Wednesday, November 2, 2011

gmail app

  • Question:-Is there anyway to delete a gmail app on a samsung fascinate?
    I have a gmail and email app on my phone... Is there anyway to delete the gmail app... Both apps have the same email so it is pointless to have both I think... If I do delete my gmail app will it delete all of my messages, contacts, etc.

  • Question:-How do I log out of Gmail app on android phone?
    The native gmail app on my android phone (HTC Incredible) doesn't allow you to log out of email and you can't set it up to require a password to access your Gmail account. Is there any way to make it require password or to log in and out at will?

    Answer:-No, because it is an Android phone, it requires you to be logged into GMail, and you can not log out or delete it. Sorry. Your best solution might be to switch it with a fake GMail account and always sign in via web to check mail or with another application that requires a password to protect your e mail from being accessed by other people using your phone.
  • Question:-is there an itouch app for chatting on gmail?
    i know there is a gmail app but you cant chat on it. is there an app that u can chat with gmail?

    Answer:-Yes, actually, and I have it and it works great. It's called IM+ and there is a free version and a paid version ($1.00). I don't know what the difference is because I just have the free version but it works great with Gmail!
  • Question:-Is there an app on gmail that will let me call people on the ipod touch?
    Ive been looking for an app on itunes that will let me call people but now gmail can call people but I dont have the right mic for the computer. I have the right mic for my ipod... just not the computer. so I need a gmail app that will let me call ppl. please help. Thanks if u can help:)

    Answer:-hey buddy,
    I don't know that much about "gmail phone", but why dont you just try skype ?
    I guess it would be easier for you, wouldnt it ?
  • Question:-Can the "account activity" option be accessed on the gmail app for android?
    Can the "account activity" option be accessed on the gmail app for android?
    the account activity option is at the very bottom of the screen on the gmail inbox for the browser. is there a way to access that "detail" section from the gmail app on android?

  • Question:-Gmail won't work on computer but will on mobile app?
    I have the Gmail mobile app and thought I would use my computer to go on the inbox but it doesn't exist on the computer only on my phone. How is this possible? Can I get on the same inbox as on my phone, on my computer? Please help me fix this.

    Answer:-Is it a address you're using on your phone, or some other domain? For example my company uses Google Apps and to check my mail on the computer I have to go to, not If it is a gmail account you're using, you should be able to log in at using the email address and password you set up on your phone. If it says the account doesn't exist, you might want to send yourself an email from your phone and verify that you're typing it in exactly right.
  • Question:-what is the best gmail app for the ipod touch (4th generation) that can use chat?
    The question says it all.
    Or is it the native mail app?

    Answer:-The best gmail app for the ipod touch
    would be from here i think
    There are many!
  • Question:-How do I log out of the email app on my my touch phone. (not the gmail app, the normal email app)?
    I tried clicking the menu button for more options but there was no log out option and I want to check my other email

    Answer:-Go to settings, i believe its in general, then go to email, its just a guess without my iPod in front of me.
  • Question:-How do I remove the Remember the Milk app on gmail?
    I haven't figured out how to remove the Remember the Milk panel on my gmail inbox page. How do I do this, or, if the problem is not solved, how do I contact Google for assistance or bug reporting?

    Answer:-To uninstall Remember The Milk for Gmail, in the Firefox browser, click
    the "Tools" menu then "Add-ons". Select "Remember The Milk for Gmail",
    then click the "Uninstall" button. When you restart Firefox, Remember
    The Milk for Gmail will be uninstalled.
  • Question:-How can I delete mail from the Gmail server through
    I have been using a Gmail account for quite a while now (although I don't get many emails). I have been using for convenience but when I went into the mailbox through the actual Gmail site, I noticed that all my messages were still there, even though I had deleted them in How can I fix this while still using is the Apple e-mail client?

    Fairly simple. You have 2 ways of doing this.

    Go into GMail settings. Under the forwarding with POP/IMAP tab.

    You can use either POP download (enable it), and by the second option "When messages are accessed with POP" just select "delete GMail's copy"

    Otherwise, enable IMAP, which has 2 way communication between your client and GMail, meaning that any action you perform on your client is duplicated on GMail ... this should apply to deleting e-mails as well.

    GMail recommends you use IMAP, but its up to personal choice I think. You can just follow the instructions in the setting screen to set up your client for whichever service you use.

    Hope that helps :)

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