Tuesday, November 22, 2011

heritage foundation

  • Question:-Is the Heritage Foundation the new rightwing source for data and statistics?
    I notice every Republican always quoting the Heritage Foundation like it's legitimate when it's not. I don't think they should be considered a legitimate "thinktank".

    Answer:-Hardly new. They've been using them to spread propaganda disguiesed as statistics since Reagan's time.
  • Question:-What is the relationship between the Heritage Foundation and the United Nations?
    What is the relationship between the heritage foundation and America?
    What is the relationship between the heritage foundation and the governments it interacts with?

    Answer:-none....at best...enemies.arm chair goddess,join the tea party and make a difference to save your family and country...being a useful fool is not cool.
  • Question:-Has anyone set up a non-profit under the National Heritage Foundation?
    I would like to hear from some individuals or organizations that have some experience of setting up a non-donor advised Foundation under the National Heritage Foundation and under the jurisdiction of of CDF(Congressional District Programs) and under (NHF). Has anyone ever set up a Foundation under them? what did or do you like or dislike?

    Answer:-Check with NHF again, as there has been a rule change. Now you have to get your 501(c)(3) tax-deductible status to get money out of them. In the old days, when they could provide the 501(c)(3), it was a good deal, but not anymore. Now, your best bet is to find a local charity that will serve as your fiscal sponsor, if you don't want to go through the paperwork yourself.
  • Question:-Is the Heritage Foundation a bunch of bleeding heart liberals?
    David John of the Heritage Foundation (http://www.heritage.org/about/staff/j/david-john) just destroyed Rick Perry's assertion that Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme.

    What does it say about the modern GOP when they make the Heritage Foundation look liberal?
    David John was just on PBS and basically said Rick Perry was an idiot for saying Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme and that it was "fundamentally sound, but with some serious problems."

    Answer:-It is as conservative as it gets, no different than the Rand Corporation.
  • Question:-Does Progressive movement have a Think Tank like the Conservatives have the Heritage Foundation?
    I never knew that the Heritage Foundation was a Conservative think tank until my Economics professors in college encouraged me to start using their statistics for researches, which makes me wonder if there is anything out there for the Progressive movement, so I can cross check the research stats with?


    Answer:-Yes, the PPI and the NDN

    *Progressive Policy Institute / New Democratic Network
  • Question:-Who is more reliable Heritage foundation or a bum on the side of the road?
    Heritage is garbage, I see some cons post links from them, but honestly they are 100% funded by special interest. They are PAID to say whatever the client wants them to say.

  • Question:-What ever happened to the HERITAGE FOUNDATION: Did the members started enjoying men to men activities?
    and started barking in Hebrew, too?

    Heritage's stated mission is to "formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense."[3]

  • Question:-Is the Heritage Foundation part of the Neocon establishment?
    It seems many of their members from the top on down find papers and ways to support every action administration has pushed through.
    They are the largest backers of the President having Unitary powers.
    When it comes to heritiage if one looks at family trees and support groups then one can see their ideas of heritage.
    From debates on CNN whereby they have moderator and stacked deck against oppostion to the way they get their friends books,State Dept. papers published and get friendly educators postions on colleges.
    This is a case of tax free orgs whose members and staff make huge salarys while writng papers in favor of corporate decisions owed to thier Corporate benfactors.
    They help write the papers to get around legalitys of spying upon mail, the right to use torture so US can police world and support every administrations appointments. Mainly because they are one and the same incestual elitist group who want to rewrite Americas heritage in their own image.

    Answer:-Actually, that would be the American Enterprise Institute--which is tied strongly to the Neoconservative movement.
  • Question:-What does the Heritage Foundation state about supporting the individual mandate?
    to buy health insurance? Do they now say they were kidding, or do they still support the mandate?

    Answer:-They don't speak about it at all....like it never happened. John McCain also fully supported the individual mandate....and, of course, now thinks it's socialism.
  • Question:-Is The Heritage Foundation a good website for illegal immigration information?
    I ran accross this the other day, but it's hard to believe just anybody on the internet.

    Answer:-NO. They are a right-winged Conservative website who's claims on illeglas have been debunked many times, especially in the bogus email that claims that illegals cost us billions. I really think that their journalist "Robert Rector" has something up his sleeve.

    Cost of Illegal Immigrants

    Q: Do illegal immigrants cost $338.3 billion dollars a year? More than the Iraq war?

    A: A chain e-mail that makes this claim is loaded with errors and misleading assertions. Published studies vary widely but put the cost to government at a small fraction of that total.

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