Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cnn debate

  • Question:-How many questions will CNN Wolf Blitzer ask Ron Paul in the next debate?
    Will 'they' continue to ignore Ron Paul in the next CNN debate, despite his high poll numbers in NH, Iowa? Will they ask him 0, 1, 2 .... questions?

    Answer:-Wolf will ask..

    "Why don't you just run as an independent?"

    "What about your day job as a congressman?"

    "Don't you think you'll be more useful serving your constituents than wasting valuable air time here at the debates?"

    "Do you think Romney (the inevitable Republican nominee, let's not kid ourselves) can beat Obama?"
  • Question:-Do you think the debate/forum on CNN right now is largely a waste?
    The only really interesting question was about prescription medication, but this is largely pointless. My favorite question asked so far: Why does God let bad things happen? what, seriously? What does that have to do with being President? My head hurts. Do people who are particularly religious find this important or interesting? It seems like a waste to me. What about you?

    Sorry if this question seems similar, but my last one was unclear on what I wanted to know. I am talking about the CNN debate.

    Answer:-I agree, Just once I would like to hear a hard hitting pertinent question. Also if the candidate dances around and never really answers, the question should be repeated until a meaningful answer is given. I am so tired of what my granddaughter calls jibberish.
    Religion does not belong in any political forum.
  • Question:-Why are there no articles about the multiple Democrat plants in the CNN debate last night?
    It would be huge news if Fox had planted questions from Republican campaigns in questions to Democrat candidates. Given that CNN planted multiple "gotcha" questions from a Clinton campaign member, several Obama supporters and an Edwards suppporter. Why are there no articles about this on Yahoo?
    I know, but why isn't it on Yahoo? They are ignoring a huge story. Why?

    Answer:-Turn on the news. It has been on.
  • Question:-What do you think of Gary Johnson being excluded from the June 13th CNN hosted debate presidential debate?
    Despite equal or higher ratings in recent CNN polls compared to other candidates invited, Gary Johnson is has been excluded from the June 13, 2011 presidential debate hosted in part by CNN.
    I know CNN already stated they wouldn't invite him, my question is asking for opinions/thoughts - not whether or not he'll be invited.

    Answer:-CNN already stated he would not be invited. Might have something to do with him almost coming to tears during the Fox News debate because he didn't think he was getting enough questions. My source includes more of him crying.


    Well my thoughts on it are...not to put too fine a point on it....good. Johnson will never even place 6th place in a primary. He is basically "Ron Paul lite" and I don't even want Ron Paul invited. There are way too many candidates that have a reasonable chance to hear from.
  • Question:-Do you want Mike Gravel to join Dennis Kucinich in the 15 NOV CNN DNC debate?
    Mike Gravel must fight CNN & DNC to be in his own debate!
    You can help if you want to.

    If public outcry fails he will live stream via net the debate WITH his answers & statements. Uncensored.

    YouTube vids are & will be available.

    Answer:-I think he should, all possible, and declared candidates should have the opportunity to be heard.
  • Question:-where to Watch live CNN Democratic Debate in Texas from abroad on the Internet?
    Is there any website that will put streaming video of the debate.
    I live in Europe and CNN.com seems not working to me.

    Please help if you know any good website; I don't want to miss it.

    Answer:-CNN.com live
  • Question:-What exactly is the uncommitted Ohio voters in CNN debate meter?
    This may be stupid, but yeah I am just confused as to what exactly it is. Why is it Ohio? How is it working?

    Answer:-They have a group of voters sitting in a studio watching the debate. They give them meters with dials they can turn up/down. That's what you see. Up is they agree with the speaker, down if they don't.
  • Question:-How many of you watched CNN for the debate because they post the original question on the screen?
    I have two toddlers and get easily distracted and politicians...well tend to go off subject many times.

    While I would love to watch it on FOX, I choose to watch debates on CNN because they post the questions on the screen. Who else also watches for this reason?

    Answer:-I watched CNN because Fox is conservative and MSNBC is liberal. I feel CNN gives the most balanced perspective.
  • Question:-Why is CNN showing democratic debate during Super Bowl?
    I turned the channel on my cable tv to see what CNN was up to and they are showing debate, How is this gong to be helping either candidate since mass Majority of people are watching the Super Bowl?
    Of course, it was a rerun.
    Of course, it was a rerun.

    Answer:-Really....I love politics, but the Super Bowl is great,,,,,wait, Giants fumble the kickoff...Let me watch the debate.....
  • Question:-Why was the Republican debate on CNN?
    I don't even get Certainly Not News on my TV. With a total viewership of ten people isn't having a debate on CNN lessening its importance or was that the idea?

    Answer:-Republicans are stupid and are self-destructive. I'm a staunch Republican and I'm sick of their weakness. The "good ole boys" network is almost over for both the Democrats and Republicans. If the Republicans don't grow some balls, they will end up the third party and the Tea Party will take over.

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