Tuesday, November 8, 2011

heavy d dead

  • Question:-Is Heavy D dead?
    You know the rapper. He was the fat, light-skinned person. I heard rumors that he was dead. Is it true?

  • Question:-These strikers in a heavy metal outfit? :D?
    I KNOW they look biased toward guys, but I reckon they'd look quite good tightened with a Cradle Of Filth hoodie and some red Doc Martens?
    Cheers! :P


  • Question:-What'd happen if you accidentally killed somebody?
    This is just a scenario. Okay, so say you were helping your neighbor move heavy boxes. So while you were carrying this heavy box, your neighbor's baby suddenly gets in the way and you trip on the baby, dropping the box on her. Now the baby is dead. So what'd happen in this type of scenario?

    Answer:-All death investigations are treated as suspicious, so you would certainly be questioned. You would not be charged unless the state could prove it was intentional or you were negligent.
  • Question:-What type of tennis ball is recommended for use by beginners?
    A. skinless balls.
    B. depressurized balls.
    C. "heavy" balls.
    D. "dead" balls.

    Answer:-the round green fuzzy ones.
  • Question:-Are there any screamo/heavy metal Christmas songs out there?
    Just curious :D
    -Dead Girl Walking

    Answer:-Hi Dead Girl Walking,

    There is a CD called Heavy Metal Christmas that I found on Napster. It has 13 classic Christmas songs. BTW, the artist is Rock Heroes while the label is Big Eye Music.

    Hope this helps,
  • Question:-How much weight is needed to sink a dead body in cold fresh water?
    Nah, not thinking of actually doing it. (I'd just compensate on the heavy side were that my motive.)
    Now, is it different for the ocean? For warm climates vs. cold?
    Humor and scientific credibility pluses.

    Answer:-Variable, depending on the body. Sink the body fully in water, then weigh the water displaced, then weigh the body. If the water weighs more than the body, it will float. If the body weighs more than the displaced water, it will sink. Since most bodies float, initially, you would need a weight greater than the difference between the water weight and the body weight to get the body below the surface. Because water at depth is denser than water on the surface, it would take a weight greater than the difference between the body weight and the weight of displaced water at the bottom.

    The problem is that water is denser at depth than on the surface and cold water is denser than warm water and sea water is denser than fresh water, but you get the idea.

    Archimedes principle states that a mass is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the water it displaces.

    therefore, a mass has to weigh less than the displaced water to float and it must weigh more than the displaced water to sink. If a body floated just neutral at the surface and you add 14.7 pounds to that body, it would sink to roughly 33 ft in sea water and roughly 34 ft in fresh water, give or take due to temperature and/or salinity
  • Question:-What was the movie where a doll girl lived with her dead dad who OD'd on heroin? Autistic neigbor/farm setting?
    I think the girl had a fascination with dolls and this movie took place in a farm like setting (I think the cover of the movie had a picture of the house with sunflowers in the front part of the farm). Her parents where heavy drinkers and used heroin. I remember her mom died in bed and the daughter and her dad lit the bed on fire and both of them didn’t seem very affected by it. The daughter would roam around the house all day while her father would sit in a chair in the middle of the living room and shoot heroin. After shooting he is incapacitated and unresponsive for hours on end. He would tell the daughter before each heroin injection that he was "going on vacation". The daughter would walk around the house/farm with some doll. She makes friends with a kid neighbor (male) who wheres a space helmet (I could be wrong about that) has no friends and is retarded in some way. He lives with his crazy mother who screams for him to get his attention. The daughter hangs out with this kid pretty often and one day he causes a bus full of people to flip subsequently killing them all (I think a big airplane may have been involved). One day the father tells the daughter that he’s "going on vacation" and ends up overdosing and dying in the same position he always is when he’s passed out. The daughter comes back to the house one night and can’t get her dad to wake up. You know that she knows he’s dead but she plays it off like he’s "vacationing". She keeps him around, talks with him and feeds him (or at least tries) until he gets so bloated with decomposition fumes that he starts "farting" as the daughter would call it. Because "he would not stop farting" she dragged him outside with the help of the retarded kid neighbor. She ends up stripping her father’s skin off and stuffing the skin with cotton like a doll. She keeps him propped up at a dining room table and throws tea parties with the retarded kid who ends up marrying the daughter girl. They just live with the dead, stuffed father and some dolls.

