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fall back

  • Question:-What are the fall back options for someone with a humanity's degree?
    I am thinking about going down the road towards college professor. I am interested in history and more specifically European history. I understand that there is a lot of competition for this job. After getting a PhD, what would be the fall back options if I failed to be a college professor?

    Answer:-If you're not going to be a professor, then the PhD could technically get you the same jobs as the MA (or even the BA for that matter). Of course, all those years or research and writing could help you parlay your dissertation into a book or job as a writer. You could also go out a be a practicing historian, gobbling up tons of grants to fund your excursions to remote villages to find undiscovered or untranslated manuscripts. But that's just living the charmed life of a professor on permanent sabbatical.

    It's a competitive field but the jobs exist. You just might get stuck teaching at a less-than-desirable college.
  • Question:-How much should I recieve for my slip and fall back accident ?
    I injured my back in a slip and fall and had to have back surgery because of it. It has altered my life totally.

    Answer:-Cars & Transportation > Insurance & Registration is the category. Were you walking around inside your car and slipped?

    But to answer, if your fall was the direct result of someone being negligent, and that negligent person has insurance that covered such acts. and if their insurance accepted liability for your accident, it will cover your medical expenses. As to whether it will cover more than your expenses is a question only the carrier can answer with any degree of certainty.

    Good luck.
  • Question:-Why did Major Whittlesey want his troops to fall back in the lost battalion movie?
    Why did Major Whittlesey want his troops to fall back?

    What did the ranking general tell Major Whittlesey to get him to attack the German troops?

    Why was the battle of the Argonne so important to both sides during WWI?

    Answer:-Major Whittlesey and his battalion were supposed to have strong support on both flanks. He sent runners to communicate with the flanking forces. They returned to tell him there were no flanking forces, they were entirely surrounded by an overwhelmingly superior force of Germans. To stay was suicidal and he knew it.

    The general and his staff and other officers were professional soldiers from West Point. The major was a New York lawyer reservist. The general made it clear he did not believe any reserve officer. in particular the New York lawyer could cut it and told him so. He was told he was to attack in concert with the troops on his flanks and hold to the last man, and this was a direct order. When he left the general told the other officers present that he did not believe the major could do it..

    The Argonne was a key position. If taken the Germans would be forced back, losing considerable ground and the war.Holding it would provide a pivot point for other forces to join up on their flanks

    I have seen this movie several times. Your questions lead me to believe you have not seen it or all your questions would have been answered. It is a very powerful movie which I urge you to see. It is the most historically correct movie I have ever seen.

    Did you know that the major committed suicide shortly after the war ? He felt that he should have fallen back, regardless of orders as it would have saved the lives of a whole lot of his men on what proved out to be a useless mission.
  • Question:-How do u fall back in love with your partner?
    How do u fall back in love with someone that you have fallen out of love with. If all you can do is resent the person.

    Answer:-You can't - once love has gone, it's over and done with.
  • Question:-How can I fall back in love with my boyfriend?
    Ever since he got me mad during an argument a few days ago I fell out of love. I no longer get butterflies in my stomach, I don't feel happy to get texts or calls from him and even canceled a Friday night date. I went from deeply in love to not having much feeling. I want to fall back in love before I decide to break up which would crush him. How can I do this? Should I tell him I lost my feelings for him?

    Answer:-Yes. That's exactly what happened. That fight made you really mad at him and now you don't love him. You can't ask how to love someone. Love just happens without your control And sometimes you fall out of love without even noticing. I think you should explain to him what's been going on and tell him that you can't control how your heart feels. Good luck (:
  • Question:-Is it important for women to have something to fall back on?
    Okay, I know a lot of moms stay home with their kids while their husbands work. I'm not trying to start a debate on that subject though. I'm just wondering if you think that all mothers should have something to fall back on if something should happen later on down the road. I think it is. My husband was born with a defect in his back; it can go out anytime. Now, unless his back goes out in the next year (knock on wood, keeping my fingers crossed, praying very hard it doesn't), we will be okay when that does happen. What do you think? Should we try to have experience in one field or another in case something happens later in life? What about some type of degree?
    Mandi, I'm actually going for I'm taking CNA courses this summer and then going to a vocational school this fall to become an LPN....then going back once again to become an RN.
    Oh we've got insuarance (life and disability) but that only goes so far. My mother in law is on disability and gets around $800 a month. There's no way I could do that...

