Tuesday, November 8, 2011

duggar family

  • Question:-Duggar Family!?!?
    The Duggar family was JUST on the Today Show and announced that shes pregnant with #18!!

    I'm just floored, anyone else think this is crazy?

    Yes its their choice etc... I understand this, but my gosh 18?
    Not 3 vans..they have a BUS!!!!
    They really are not financially independent..they are depending on reality tv shows such as the one on discovery to keep them going...
    Completely agree with the adoption aspect!

    Why not adopt unwanted babies..could this be why abortion rates are soooo high..cause everyone wants biological children and not adopted ones?

    Answer:-They wind up having at least 20-22 kids before she hits menopause! They are just nuts. And they are in this little world all of their own, it is really creepy I think. They are all homeschooled too - do those kids socialize with anyone besides their own siblings? Of course, Discovery Health and TLC just love to play up the Duggars and now keep showing other families just like that on "Kids by the Dozen". Some people thinks the Gosselins are nuts having 8 kids (though it was really only 2 pregnancies), but these people just keep having more and more. Their monthly grocery bill is probably more than my mortgage!!
  • Question:-What do you think of the Duggar family teaching their daughters not to go to college?
    The father of the Duggar family said that he believes it's not a womans place to go to college. Instead, a woman is to be a stay at home mom, not to become a career woman.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Answer:-Does not surprise me..I watched one show and I never want to watch another.
  • Question:-What is your opinion of the Duggar family believing in chaperones for dating?
    The Duggar family believes that chaperones are necessary when dating.

    What is your opinion of this family?

    Answer:-I like them, and I think if more people were as concerned about their childrens welfare, this world would be a better place.
  • Question:-How do you feel about the Duggar family?
    What are your opinions on the Duggar family?
    How do you feel about the number of children in this family?
    What do you think about their lifestyle?
    The way the children are being raised?

    Also, would you rather watch an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 as opposed to the Duggar family's series? Why or why not?

    I'm just curious to see what everyone's opinions are on these families.

    Answer:-The Duggar are just odd to me. Yet, I love watching their show. Personally, I think 18 children is too many. I work in a school based setting with about 20 children. It's difficult to give 20 children all the attention they need, all the time. I could only imagine what it's like raising 18 children. A few of them have to feel as though they are being ignored.

    I mean, just watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. On a few of the episodes, they made it a point to bring each child out for their very own, private day with mom and dad. That way, they got one on one attention and a chance to be an individual.

    I don't think the Duggars are getting that. I'm glad they have strong faith and family values. But, they just seem a bit outdated. I just don't see any of those children living outside the little community that's been established for them in Arkansas. They will marry and associate with people solely like them for the rest of their lives. They could never move up North or out West, I just don't think they'd fit in or every be mainstreamed into a different area of the country.

    I love Jon and Kate Plus 8. Kate's a little much for me sometimes. She needs to relax. I like Jon, he's understand what battles to pick with the kids. He gets that kids are just going to be kids sometimes.
  • Question:-duggar family!!?
    ok 17 kids

    who thinks this is ok...
    tell me what you think about this family

    Answer:-Who in the heck are we to judge a family who has a lot of children? When did we get so high and mighty we have to pass judgment on a loving and supportive family unit. The Duggars may not live a "normal" American life, but is that really so bad? They live debt free, did you know that? How many Americana's do you know who live debt free? I don't and I don't have ANY kids. They are frugal, they are good money managers, they have taught their children responsibility!!! And no, they don't "make" their kids do chores and force them into a life of servant-hood, the kids WANT to help because that's what family is all about. Our world has become so kid centered that we have forgotten what parenting is all about, teaching responsibility. Too many people are speaking out of school about the Duggar family. Their kids are healthy, educated, respectful, well mannered, loving, family centered children! If only everyone in America would take care of the 2 or 3 kids they have as well as the Duggars do then the world would be a better place in my opinion!!
  • Question:-What are you feelings about the Duggar Family?
    Tell me your feelings - good or bad - about the Duggar Family and why you feel the way you do.