    What movie was that

    Answer:-Tideland (2005)
    Wikipedia synopsis:
    "Tideland" centers on an abandoned child, Jeliza-Rose (Jodelle Ferland), and her solitary adventures during one summer in rural Texas while staying at a rundown farmhouse called What Rocks. It focuses on the increasingly dark, imaginative fantasy life the girl creates with the aid of dismembered Barbie doll heads that she often wears on her fingertips. With names such as Mustique, Sateen Lips, Baby Blonde and Glitter Gal, the doll heads not only engage in long conversations with Jeliza-Rose, reflecting different aspects of the girl's psyche, but also act as her companions while she explores the barren Texas landscape. After her mother (Jennifer Tilly) dies from a drug overdose, Jeliza-Rose and her father, Noah (Jeff Bridges), flee to Noah's mother's home, a remote Texas farmhouse. They find the home abandoned, but they settle in anyway. Their first night there, Noah dies from a heroin overdose. For much of the rest of the film, Noah's corpse remains seated upright in a living room chair with sunglasses covering his eyes. As her father slowly begins to decompose, Jeliza-Rose doesn't readily acknowledge his death because she has grown accustomed to him being unconscious for long periods at a time. Instead, she retreats deeper and deeper into her own mind, exploring the tall grass around the farmhouse, relying on her doll heads for friendship as an unconscious way of keeping herself from feeling too lonely and afraid. During her wanderings, she encounters and befriends her neighbors, a mentally impaired young man called Dickens (Brendan Fletcher) and his older sister Dell (Janet McTeer).
    Here's the movie trailer:
  • Question:-Why aren't there more games like Heavy Rain/Alan Wake/Red Dead/Zelda?
    Gaming would be so much more enjoyable if there were more fascinating adventure games with sophisticated narrative, great landscapes, unique content etc...

    Personally I'm absolutely fed up with run of the mill fps games that keep coming out for consoles (and PC). Don't the game developers realize that even though making a good game takes a bigger budget, it can become an instant hit overnight after release when word of mouth and hype spreads the info on how great the game is.

    It doesn't even have to be based on completely unique storylines, as shown by the masterpiece called Batman: Arkham Asylum (best license game I have ever played and a great rpg). Just make things more interesting than always having the same formula (pick up guns, random helicopter flies over your head and destroys a city, you fight mutants/random mercenaries/etc)...

    I think some game devs simply lack imagination and are perhaps better suited for making arcade games for bowling parlors and swimming pools/cinemas rather than console games.. Thoughts?

    If only there were more superior quality games like the ones mentioned above (though there are many more, too) I'd gladly pay for them. However 90% of everything seems like crap.

    Answer:-Simple answer: Demand. There is not demand for those kind of games when all the top sellers are fps. Some good games you may enjoy - ones that i love - are far and few between. heres my short list

    Fallout 3
    Fable 1,2 (3 being released soon)
    Zelda (hurr durr you know that)

    and yeah im going to go there - World of Warcraft. If you haven't tried it, give it a go, Endless PVE, very fascinating game an incredible amount of stuff you can do on it. Beautiful landscapes and yeah unique as it comes. get bored of PVE? np, kill some alliance (cos you can't kill horde lets face it..)

    its not for everyone, you might hate it.. or you might love it. If you do decide to try it, do it before the expansion release. Any way its something to do until Fable 3 comes out =D
  • Question:-A 'dead' star whose gravitational field is so strong that not even light can escape is?
    A) a black hole.
    B) an aurora.
    C) a heavy star that is about to explode.
    D) part of a galaxy.

    Answer:-It's called a black hole. Answer is A.*
  • Question:-Dont Test My Gangsta!?
    N*gga don't you know that I can make your life a living hell
    And I mean that literally
    the place where demon spirits dwell
    Empty all these buck-shot shells,
    make your f*cking body smell
    I can shoot you up so bad,
    till what you were they cannot tell
    F*ck me with me,
    your f*cking with the best
    And your also messing with the wrong one
    I will hit you with the milli-milli gun
    yeah the millimeter gun
    Blow out ya lungs
    Like them old I-Tal-Iians,
    Mafia, Gangsta son
    When you see me coming,
    better run for f*cking cover, (BOOM!)
    forty four
    his body kinda heavy,
    dead weight
    B*tch you'd better take notes,
    before you end up cut-throat
    end up on the ground broke
    with your f*ckin' shirt soaked
    blow a n*gga out his clothes
    Come out the trench-coat with a Sawed-Off,
    and lay me down a hoe
    So if you think that I ain't a gangsta
    come and test the water
    You will be the slaughtered,
    the dearly departed!

    Answer:-its tight ......but you have to appreciate gangster lyrics to like it

    to the people above me anyone can get online it doesnt take much besides real gangsters and killers come in all forms, there is no specific criteria

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