Wednesday, November 2, 2011

jeremy mayfield

  • Question:-What exactly would Nascar have to gain out of targeting Jeremy Mayfield?
    He is playing this victim role. If anything, having the public know someone who is a meth user is participating in their sport makes the sport look bad. So why would they want to make someone look like a druggie when it hurts Nascar's image as well.

    Also his behavior to me seems like straight up addict behavior especially since addicts always feel someone is out to get them. Most think the cops, Jeremy Mayfield thinks Nascar is.

    Answer:-If Mayfield was innocent, then the only thing NASCAR could gain from targetting him, as long as they are successful in getting him out of the sport, is that they would have an example of their drug policy working and he would be the scapegoat.
    If he did in fact take drugs, which is increasingly appearing likely, then what they gain is getting a dangerous driver off of the track, and showing that their policy is helping the overall sport.
    The only thing that would make NASCAR look bad is if after all this the courts still side with Mayfield. That would show that NASCAR doesn't have its act together in enforcing drug policies and testing.
  • Question:-Jeremy mayfield................?
    What would you think if he was innocent and NASCAR was actually in the wrong?

    Answer:-It would not be the first time NASCAR was wrong but at this point I really don't think they are. He has tested positive more than once now. It looks like he has a meth problem and should be encouraged to seek treatment and not be allowed to race again until he gets clean.
  • Question:-what drug was jeremy mayfield taking in nascar?
    Jeremy mayfield...a nascar driver...was recently suspended for violation of the drug testing policy. The drug was never was released to the media so what do you suppose it is? Any thoughts and why wont nascar come clean with the truth?

    Answer:-Right now, that is the $64,000 question. I suspect we will never know unless Jeremy decides to disclose it, and I doubt that he will. If it was an innocent over the counter drug, he would have been shouting it to the sky. Since he is not, I believe it was probably illegal. He probably needed to stay awake to get his car ready for the know: small team, owner/driver, minimal $$$$, very few crew members...lots of work to finish before race day. I am not accusing, merely speculating possibilities.

    Go Jr.>>>>
  • Question:-How Much Is This Jeremy Mayfield Item Worth?
    I have this nascar hot wheel thing and i was wondering how much it was worth? Here is they info...
    Jeremy Mayfield
    #12 Mobil 1
    1998 Ford Taurus
    Limited Edition

    That what it said on the box so I hope I can can find out how much this is worth:)! Thanks

    Answer:-You would be lucky if some one didn't make you pay them to take anything with Jeremy's name on it after he tested positive twice for methamphetamine and refused to go into NASCAR's rehabilitation program.

    Mayfield is suspended indefinitely by NASCAR for violating NASCAR's substance abuse policy.

    He lost everyone of his sponsors and there isn't a company out there that will touch him.

    As of July 16, 2009 Mayfield sold his race team and operations due to lack of sponsorship and the last remaining member of his crew resigning after all other members of the race team where layed off.

    When you decide to do drugs, you must suffer the consequences. He had a multi-million dollar career going for him and he gave it all up for drugs!
  • Question:-What are the obvious signs that Jeremy Mayfield is a methamphetamine user?
    I keep reading that Mayfield shows obvious signs of meth use. It's not obvious to me.
    Do you see the signs? If so, please point me out to me. Thanks in advance.
    Oops, I meant point THEM out to me. That probably makes more sense. lol
    I know he's not the greatest driver in the world. I want to know why people say he's so obviously a user.
    LOL Jocko. His lawyer makes Mayfield looks straight as an arrow!

    Answer:-There were no signs that I saw. I've seen meth use because I work in health care and Jeremy doesn't look like that at all.
  • Question:-Is Ray Everhamn REALLY behind the Jeremy Mayfield scandal?
    Is it true that Ray supplied tainted samples of urine, bribed the lab people and paid his step mother in law to come forward with recent revelations of past substance abuse by Jeremy? The world needs to know the truth! What do YOU think?
    Hmmm, you might be onto something there MUD WRANGLER!

    Answer:-No, I think it's Kyle Busch.

    He will wreck 'em anyway he can....
  • Question:-Does anyone know what drug Jeremy Mayfield took to get him suspended?
    I know many years ago Tim Richmond was suspended for taking OTC Sudafed which contains pseudoephedrine. If Mayfield only took Claritin D which contains pseudoepedrine, why are drivers so against him? My experience with the drug is that it makes me more alert and wide awake than stoned.
    It is interesting that pseudoephedrine is used in the sythesis of meth. I wonder if they use more than one lab to verify results.

    Answer:-Mayfield claims it was a combo of Adderall and Claritin D, NASCAR says he tested positive for meth.
  • Question:-How much is a Jeremy Mayfield 25th anniversary model car worth. Its 1:64 scale?

    I don't watch or even follow the sport. I know he hasn't been racing for that long, but I guess it was made to commemorate the sports 25th anniversary. The box is unopened and in mint condition

    Answer:-I do not think Jeremy Mayfield has been in NASCAR for 25 years.
  • Question:-Is Jeremy Mayfield still suspended indefinitely from NASCAR?
    I haven't heard anything about the Mayfield Saga in several months

    Answer:-id hire him, he got his career taken away from some stupid over ally exaggerated test, he was a good driver and he hasn't didnt anything wrong but take some kind of allergy medicine...
  • Question:-Poll: Who else is really disappointed with Jeremy Mayfield failing a routine drug test?
    I mean, all NASCAR people have been warned repeatedly.

    Answer:-I was, wow, what a turn around his career has.

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