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  • Question:-Ricin, How is it made from Castor beans?
    Hey, i was wondering. Does anyone know how Ricin is made from Castor beans? And i mean the real way, not the way you find in the top ten google listings.

    ((This is for educational purposes))

    If you dont want to post it on the net, give me a way to talk to yah, IE AIM or MSN

    Answer:-of course ..but those listings and several anarchist cookbooks can do that. I will not post it here ......educational purposes ? making ricin...I truly doubt that
  • Question:-How long does a person have ricin?
    it's for my biology project
    how long does the person have ricin? Like certain hours or days
    Oh..And also is blood drawn or other test be conducted?
    please help it's due tommorrow
    Thanx ^_^
    yeah how long it takes the body to be detoxified.

    Answer:-Ricin is a poison - and I think the question is how long it takes for the body to detox
  • Question:-Why is the Ricin incident in Vegas not being considered terrorism or a potential for a terrorist attack?
    They guys hotel room had a book on how to make Ricin and there was a quantity of it found. How in the world is this not been called a foiled plot to terrorize us?

    If it looks like terrorism, smells like terrorism... ITS TERRORISM RIGHT? Or is it like what happened to Rodney King?

    Answer:-I guess only people that look like they are from the middle east, are black OR from Asia qualify as terrorists.

    Timothy McVeigh is normally not included in the list of people to be considered a terrorist. The KKK are just called fanatics or racists NOT what they are TERRORISTS!

    This guy had RICIN and the or book like the Anarchist Cook Book. Only a terrorist would have in their possession items of that sort. A scientist would not need the book. A teacher (a normal teacher anyway) would not need Ricin. Only someone that had a plan to harm people or animal life would have items like that.

    The people in charge can't have another qualified terrorist plot on their hands. Especially since the only reason they found out about it is because the guy got SICK and left the stuff in his hotel room!

    That's the country we live in I guess.
  • Question:-How would you decontaminate a 500 spectator event of Ricin poisoning when resources are limited?
    Terrorist have released Ricin into school ventilation and in the popcorn butter during the game. By the end of the first half, people begin to experience diarrhea and vomiting from the poisioning. The available resouces are hospital 12 miles away, emergency room that can handle 25 patient at a time, 12 full time officers, 20 explorers, and a volunteer hazmat team which has a mobile hazmat trailer and portable decontamination tent. The police has also recieved a call stating that they did it and there would be more to follow if demands were not met.

    Answer:-Ricn treatment at the present time consists in treating the symptoms, (& stabilising the patient). Sometimes the patient's immune system kicks in before the patient dies and the patient is saved. Enteric ingestion is treated with super activated charcoal. And perhaps gastric lavage. It is very difficult to deliver ricin by air dissemination. You need massive amounts of it to achieve a lethal dose, in an open, large area. (i.e. it is not practical.). Your stadium attack would require about 500 pounds of aerosolised ricin. If you are a terrorist, forget it jerks. Parenteral delivery is more effective but not that simple. (I am alluding to the Markov assaination by the K.G.B. or their Bulgarian buddies who frequently did the K.G.B.'s "wet work".
    Poisoning by such delivery is treated by prompt surgical debridement of entry traumatised tissue. (but discovery of such delivery is often overlooked, or not noticed). I am not giving details. (but Muslim groups have been playing with the poison, idiots).
    There are a number of companies that are actively researching antidote chemicals, and effective antigens that would be good vaccine candidates. Try one at for a report of promising work by Cangene Inc. and Swiftstrand Inc. Such drugs and vaccines should be available soon but clinical trial testing of them for a D.I.N. (i.e. regulatory approval), will be a big hurdle.
  • Question:-How does ricin disable 1500 ribosomes per minute?
    What causes the poison to spread so rapidly, and so little of it to make such a large effect?

    Answer:-Ricin functions by cleaving the 60S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. It has enzymatic activity that breaks up the ribosome so it cannot function. Ricin is actively taken up by cells due to binding to carbohydrates on the surface of cells, causing internalization of the enzyme by endocytosis as well as macropinocytosis. Basically ricin binds to receptor molecules triggering endocytosis, then the enzymatic subunit binds to and destroys the 60S subunits of the ribosomes. The LD50 for ricin is only 22 micrograms per kilogram. Only tetrodotoxin is more lethal than ricin (LD50 - 8 micrograms/kg)
  • Question:-How long does it take for Ricin to kill you if ingested?
    I'm just curious. I haven't come into contact with it or anything. I'm just writing a story on it.

    Answer:-Ricin is very concentrated form....within minutes...remember the case, where a subject was poked with the tip on an umbrella....he died soon thereafter....I think that was in UK...some kinda spy!
  • Question:-Would a ricin attack be considered chemical or biological warfare?
    I need to know for a school report.

    Answer:-Chemical--ricin, like most chemicals, is biological in origin, but is in a purified form. Biological warfare implies some sort of pathogen (virus or bacteria) is involved.
  • Question:-Why does the media cover up the identity of the man making Ricin in his Vegas motel?
    They tell us it's not terrorism, but they don't tell us anything about him or his ethnic background.

    Answer:-The mans identy has been released. See: the drudge report website.
  • Question:-Can you explain simply how ricin works?
    I don't understand exactly how ricin works. I know that it inhibits an enzyme that has something to do with ribosomes, but that's it. Can anyone explain how it works for me?

    Answer:-Ricin inactivates the 60S subunit of the ribosome by removing an adenine (A4324) from the 28S rRNA chain.
  • Question:-Ricin,How can a 1/4gram of it kill an adult person?
    Doesn`t that sound ridicolous?

    My teacher told me it and i still doubt it.

    Answer:-You could use less than that. Read up on it, your body is very sensitve. Ricin works by preventing you're body from forming essential proteins, think how many molecules are in 1/4 gram of ricin, and how it many cells it could shut down.

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