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current time

  • Question:-Current time??
    what is the current time now in Iowa U.S.A? What is the current time now in Poland Europe?

    Answer:-The link is a time-zone calculator
  • Question:-How do I tell the reaminng/elapsed or current time off a vinyl record, is it possible?
    I was just wondering how I can tell the exact remaining time or elapsed time on a vinyl record (Using Numark turntables) is there any mixers with a display unit telling elapsed time/remaing/current time off the vinyl playing?
    Note: Trying to avoid using MP3's or PC software as much as possible.
    Thank you in advance.

    Answer:-Try this scenario. Take any number. Cut it in half. Now, cut the remainder again in half. Now take that remainder and cut it in half. Continue to keep cutting the remainder in half.

    No matter how small it gets, there is still always a remainder. Vinyl operates on the basis of contact. It's that contact that determines the wear of the vinyl. Some are harsher, others are nearly non-existent. Although the TIME of contact also has a relationship, it's not the primary factor. And no one has yet established at what point it's been agreed that the amount of wear has rendered the vinyl unusable.

    Furthermore, except for harsh, uncaring playing conditions, it's not so much the wear of play that destroys vinyl, but conditions of storage and exposure to the elements.

    So, essentially, there is no known time limit for vinyl records. Some records stamped back in the 1920's, and played as much as ones from the 1970's, have still lasted longer due to a wide variety of factors.

    All that can safely be said is that vinyl records will suffer wear over time. If you want to avoid that, use devices which eliminate wear, such as CD's or MP3's. If you're a purist who considers digital recordings to be inferior in quality, consider that it takes lab conditions to actually measure any deficiencies for a properly-created digital recording.
  • Question:-How to insert the current time into a text box when clicked upon.?
    I am making a windows forms dispatching program in visual C#. When the user clicks on a certain text box, I want the current date and time to be inserted into that text box (ideally in 24hr format, but it does not have to be). What do I need to do to achieve this?

  • Question:-How can observations taken at the current time tell us about stellar evolution?
    Since individual stars can live for millions or billions of years, how can observations taken at the current time tell us about stellar evolution?

    Answer:-Our understanding of stellar evolution comes from a combination of theory and observation. Theory tells us how stars produce energy through fusion, and how the fusion processes change as the star evolves. Comparing these predictions with observed behavior enables us to understand where a star is in its development.

    In broad terms the theory fits the observations well, but there are many theoretical details that have been refined by observation. In addition, observations of some of the short-lived processes that occur towards the end of a star's life are hard to come by.
  • Question:-What kind of influence did Homer have during his time and our current time?
    I need to know how Homer (author of the Odyssey and Iliad) was influenced by history and how he had an influence upon history, politics, art, music, science, philosophy or psycology of his time and our current time. Much appreciated if someone can please answer this question. It's really hard to do research on Homer since very little is actually known about him according to records but please please if someone can answer my questions, I would be so grateful.

    Answer:-he had a positive influence.
  • Question:-What are the current time frames for USCIS to process form N400?
    What are the current time frames for USCIS to process form N400? Their WebSite says "The case is pending ". Excluding the time spent to process previous cases, how long does it take to process a certain N400 case ?
    Thanks to all !

    Answer:-not to sure, i searched N400 on visajourney...see if any of these links will help:
  • Question:-Without having a knee jerk or emotional reaction who is the greatest politician of the current time?
    Suppressing your ideals, emotions, and political affiliation who do you honestly think is one of the greatest politicians of the current time?

    Provide a logical academic sound reason as to why you named that person.

    If you just say "I like him/her because I agree with them" reveals an emotional approach. Think hard and logically who you feel is one of the greatest politicians of the current time.

    Answer:-Bill Clinton - fiscal responsibility, good foreign policy, brave enough to give us Real welfare reform.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower - warned us against going into a Cold War with the Soviets.

    Ronald Regan - because I Love HOLLYWOOD Cowboys (okay, that was a little emotional)
  • Question:-Is there a scientific calculator that also displays the current time?
    Looking for a scientific calculator that can display the current time with the press of a button. Does anyone make such a device?

  • Question:-Greyhound Bus: Are the times on the schedule listed in my current time zone?
    Are the times on the schedule listed in my current time zone? Like, if it says i'll arrive at my destination at 8 pm, is that 8pm my time, or 8pm destination time?

    Answer:-Times listed for transportation are almost always listed in the local time for that stop. That is, if you fly from NYC to San Francisco and it says you leave at 8 a.m. and get there at 1 p.m., that means, you leave at 8 a.m. NY time and arrive at 1 p.m. SF time.
  • Question:-How to get current clock time?
    I need to get current system time in an assembly program. How do I call clock to get current time in seconds? I am using NASM 32-bit.
    I am using windows 7. Thanks for your reply and sorry for inconvenience but I am a little new so I don't know exactly what to tell you


    As with the other question, you'll need to specify your exact platform. Do that for both questions and I will edit my answers appropriately.


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