Thursday, November 3, 2011

cory smoot

  • Question:-Metal fans: Thoughts on Gwar?
    I always kinda perceived them as joke due to their costumes/gimmick, but had the chance to see them a few years ago and was actually quite impressed that they could play as well as they do. I haven't heard all the albums but the more recent albums I enjoy....good fun, yet technically good thrash!

    I dont listen too often myself but was reminded of Gwar, as one of their Guitarist (Cory Smoot) died today age 36 :(

    War is All We Know
    Lust in Space
    You Cant Kill Terror

    Price of Peace - One of the songs Cory did vocals on

    MQ: Thoughts on Gwar?
    MQ2: Any bands you have ignored because of their Gimmick/look?
    **definitely entertaining live...the fake blood all over the audience. I think their music drastically improved in the last few years too
    **Hi B! i saw them more recently so might not be as out of control as back then!
    **Tom have you listened to them lately? Their lyrics are juvenile, but musically pretty good....and you lost all credibility by mentioning Disturbed as a talented band.


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