Tuesday, November 8, 2011

election results

  • Question:-When do the election results start coming in?
    Exactly when do the results (US ELECTION) start coming in?

    Does it happen in just one day?

    Or do they take weeks to calculate and announce the winner?

    Answer:-Tuesday, Nov 4th is the last day for voting in the US. The results are tallied immediately after each state closes (most of them 8PM), and the process goes for hours, with each district calculating their own results. Once it has been deemed "highly probable" that a state has voted Dem or Rep that state will be filled in on the electoral map along with it's EC #.
  • Question:-Election Results?
    I am sure that you guys MUST have been prepared to answer some political questions in light of the election on yesterday. I am absolutely DISGUSTED with how things turned out in OHIO and TEXAS!! I am almost flabbergasted to say the least!! So, what happens from here? (I live in Ohio by the way and I am ashamed)
    *only OBAMA supporters need to respond...thanks

    Answer:-Why are you ashamed? Is it because everyone in Ohio does not share you opinion? I live in Ohio as well and I am not at all ashamed. We had a free election with heavy turnout despite fairly severe winter storms in the North. The only minor problem was that a few polling places had to stay open later. And that was a positive problem because the turn out was so much higher then expected that they ran out of ballots. I believe the preliminary figure was 54% turnout. For a primary that is fantastic. It means more people were heard and that is a good thing not something to be ashamed of. I am proud that I live in a state that is able to make a difference and does not always follow one party (including my own) because the best candidate is not always in the same party as the one before.
  • Question:-What date will the presidential election results be determined?
    What date will the presidential election results come out?
    And what time do acceptance/concession speeches occur?

    If you are a sincere supporter of Obama, I'll give you 10 points.

    Answer:-late nov. 4

    Obama/Biden 08!!!!!!
  • Question:-Did the election results prove what Obama said about clinging to guns and religion?
    The election results prove that Americans are a dreadfully shallow in their thinking. Americans can't think thru problems but only impulsive react with whatever some idiots tell them to do.

    Obama and Hamilton were right. Government has to be in the hands of the educated elite because the people are too stupid to handle the complexities of its administration.

    Answer:-I disagree with you. Yes, it does look like all the idiots came out to vote, but the problem is not shallow Americans but a Democratic party that does not communicate well. If they would get their crap together this isn't hard to explain in a way that everyone would understand, even the shallow vocal tea party. Just tell them we will be glad to extend the Bush tax cuts once you come up with a way to pay for them. Then present the numbers. In order to give 2% of the population 30% of the tax cuts we will need to get rid of the department of educations (no real loss there) the new health plan and make cuts into medicare and social security. The Tea party wants less government regulation, fine. Please explain how they would like to prevent the financial mess of the last decade and things like the BP oil spill. Explain how the market will regulate itself and these things just won't happen again.

    the fact that Americans are short sighted and have memory issues is not new. How could the Democrats be so short sighted and naive to think that we would just see what they were trying to do without their explaining it at all. Show the big picture explain how health care reform is needed and why we could not wait. The republicans didn't take long to come up with arguments against it, Where were the Democrats?
  • Question:-How long until the Election results are finalized?
    How long do you think it will take the Election Committee to finalize the results?

    Will we know Nov. 4th? A day later? A week later?

    What say you?

    Answer:-Generally, it should be finalized VERY late Nov. 4th, you will probably hear it in the morning on Nov. 5.
  • Question:-Presidential Election Results: Will you watch the results come in, go to bed or party?
    My co-workers are excited about who wins tonight's presidential election (one went home to nap in case it drags into the night while another decided to party with Captain Morgan and friends).

    What are your plans for this evening? Will you watch the results come in, go to bed, party, be at campaign headquarters, or do something else?

    Answer:-All night-er! Can't wait! Its going to be sooo fun!
  • Question:-Election results?
    Do you think that it is unfair the florida and michigan voters get no say in the democratic delegate count. Also, if Obama wins, do you think it would be sort of a phony victory, because way more fl and mi delegates would have gone to hillary you can see results for states on cnn.com/electioncenter
    yeh I don't know whats up with florida didnt they have to redo voting 4 years ago for something, or did kerry just call a recount???

    Answer:-Hold on a sec, I live in FL and had no clue my vote wouldn't count. What the hell did we all go out and vote for then!? Voters in FL showed up in record numbers, but yet "we knew it wouldn't count?" come on now. The democrats need to stop being so cheap, and go ahead and pay for a mail-in vote. we deserve to vote again, this time with both clinton and obama on the ballots. it's so close right now, they may actually have to acknowledge us at some point. Personally, it's not my fault the fu**** up, and how would you feel if you voted, and it didn't matter?
  • Question:-Why the election results are being declared , yet polling is not finished ?
    It is a biased democratic election process ?

    In other countries, unless the polling is completed - results are not declared. It might affect on the final results
    This is nothing but the actual results as the counting is in process.

    Uniques ? It should not be at all.

    I will appreciate the response from the experts too.
    In India , the true democratic country - a secular country where Hindu,Muslim, Sikh , man and or woman ; frompoor to rich can become a Prime Minister to President ; despite of lots of other problems.

    The results are declared once ; the election is finished all places ; even on different days.

    Answer:-Exit polls are not skewed. In fact, there is tremendous incentive to cheat on the election. Exit polls are there to keep things honest by asking the voters how they voted, and then comparing the result to the one the election commissions publish. By doing it and reporting as the election goes, they make it harder to change the result retroactively without people noticing cheating like happened in 2000 and 2004.

    Some other countries do not publish these results, and many ban exit polls altogether in order to make it easier to cheat and not get caught.
  • Question:-What are some possible consequences if a losing party refuses to accept election results?
    Thomas Jefferson became president as the nation staged a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. Nations strive to achieve peaceful transfers of power to ensure stability and harmony as democracy grows. In a three paragraph essay, examine the possible consequences if a losing party refuses to accept election results.

    Answer:-Most of the possible consequences have one thing in common. The political person or group that plays strong-arm tricks thwarting the will of most of the people it pushes with quick sweeping aggressive actions and dishonest information and intentions.. will be more and more mistrusted by the people.

    Even with Obama signing the healthcare plan if the democrats just sit back and wash their hands like its all just a job well done it will be a disaster for the dem party. It is full of loopholes, panders to insurance industry stranglehold on health system and system costs, terribly poorly messaged/explained and was a huge bill passed in a 100% partisan way.
  • Question:-What time do we find out the results of the general election?
    I can't find out what time the election results are going to be. Does anybody know?
    So an hour or so after the BC polls close we should have the final results?

    Answer:-They start to come out about an hour after the polls close

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