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lake malawi

  • Question:-How many lake malawi cichlids can i keep in a 55 gallon?
    I plan on getting a 55 gallon and am going for the lake malawi theme. How many cichlids can i get?

    Answer:-Depends on the type of cichlid and how aggressive they are. Also depends on the filtration. A lot of times it's recommended that you slightly overstock a cichlid tank so that they can't attempt to form territories.

    In my 55 gallon tank with 545gph filtration and pristine conditions I have 12 Kenyi cichlids. I have 2 males and 10 females (Or they look female for now. Will reevaluate when they get older). Kenyi's get 6 inches are aggressive and do well with slight overstocking.

    A list of fish you're looking at would be good.

    Here's some good ideas.
  • Question:-What would you do with a 75 gal to create an amazing lake malawi tank.?
    What would you do with a 75 gal to create an amazing lake malawi tank.
    What fish are relatively easy to obtain and would go well together? How would you decorate the tank? I am new to cichlids and I think malawi's are very colorful. I just don't know which ones or how many to get. Can you help me out?

    Answer:-I actually have a 75 gallon Malawi tank! If I had the money I would spend it on Texas Holey Rock... it looks absolutely beautiful especially with the fish colors.
    I have an all male tank, keeps the aggression down since there aren't any females to fight over. And one male per species I wouldn't put two greshakei males together...
    I wouldn't add any plants because they cichlids will munch on those, even though there are a couple they won't eat, it's not gauranteed and they will eventually uproot them and redecorate the tank for you.
    I love the yellow labs, they give you that punch of color you want in a tank. I also have some OB Peacock and a red peacock! I am planning on buying a Pseudotropheus Polit, and a Haplochromis Burtoni. I also have a Greshakei and an Azureus. OH my goodness I almost forgot about my Acei, great color too! The more color the better in my opinion and you will get that with an all male tank.
    I would suggest trying to buy some cichlids either online or at a lfs, I would stay away from Petco they don't have a good selection. Petsmart isn't bad...
    Do not buy from any tank that is listed mixed or assorted africans... they are hybrids....
    I would put about 20 in a 75 gallon, overstocking helps keep the aggression down too.
    Message me if you want any help!
  • Question:-(10 points) What type of fish and plants are in lake malawi?
    I want to make a huge lake malawi tank because of the cichlids, but what type of cichlids and plants are in lake malawi.


    The above give multiple reptiles, fish, plants, etc, from Lake Malawi
  • Question:-where can i get a cheap holiday to lake malawi for two including flights?
    got malawi fish and fancy going to the lake my self and exploring it as well as taking the fiance on holiay

    Answer:-if you are in America, call this number: if they cant help, they'll direct you. frosh travels (713)718-9836
  • Question:-Can Lake Malawi cichlids live with lake victoria cichlids?
    I'm pretty sure all the cichlids I have are from lake malawi, but I've noticed lake victoria cichlids are so colorful and interesting and I'd like to get some for my 55 gallon.
    I have 3 bumblebee's, 1 ice blue zebra, 2 electric yellow, 1 kenyi and 1 unidentified purple one?

    Answer:-It really depends on what Malawi fish you have, I would not put them with overly aggressive mbuna or big, aggressive haps like venustus, but in general they can be.

    *there is no real definitive answer - bumblebees are very large (up to 8") and aggressive and can cause issues, and kenyi are known for causing problems as well. The best Malawi tank mates for Victorians are mild Haps like Fryeri, and mild mbuna like electric yellow. The two lakes do share the same water and biotope though, so it could be worth a shot - just be prepared to move those Victorians if they start to get bothered.

    The purple one might be P. Acei? Look it up. If it is, I highly recommend getting a few more of them, they are extremely social grouping fish, pretty much schoolers, and thrive best in groups.

    These cichlids are, at best, unpredictable. Strange things can work out, while very often it does not, and as the fish reach more mature sizes of several inches aggression can come out that you had not seen before. Signs of trouble, aside from obvious aggression, are having fish that won't come out of hiding, or fish that hang out in the top corners of the tank or hover behind equipment.

    Good luck
  • Question:-Would Lake Malawi Cichlids and Lake Victoria Cichlids get along?
    I have a few cichlids from Malawi already and I was interested in some cichlids from Lake Victoria. Would these be good tank mates?

