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  • Question:-What is the optimum tilt angle for a solar panel in our area? What would the tilt?
    What is the optimum tilt angle for a solar panel in our area? What would the tilt
    angle be if you want to optimize your Summer or Winter energy production?

    Answer:-That's actually a more complicated question than it might seem at first.

    The simple answer for anyone above 23 degrees latitude is to tilt at latitude, so if your house is at 35 degrees latitude, you would tilt at 35 degrees.

    However, the best financial payback may be to optimize for summer (latitude + 15 in the northern hemisphere), if you have air conditioning bills that kick up your electric rates into the expensive tier. On the other hand, if you live in an area that gets very hot, the panel efficiency will go down, so it might be better to go latitude + 5 or so.

    To optimize for Winter, the simple answer is latitude - 15, but again, not so simple, if there's a chance you'll get snow on the panels.

    I have our panels set up so that I could readjust the tilt twice a year if desired, but I have never done so, yet. Too much trouble for a rooftop installation. And I'm concerned about 100 mph wind gusts picking up the panels in winter if I were to tilt them at a high angle. As far as I know, the vast majority of residential installations just follow the slope of the south-facing roof and take what they can get.

    If you're talking about water heating panels, I think the general practice is to just match the slope of the roof, and point them southwest (not south) in our area, because that's the optimum balance between the sun and the daytime temperature.
  • Question:-How to tilt / turn my lawnmower to avoid mixing gas and oil?
    I have a lawnmower and plans to clean it. The problem is I don't know the best ways to turn or tilt it to avoid mixing gas with oil. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Answer:-If you want to clean the bottom of the deck you can turn it on it's side without any problem. There is a vent on one side of the crankcase, just keep this side up and there will not be a problem. As far as oil going into the cylinder this will not be a problem. The gas will not run into the crankcase. Don't leave it on its side but to clean it it will be fine.
  • Question:-Is there a way to tilt my AC unit with a window that's clearly OLD?
    I live in an old apartment in Brooklyn (like most apartments out here). There is literally no way to tilt the unit because of the way it's designed. What can I do to give it a slight tilt so water stops coming into my room?

    Answer:-HVAC tech,: There are several ways to solve your problem. First you could get a board cut to the size of the a/c base, use some gorilla glue to attach a thin strip of wood where it will hit the inside front edge of the window sill.That will add a slight slope and the water will run outside. there are also cedar shingles that will slope it. They have a taper on them and would only need to be driven under the unit.
  • Question:-What is the tilt response of a pyranometer?
    One of the specifications of a pyranometer is its tilt response. What does the value indicate?

    Answer:- This site should have all of the information you need to answer your question.
  • Question:-What does the tilt of the earth have to do with leaves changing?
    What does the tilt of the earth have to do with leaves changing?

    Answer:-It is not becuase the world tilts that the leaves change, it is because the tilting ot the world brings on cooler climits and the coller climit is what cause the leave to change.
  • Question:-How would i tilt a framed mirror on top of my fireplace?
    I have a framed mirror hanging on top of my fireplace, and all i can see it the ceiling. How can i tilt this mirror downwards?

    Answer:-it shold be hung on strong wire, place a small wood block on the back of the top of the frame. Make sure there is enough wire on the frame to allow for the mirror to tilt forward but still be secure
  • Question:-How long is a Tilt alcoholic beverage good for before it can expire?
    Ive had this tilt sitting around since thanksgiving and came across it while cleaning out my fridge yesterday so now I am curious if its still consumable or if it will make me sick because Im really not willing to find out for myself. Please help!

    Answer:-As long as it is in your hand its good
    now seriously , it shold be fine if it was in the fridge , just take a sip , if it tasts good , then its good
  • Question:-How much does Full Tilt Poker charge to play with real money?
    Does anyone know how much they charge to play with real money on full tilt poker site? Do they charge you when you transfer funds to bank? Do they take a cut from each pot? How does it work?

    Answer:-They dont charge when you transfer funds from a bank, but yes they charge a small cut from each pot, but you hardly notice. I think Full Tilt is the best online poker site going around, especially for new players because of their poker school and and their micro low limits (1cent and 2 cent blinds).
    They also have great bonuses for new players including the 100% deposit bonus for new players (deposit $50 and get $50 free! up to $600)

    When you sign up you just have to type in NAB25 into the promotion code box. I think you get an entry into a new player $1000 free roll as well
  • Question:-How to stretch a tilt jump in dance?
    By the end of the year, I have a goal to perfect (well not perfect, but close to it) a pretty tilt jump. Does anyone have any advice on certain stretches that will help make my tilt jump wider? Also, any advice for doing a regular tilt on the ground so it looks its best? Thanks!

    Answer:-Did you try looking it up?
    I think pelvic stretches and core stretches. Your hamstrings as well becuase with most jumps I feel those muscles being pulled on.

    There are some youtube vids as well I think
  • Question:-How does tilt and shift photography work?
    I've seen some examples of tilt and shift photography and I was wondering what other kind of results you can get from it, exactly how it works, how the tilt and shift lens works, ect...

    Answer:-Tilt and shift are lens movements that are most commonly found on large format cameras. Nikon and Canon did offer shift lenses for their 35mm equipment. And there is at least one aftermarket tilt lens.

    The basic idea is that if the lens is designed to project an image on the film plane that is significantly greater than the nominal size of the film, then it is possible to take advantage of that capability to change what the film actually sees through the lens. To do this, the lens is either shifted horizontally or vertically, or rotated about a horizontal or vertical axis (or some combination of these movements) to create the desired effect.

    By shifting the lens laterally or vertically, the field of view can changed from the normal field (which is directly 'on axis' with the lens) to something that is off the lens axis. That is, the framing of the image can be changed to shift it to one side or the other, or up or down. An example of shift is when photographing a field that includes a mirror - with the lens on-axis, the camera will see a reflection of itself in the mirror. But by shifting the lens to one side, the field of view seen by the film can be changed to exclude the image of the camera in the mirror.

    Vertical shift is also knows as rise or fall.. When photographing a building, it is often necessary to tilt the camera up to include the top of the building. This causes the image of a rectangular building to be distorted -that is, the verticals tend to converge. By raising the lens vertically, it may be possible to frame the entire height of the building without having to tilt the camera, thereby keeping the vertical lines of the building vertical in the image.

    Tilt is the capability of rotating the plane of the lens so that it is no longer parallel with the plane of the film. Normally, image planes that are not parallel with the film plane will be rendered out of focus in the image. While this can be compensated for to some degree by increasing depth of field, there is only so far that you can go with that approach. Without going into excessive detail, it is sufficient to say that this make it possible to create an image in which an image plane that is NOT parallel to the film plane will appear to be in focus in the image. The Schleimpflug Principle provides a graphical method for determining the amount of tilt (lens plane rotation about a horizontal axis) or swing (lens plane rotation about a vertical axis) is needed to make create a sharp image plane with the subject plane is not parallel with the film plane.

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