    Answer:-I have never heard of the Duggar family. Who are they?

    Edit: Well, after reading the rest of the posts, I've figured out the Duggars are the religious nutjobs on TV who have 20 kids or something. Personally, I find this absolutely SICK. How can you give proper love and attention to that many kids? How do you give comfort to one who's sick or read bedtime stories?
  • Question:-Why does everybody (most everybody anyway) dislike the Duggar family for having 17 children?
    if they can afford 17/18 kids, than who cares, right? Besides, i don't know why they take all the heat. There are plenty of other families nowadays with that many kids. If you google it, there is a Russian family in California who have 17 kids. Nobody talks about them or gives them hell about it. My family has 14 kids (we would of had 16 kids if it wasn't for my 2 brothers passing away). 8 of us are adopted, but still. Nobody makes our lives miserable because of it. So why do you, when typing the Duggar family into google, find hundreds of websites saying how stupid and irresponsible they are. Not to mention the names they get called. I mean, leave them alone, they aren't hurting you (and don't even begin to give me that crap about how the world is overpopulated). I want you to give me one thing, just one thing, horrible in your PERSONAL life that is all messed up because of the Duggars. you can't.
    haha, baxter, i loved your answer. i've already run into 5.

    Answer:-Actually, the people in the US complaining about overpopulation apparently don't know how to read. Once the baby boomers start kicking off, we will approach negative replacement. Meaning, more people will be dying than being born. I think your parents rock!!!! Adopting 8 blessings, making a complete family from broken shards, your family kicks *ss!!! My own relatives criticise me for wanting more and I have three beautiful kids. 9 out of 10 people are inherently stupid. If you and I aren't stupid, that means we're going to run into18 idiots today.
  • Question:-The duggar family, from the show "19 kids and counting" mathematics speaking shouldn't one be different?
    Okay with that so many kids around, shouldn't one of those kids be an atheist, or liberal, or just have opposite view then there families? Because that what usually happens in family a couple has usually two or three kids, and one or two usually think different and view life different then the parents.

    I mean look at Ronald Reagon kids!

    So shouldn't the duggar kids increaase there odds having there childeren think different then there parent lifestyle?

    Answer:-Possibly, but not necessarily.
  • Question:-What qualifies the Duggar family to have a television show, and is that how they support themselves?
    It seems like gloried overpopulation to me, and being supported how? Well, I suppose if you get enough viewers to buy into that kind of junk. But it's discovery health channel. I enjoy the ER shows and stuff. What does having a big family have to do with anything more than being wasteful, just like that crazy woman in California who already had six kids and just had octuplets, and I hope there are no hand-outs because these people make choices.

    Answer:-no it's not. they have commercial rental properties (and they say this in the opening credits sequence on every show) and they own property that has a cell tower that a few different companies rent. they are very wise with their spending and have no debt. the house and land are paid for, so all they really have as expenses are the utilities (and they designed the house to be very efficient and inexpensive to maintain), food, clothing, and fuel. while food may be a couple thousand dollars a month, the others aren't near that much so i'm sure their monthly bills are less than $5000. with 17 kids at home, including a few teenage boys (aka bottomless pits). that's not bad. and it's not hard to maintain with the income from the sources i listed, not to mention they did write a book and get income from that. the family came into the national eye when michelle was named young mother of the year in arkansas (they might have been on tv before this, but i don't think so). they supported themselves for all those years before any of the shows, when they had 14 kids and before. they've been self-sufficient since their oldest was very young.
    and having a big family isn't any more wasteful than having a small one, as a matter of fact i bet they "waste" less than the average family considering they buy everything used (recycle old stuff no one else wants so new products don't have to be made for them) and have no debt.
  • Question:-Why do people hate on the Duggar family?
    They seem like a nice respectful family with good morals, yet they seem to get under peoples skin for some reason. Why is that?


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