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wake forest

  • Question:-Wake Forest???
    Okay, here are my stats., and I want the honest truth! (I'm really not sure how high my chances are anyways)

    -caucasian/female/decent public school/Northeast Ohio
    -First Generation College Student
    -Unweighted GPA: 3.91
    -Weighted: 4.0+, I'm really not sure of the exact number
    -Ranked #4 or #3 out of 287
    -ACT:29; SAT:1850(1260 V+M);sent in both, but i hope they ignore the SAT!
    -Taken every Honors/AP/Advanced class offered at my school
    -HS/College Partnerships: LCCC, U. of Findlay, Oberlin College (earned credit)
    -Recognized at H.S's Academic Recog. Ceremony 4 years (denotes continuous honor roll)
    -Academic "M" (academic letter; denotes at least a 3.5 GPA thru H.S.)
    -Inducted into National Honor Society as a Junior
    -Member of NSHSS(National Society of High School Scholars)
    -Listed on the National Honor Roll
    -President/Founder of the French Club
    -Organized the French Exchange program at my school(just began this yr.)
    -Played soccer(varsity 3 years, junior varsity 1 year)
    -Off season: Winter-Indoor team; Spring-Rec
    -Won the West Shore Conference Sportsmanship Award
    -Relay For Life Participant/Team Organizer
    -United Way Drive Day participant
    -Volunteer at a local hospital
    -Volunteer randomly at my church
    -Instruct youth at at soccer camp every summer
    -Coach a 5-6 youth soccer team
    -Good Recommendations

    I know I'm not a completely OUTSTANDING applicant, but is Wake Forest a reach??

    Answer:-Not at all. Although the SAT score isn't the best that Wake admissions officers will see, it is hardly the only thing they will look at. Consider your other strengths, e.g. good leader, willing to accept challenges, volunteer service... (Pro Humanitate... For Humanity... Wake's motto... Wake is very big on service). You are an outstanding applicant, and you shouldn't ever be worried about things like that. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these things, and stay positive. I know it's a stressful time, but trust me, you'll get through it just fine. Wake is a great school, and definitely a lot better when it comes to weather than up north, I'm from Erie Pennsylvania, so quite close to Northeastern Ohio. Good luck with everything.
  • Question:-How hard of a school is Wake Forest work wise after you are accepted?
    I am a high school student looking for any wake forest graduates or someone who is in wake presently and knows how much work is involved. I presently go to a private school in Georgia and am torn between two schools. I want to have fun in college but also go to a prestegious college. Wake is a great school but i am just not completely sure of the amount of work that is involved, how much free time people have, and if the pro humanitate theme/message rules your life to the point that you almost feel pressured to be involved. If you have any information reguarding this please let me know. Thanks alot.

    Answer:-Wake Forest is a much more difficult school than people realize. I just graduated from the school in May 2006 and I certainly had to study more than my friends at Ivy league schools. I think this is because there are only like 4,000 undergrad students so you can't blend in with the masses and your teachers actually do know your name. On the other hand, having a degree from there is basically worth gold and graduate schools really do recognize that it is a challenging school (I just got into Harvard grad school). Also there are so many clubs and events that after spending one year there you will realize that the university actually does care about you and not just the tuition you pay. Lots of personal attention. To be real, if you are the the type of student who wants to party away your college years and have a break from the work in high school then you should go somewhere else. If you want to have a well rounded college experience, get your money's worth of an education, and challenge yourself then you should go to Wake. It was the best decision I ever made.
  • Question:-Why was the story about the Wake Forest Baseball coach donating a kidney to his player so important?
    For my ss class i have to do this thing with the article about the wake forest baseball coach donating his kidney to his player and a question on it was "Why did the author write this? Why did the events being reported take place? What message is the author trying to communicate?"

    Answer:-White guy helps black guy live. The story tries to damp down the extreme racism practiced by blacks against whites these days.
  • Question:-What is your opinion of Wake Forest baseball coach giving up a kidney for an outfielder he hardly knows?
    Tom Walter baseball coach at Wake Forest gave up a kidney today for an outfielder named Kevin Jordan who he hardly knows. What an impressive story. Your thoughts on this.

    Answer:-A beautiful thing. Too bad there's not too many kind people like that anymore.
  • Question:-Wake Forest or Georgetown for undergraduate hoping for eventual medical school?
    Compare the following please?

    Georgetown and Wake Forest

    I have to choose between one of the two to apply to. I want one that will help me better for medical school. Georgetown is great for med school and pre med but WF doesn't require SAT scores and has an overall high acceptance rate. Help?

    Answer:-I'm certain that either school will prepare you perfectly well for medical school. They both are outstanding. Another top ranked Jesuit college that is SAT optional is Holy Cross outside Boston. Holy Cross has twice the national rate for acceptance to medical schools and is nearing completion of a 60 million dollar addition to their science complex. More than 10 percent of the 35,000 living alumni of Holy Cross are doctors.
  • Question:-How Hard Is It Getting Into Wake Forest Univeristy?
    I'm Considering Going to Wake Forest, But I don't know How Hard it is to get in. I know that the SAT and ACT are Optional there now. Will that make it easier to get in?

    Answer:-Wake Forest has a minimum GPA they look at for each student in lieu of the ACT/SAT...
    However, supposedly Wake Forest and a myriad of other higher education institutions look at the student as a "whole". As in, be well-rounded.
  • Question:-What are my friend's chances of getting into Wake Forest?
    GPA = 3.5

    Class Rank = 49 out of 252 students

    He plans on going to a community college and then he is going to transfer to Wake Forest.

    Wake Forest is a private school so overall, what are his chances?

    Answer:-his chances sound pretty good...i recommend some community service to make his app. look better
  • Question:-Is it a big deal that I was accepted at Wake Forest University?
    I was accepted at Wake Forest under the early decision plan. Is this a big deal? Is Wake Forest well known in the country for its academics?
    I just need some reassurance that it's a good school with a high reputation.

    Answer:-yes! its a top 40 school in all of its disciplines (which few other schools can brag about). im from w-s and was accepted to wake for undergrad and law school. the only reason i didnt attend was the high tuition (i'd have to live at home. yuck!). go if you can afford it. you'll be a top choice for grad/professional schools and jobs.
  • Question:-who was the founder of Wake Forest University?
    I need to know who the founder of Wake Forest University was. It is for a college project, and I need the answer fast please!

    Answer:-INformation about the founders of Wake University will be found below.
  • Question:-What is Wake Forest University known for?
    I applied to Wake Forest University, but I only know all the basics. So if anyone knows info about: dorming, professors, the weather, if the school is racist, and general things that the official site won't inform you on.

    Answer:-Go to their website and find out. Ask for materials or go for a to an admissions advisor.

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