Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • Question:-Would you work somewhere in which the boss appears to be a curmudgeon?
    I got that impression from the interview.

    Answer:-Right now in this economy... Abosolutely! Its getting harder and harder to find a job right now I would take the job if it is offered to you and at least give it a try!
  • Question:-Can a curmudgeon lose their grumpiness when they shed pounds as they diet?
    Or do they just lose faith and go with their gut?

    Answer:-Monitor's right. A grump on a diet is a statistical immpossibility.
    1: Grumps reason (correctly, I might add) that we're all gonna die anyway, so what's the friggin' point.
    2: Losing weight might make them more attractive to the opposite sex, thereby forcing them to interact with even more nitwits.
    3: Like a grump cares what you think of him or his body anyway.
  • Question:-Should CNN give curmudgeon Jack Cafferty his own show?
    I think so. He's the best thing on the network.

  • Question:-How old do u have to be to be a coot,a geezer or a curmudgeon?

  • Question:-How can I become a well-respected but lovable curmudgeon like the top contributers who are my hero(ine)s on...?
    Yahoo! answers R&S?
    (((frogma))) I don't want the badge... just the love and respect ;)

    (((Olga))) Who gets the tough love in this set-up, Sweetie?

    Report-monkeys should smoke some banana-peel and just mellow out...

    Answer:-Somehow trolling works for me, lol. I'd give you my badge if I could :)

  • Question:-What is the antonym for the word curmudgeon?

    Answer:-complimenter, philanthropist, optimist, breath of fresh air
  • Question:-Would it be accurate to describe Robert Novak as a curmudgeon?
    Or simply a hard working, thought provoking, masterful journalist ??? RIP Prince of Darkness !!!

    Answer:-last of the shoe leather journalists
  • Question:-How to cure a curmudgeon?

    Answer:-I would think it would depend on the curmudgeon. You can't change or cure a person of it if they truly like being miserable and miserable to others. I believe they have to want to make that change. Some are just miserable b/c of reasons to which we are not privy. It could be lonliness, past experience, etc. And I'm not saying not to try and break whatever cycle or thinking that has this person so grumpy. But if they enjoy being that way, all the muffins and the smiles in the world are not going to change that person deep down, unless they are looking to do so.
  • Question:-What is the first name of classic holiday curmudgeon Mr. Scrooge?

  • Question:-Does it pay to be a crotchety ole curmudgeon ? Is it worse than being a blathering ole blatherskite?

    Answer:-Oh yes, very much so!

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