    Answer:-I agree with you on the disability thing. My sister-n-law gets $900 a month.

    I also agree with you on the rest. I stupidly got married right out of high school to a boy I barely knew. I though the idea of being married and having kids was fun, and didn't realize it was actually work. (LIVE AND LEARN!) I found myself 18, pregnant, only a high school education and getting a divorce. My mother gave me the best advice: A woman needs to always have a back up. Don't ever depend on anyone else to support you or your kids. Especially not a man. Marriages come and go, and you need to have a career and an education to fall back on.

    She paid for me to go to college and get a certification in dental assisting. I worked my way up from the bottom, but I know that even if my marriage were to fall apart, I have something to fall back on. It might be hard to raise 2 kids on just my income, but at least I am not stuck getting paid minimum wage because I only have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Question:-How do you stay in a positive attitude and not fall back into negativity?
    I fight hard to be positive, but I easily fall back in to negativity when things go wrong, and they always go wrong. even though I have a good work ethic. Most of the time I get ripped off and cheated. and I get discouraged . what do you people do out there to overcome this?

    Answer:-well for me i find the positives.
    there is always a positive to every situation, it may not be good for you, but there's always something good :)
  • Question:-What is a good college to fall back on if you don't get into your dream college?
    I have straight A's and plan on taking AP classes in high school. I put very little effort into school and still get straight A's. I really want to attend Princeton University. If I don't get in, I don't know what my fall back school is. Can you apply to a college more than once? Also, what is a good fall back school for me?

    Answer:-You don't say what state you live in, but you should look at some state schools. For example, if you live in Indiana, you should look at Indiana University, Purdue University, Indiana State, etc. since you would pay in-state tuition at those schools. If you are looking at more private schools (and can afford them!) then you might consider the "sub-Ivies". Those are schools that maybe aren't Ivy League like Princeton and Harvard, yet are considered excellent schools to attend. Those would include Vanderbilt University, Emory University, Rice, Notre Dame, etc.

    Go to this website:

    U.S. News and World Report magazine does an excellent college rankings article.

    You also didn't mention what you wanted to major in. If you are looking at medicine, for example, be aware that medical school will be an expensive investment after your undergraduate work. If you want to do business, check out the nations top business schools. Make sure that whatever school you want to go to has your major. For example, you can't go to Vanderbilt for business since Vanderbilt doesn't have a business school.

    Regarding applying more than once: No, but you can update your application. I will explain. If you applied to Princeton and weren't sure of your application, you send them more stuff to help you out. Send in you latest test scores from the SAT or ACT. Send in an e-mail saying that you got president of a school club, if that were to happen. If you get an updated transcript that has better grades on it, send it in. All of those things will only help your chances.

    Also, applying "Early Decision" helps out your chances a lot. It shows the school that you are very interested in going there, and often a greater percentage of students applying Early Decision get in than those that apply regular decision.

    Good luck in high school. Please e-mail me if you have more questions about college...I'd be happy to answer them for you!
  • Question:-Science and medicine. How long does it take the ball to fall back on the ground?
    A ball is thrown upward from the roof of a 120-ft building with an initial velocity of 20ft/s.

    How long does it take the ball to fall back on the ground?

    Answer:-v = Delta X/Delta T
    20ft/s = 120ft/T
    T = 120ft/20ft/s
    T = 6 seconds
    hope this helped :)
  • Question:-Why does Dale Earnhardt Junior fall back more spots at the end of races?
    Almost every race I watch this year, I have to see my Junior fall back toward the end. Is NASCAR doing something so his car goes back? He is too great of a driver to have these finishes, maybe his team can make him better cars?

    Answer:-typical Jr....can't close the deal

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