    Answer:-It really depends on a few things.. the size of your tank and what kind of cichlids.
    most people say you cant mix cichlids but that's not the case but if you do mix the wrong one or a very small tank just know your going to have problem and maybe dead fish
  • Question:-how often should i feed my lake malawi cichlids a day?
    i have about 11 lake malawi cichlids and i was reading about the malawi bloat and dont want to over feed my fish with too much protein so i was wondering about how many times a day should i feed my fish

    Answer:-You can feed them once or twice or three times per day - bloat has nothing to do with how often you feed them, but what you feed them and how much at once. (in fact, the more often you feed them, the less you can feed them each time, and the less prone to bloat they would be)

    Foods to avoid are worms, bloodworms, warm-blooded meats, and carnivorous pellet diets. Foods like brine and mysis shrimp are very healthy supplements, but keep the feedings light and avoid stuffing them to the gills.

    As a staple, daily diet for the more herbivorous Malawi cichlids I highly recommend Spirulina flakes. Spirulina is high in protein, which all fish need, but it's plant protein, which is easy for them to digest. You can feed spirulina several times per day with no negetive effect aside from more waste output from the fish.

    As a diet to go along with this, a small sized, high quality cichlid pellet is best. I know New Life Spectrum makes an excellent one. Get the smallest sized pellets you can find and it will be that much easier for the fish to handle. Feed this to them just once per day, and feel free to skip days once or twice or even three times per week - depending what other foods you are giving them.

    Of course, Malawi also has many predatory cichlids that are not prone to bloat and can get a more substantial diet. Most haplochromines fall into this category - you don't need to worry about bloat with them, as long as you avoid plainly bad foods like worms and meat from birds and mammals.
  • Question:-What species of lake malawi cichlids should i get for my Lake Malawi aquarium?
    I have a 20 gllon tank with 3 inches of sand mixed with crushed coral and alot of rock caves. As of now i have a 2 inch bluish lavender baby Cynotilapia. What other Lake Malawii cichliids would look really good? And how many fish can i fit in there?

    Answer:-If your current fish is one of the smaller Cynotilapia eg C. afra you are already fully stocked.

    You can't keep a malawi communty in a 20 gallon tank.
    You could have a pair of Pseudotropheus saulosi which would give you a blue fish and a yellow fish OR you could have a group of shell dwellers from lake Tanganyika but not with your current fish.
  • Question:-why are lake malawi cichlids so much more available than lake tanganyika cichlids?
    i see the malawi cichlids regularly in pet stores but rarely if ever lake tanganyika cichlids..if i do see a lake tanganyika cichlids its usely a frontosa. any ideas? maybe prices?

    Answer:-It has to do with alot of things. Mbunas, haps, and peacocks are more popular because of their vibrant colors and relatively small size. They have been on the market long enough that many are farm raised in the far East. This allows them to be sold at much lower prices as well. You also have to take into account political situations. Many of the countries surrounding Lake Tanganyika are war torn, and it can be more difficult to export from that area, driving the price up. When you buy a wild caught fish, you are paying for the divers/fishermen, their equipment, the transporters to the airport, the air cargo, the wholesaler, and so on.
    The smaller Tanganyikans are not that popular because of their needs and lack of bright color. Tropheus are not that popular because of their high price and insane aggression. Frontosa are fairly popular due to their nice blue and white stripes, but even they are expensive.
  • Question:-how many lake malawi cichlids can i put in my fish tank?
    i have a 195 litre fish tank and i want to put cichlids in from lake malawi i am thinking about some yellow labs and colbolt blue zebras yellow tailed violets also some rusty cichlids with 1 king tiger pleco what sort of numbers of cichlids could i have ?

    Answer:-You can have 12+ fish in there.

    All those are pretty peaceful by Mbuna standards so aggression isnt an issue. The only issue you have is the size and the growth of the cichlids.

    Have tons of rockwork in the tank or barely any rockwork. A lot of rock work will provide areas to hide on the other hand minimum rockwork will not give the fish any reason to fight over caves.

    I have a 55 gallon and I have employed both strategies and they both work really well. But I prefer the less rock method because that way I can see them better, my fish are really shy and prefer to hide.

    If you get them while they are all young you can get away with them getting along without any killing sprees.

    Just keep up with the filtration.

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