at one of the top 10 largest revenue corporations in the world. I personally think it was all about the $16 million fine. The fine was paid and the story faded away
  • Question:-Was their a toyota recall on a 2000 tundra?
    I have a 2000 toyota tundra with the 4.7L V8, was their ever a recall on it, and if their was how would i go about doing that?

    Answer:-Toyota Expands Tundra Recall
    Published Mar 10, 2010

    * Toyota expands a recall of the 2000-'03 Tundra to cover all trucks in the U.S.
    * The recall is to fix a corrosion problem with the Tundra's frame.
    * Initially, only 20 cold-weather states were included in the recall.

    DETROIT — Toyota is expanding a recall of the 2000-'03 Tundra to cover all vehicles in the U.S., the automaker said on Wednesday. The recall is to fix part of the truck's frame that could corrode.

    Excessive corrosion of the rear crossmember could cause spare tires or the gas tank to drop off the vehicle. The original recall was announced last November and covered 110,000 trucks sold in 20 cold-weather states. Toyota initially said exposure to road salt could cause the corrosion.

    "Now a special service campaign will be launched covering all 2000-'03 model-year Tundra vehicles that were originally sold in and currently registered in the remaining 30 states," wrote Curt McAllister, a Toyota spokesman, in an e-mailed message to Inside Line. "Owner notification will commence in mid-March."

    McAllister was not able to say how many more Tundras will be added to the original recall in this case.

    Word of the expanded Toyota recall comes during a hectic week for Toyota as it struggles to cope with the fallout from massive recalls of its vehicles and the ensuing blow to its reputation.

    In its original description of the Tundra corrosion recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that "excessive corrosion of the rear crossmember may cause the separation of the spare tire stowed under the truck bed, which would present a road hazard that could cause a crash. Also, corrosion of the rear crossmember could affect the rear brake lines and the proportioning valve, resulting in diminished braking capability."

    As of November 16, 2009, Toyota was advising owners of the affected Tundras to remove the spare tire from under the vehicle "until a remedy can be obtained. Dealers will inspect the rear crossmember and related components, including the brake lines, and replace them if necessary," according to NHTSA's recalls summary of the problem. "If the crossmember does not need to be replaced, it will be sprayed with a corrosion protection compound." It noted that "multiple visits to the dealer may be required."

    Although Toyota did not explain why it is expanding the Tundra recall, a check of NHTSA's complaint database shows that consumers are still griping about the truck months after the original recall — including one who lives in Florida for part of the year.

    "I own a 2003 Toyota Tundra that has severe frame rust," wrote one consumer. "Big pieces of metal are flaking off. Sooner or later, some component attachment point will fail. The rest of the underneath, and truck as a whole, is rust free. I religiously wash the underside of the truck. There is a defect with these frames."

    Tundra owners with questions can contact Toyota at (800) 331-4331.
  • Question:-What's the big deal about the Toyota recall?
    I own a Pontiac and i've taken in for 3 recalls since I've bought it 8 years ago. So what's the big deal about the Toyota recall?

    Answer:-There is no easier target than #1. When the largest and most dependable car company in the world has a recall, GM and Ford take advantage of the situation.
  • Question:-Does the recent Toyota recall apply to Lexus?
    I have a Lexus and am wondering if the recent Toyota recall applies to Lexus?


    In all, about 2.3 million U.S. vehicles are affected.

    2009-2010 RAV4
    2009-2010 Corolla
    2009-2010 Matrix
    2005-2010 Avalon
    Certain 2007-2010 Camry
    2010 Highlander except hybrid models
    2007-2010 Tundra
    2008-2010 Sequoia
  • Question:-What impact does the Toyota recall have on the world?
    So basically, how would the toyota recall affect my life even though I don't own a Toyota??

    Thank you :)

    Answer:-If you think Toyota's got a problem....

    Toyota made about 175 recalls....(including pedal and brakes)
    Chevy over 700.....

    from GM

    from Ford:
  • Question:-Concerns about the Toyota Recall and my Tacoma?
    I have a 2009 Tacoma, I was affected by the last recall with my 98, getting kinda sick of all this and questioning Toyota. My vehicle may not be affected directly by this new recall. However, Toyota's name is being somewhat tarnished and I believe it will effect resale value. Is there anyway to possibly be compensated / trade in my vehicle by Toyota or at least address my concerns somewhat.

    Answer:-I understand exactly what you're trying to say here. Apparently, you and I are stuck in the same problem, we also have a Camry with the exact problem

    I am sure you know that your suppose to brake and shift to neutral if this happens. Here's a little tip: until Toyota figures out this problem with the drive by wire (which was build in Indiana and Japan) DRIVE YOUR TOYOTA SLOWLY!!!!!!!!!

    NEVER floor the car, stay under the speed limit, Be GENTLE TO the GAS pedal. If not than you are one of the ones who had this problem.


    If you're wondering who's fault is this. This is clearly Toyota's, when they were doing testings with their vehicle they did report such problems but they never paid much attention to it nor they told anyone about it.

    Resale value might be affected. If you're still interested in trading your vehicle. Get your hands on the 2007 Honda Accord THE BEST HONDA EVER. No RECALLS were ever made. people have driven it up to 102K and still reported no problems.
  • Question:-Do you think the Toyota recall thing is getting out of hand? Why isnt the government having hearings on other?
    recalls from other carmakers?

    Is the administration messing with Toyota to sell GM cars? GM is sending mail to Toyota owners warning them about the recalls and trying to scare people.

    What do you think about the people that are suddenly having sudden acceleration problems that cant be explained mechanically?

    Are the ambulance chasers that Obama loves so much starting to get involved?

    Answer:-Well, if the government didn't own a large portion of GM, then there would not be the appearance of impropriety.

    Yet another reason the government should stay out of private business! The same argument will apply if the government competes with the insurance companies that it's suppose to be regulating . . . .

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