Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gop debate

  • Question:-Anyway to watch the first GOP Presidential Debate without watching it on Fox News?
    I want to watch the Presidential GOP debate tonight at 9pm ET but my apartment complex doesn't subscribe to Fox News (although they do subscribe with MSNBC and CNN). Is there any other place I can watch the debate. Somewhere online? Will Fox Business stream the debate? Thanks for answering!

    Answer:-Online possibly? CSPAN? I guess we know the politics of those that decide what cable stations your complex gets. Agree or disagree with a stations politics, can you say censorship? Too bad you're not given the opportunity to purchase your own cable and decide your own station packages. Hmmm, sounds a bit like the kind of government mandated and controlled services they provide. Isn't it nice to have your choices taken out of your hands. Don't worry. They'll do the thinking for you. They know whats best for you anyways and apparently do your apartment managers. :)
  • Question:-Why the need for a GOP debate tonight if none of them can win against Obama?
    Let's face it. Tonight's debate is just a formality. Obama will get reelected. That's just a reality. The GOP won't be able to have a candidate that will sway voters.

    Answer:-They are masterdebaters.
  • Question:-When is there going to be GOP debate showing all declared candidates?
    There are 18 people who have declared for GOP presidential race , but only 8 who were showed at the debates.
    Correction: There are 12 people who are declared not 18. Sorry
    @sassy, when will the other 11 be shown then.

    Answer:-we'll never see all 18 on one stage.
  • Question:-What do you think about Rick Perry assaulting Ron Paul(Pics inside) during the GOP debate?

    Maybe assault is a bit to strong but he did grab Ron Paul without his permission during the commercial break for the GOP debate.

    Answer:-You are a day late. Ron Paul already said Perry did not "grab" him and they didn't say anything bad to each other.
  • Question:-What type of questions do you think will be asked tonight at GOP debate?
    Tonight's debate is the people's debate. Questions asked of the candidates are ones submitted either thru You tube or written.

    Answer:-First, thank you for reminding me of the debate tonight. I find it very entertaining. Not informative but entertaining.

    Look for a lot of Ron Paul supporters to weigh in on his vision of government.

    Progressive questions will zero in on Perry for social security remarks. Mitt will be questions on his jobs program plan???

    Look for Newt, Santorum and Cain to be virtually ignored.
  • Question:-Does the slogan what happens and Vegas stays in Vegas apply to last night's GOP Debate?
    I haven't seen anything that pathetic since the Blair Witch Project.

    We Conservatives need to destroy all of the tapes from that debate.

    Answer:-Want pathetic ? Listen to anything Osambo , Dirty Harry Reid, or Nazi Pelosi has to " say " !
  • Question:-What will happen when FOX News hosts the next GOP debate?
    Will we get to see the candidates bash obama rather than each other. FOX News is a totally conservative news media. So most likely the people who will watch the debate are going to be people who like seeing obama get bashed. FOX is not gonna wanna see candidates get off course and starting debating among each other. This whole debating among each other should be saved for when the primary season starts. FOX News will want to make sure their debate is better than their competitors' debates.

    Answer:-We get to see the host gush and tingle.
  • Question:-What do you think will be the questions asked at the next GOP debate?
    Take note that CNBC will be one of the sponsors for that debate.

  • Question:-Does anyone have a link to watch the video or read the transcript of the GOP debate earlier today?
    I can't believe there's nothing available yet. It's so easy to find a democratic debate. Wonder why that is. If anyone can find a link I would really appreciate it. I was very eager to see Thompson in his first debate.


    I'm glad you asked. I too, would like to check more out. I want to know more about what Huckabee has to say about issues. He has some good ideas on tax reforms!
  • Question:-After the last GOP debate, do you think Obama has to worry? Or will Palin be their secret weapon?
    It couldn't be easier. As we watch the GOP comedy unfold, we know the writers will add a new character, Palin or some clown. Obama should really go back to his roots on the left. We have to get wall street out to the main streets.

    Answer:-are you a professor poking fun of your students, if you are that would be golden!

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