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kevin durant

  • Question:-Kevin Durant?
    I've watched Texas this past season and have noticed that Durant is very similar to Shawn Marion (can shoot the ball like a guard, can play down low, and is a good all around player). Also, if he is not in the right offense, I think he will turn into a bust. Now here's my question, would you use a number 1 or 2 overall pick on a Shawn Marion type player?
    and why would or wouldn't you?

    Answer:-i compare him more to tracy mcgrady than shawn marion. durant has got all the tools to be great. he is 6 10 taller than marion and tmac. he is fast. he can handle the ball, he can shoot well, he can drive to the hoop, can rebound, great on the fast break, can post on smaller defenders, and has leadership skills. he can take over a game by himself like tmac can. he also possess the ability to be a great defender. marion cant handle the ball or create plays like durant can and marion is not as a good a shooter as durant and marion cant take over a game by himself. as i said i think durant will be a tmac prototype but has the potential to be even better than tmac. and yes i would use the 1 or 2 pick on him.
  • Question:-How could kevin durant and anthony Randolph have entered the league with 18 and a few of month years old?
    ¿How can kevin durant be 19 years old and have entered to league with 18 and a month? If there wasnt the one year college rule he would have entered with 17 and a month. ¿Is that possible? The same goes for Anthony Randolph. I m from Argentina so some explain me how you can finish high school with nearly 17 years old.

    Answer:-I know you're a Latino because of your ? sign lol

    Well this link will help you
  • Question:-What type of shoes did kevin Durant wear in college?
    I used to have the exact same shoes Kevin durant wore at Texas, but I can no longer remember the model. I know they were nikes and some sort of airs but that is all. Can anyone please help?

    Answer:-Probably Nike
  • Question:-Where can I find a kevin durant backpack to purchase?
    i remember hearing that during the NBA playoffs the backpack that kevin durant wore to all of his press conferences would be sold by nike. When will the backpacks start being sold and where can I find one? if they won't be out for a while, where can i find backpacks similar in style to that of what durant wears? thanks for the help.

    Answer:-It's not on the shelves yet but Nike KD III is on the line. A backpack in Nike’s Kobe Bryant line costs $90.
  • Question:-Where to find Kevin Durant Seattle Supersonic jersey?
    I have been looking everywhere online for a swingman or authentic jersey from when kevin durant played on the sonics but i cant find one anywhere. I have searched ebay and amazon but all i can find are the youth size jerseys and i am an adult medium. If anybody has seen or heard of one of his jerseys from his seattle days that would be awesome. Any help is appreciated, thank you very much!

    Answer:-You're right, almost all of them are youth jerseys. Try a local shop.

    How about this?
  • Question:-Can the people who bash Kevin Durant for his bad shooting so far take a step back and put it in perspective?
    - This is his first playoff series of all time.

    - He is guarded by one of the best man to man defenders in the NBA (Ron Artest)

    I'm sick of Kevin Durant bashers rejoicing over this.

    And he still has played decent defense and has been rebounding well.

    Answer:-yeah man, KoBrick who's been missing 70 percent of his shots would have missed 90 percent of em if he was being guarded by artest in his first playoff series.
  • Question:-What do you think about Kevin Durant and other freshmen in collage skipping to the NBA?
    Texas freshmen Kevin Durant had just made his choice of going to the NBA ... AFTER ONLY ONE YEAR IN COLLAGE!!! What do you think about his choice and others? Don't you think players should play all 4 years in collage and get a degree?

    Answer:-Short answer, yes. Long answer, they may be coming out early because they are seen as the main provider in their family. It's not an excuse, but if you have the chance to make millions right now, not many people are going to turn that down. I applaud Jochim Noah for staying in school. If pro sports had strict guidelines about what age a person had to be, or how long they had to be out of high school before they could apply for a draft, we might see even better players. How much better would LeBron or Kobe be if they went to college. College isn't only preparing them for the pros, but it's helping them adjust to becoming an adult. Kobe in the last couple of years has started to mature. He was 18 when he started playing for the Lakers, on a team of 25-35 year old men. There is no way he could have been prepared for that kind of life. I think players should be at least 3 years removed from high school. They don't have to get a degree, just at least be on their own for more than a year. In the past, the only way the NBA would allow someone to enter the draft before their junior year of college was if they got a hardship waiver, meaning his family was in dire need at that time. Things changed with the ABA, and their signing of Moses Malone right out of high school. It took him a while to get adjusted too.
  • Question:-Best Answer, Do you think a Kevin Durant rookie card is going to be valuable?
    I got a pack of rookie basketball cards for
    Christmas a few years ago and came with a
    Joakim Noah and Kevin Durant rookie card.

    And now Kevin is doing really well in the NBA.
    Do you think it is going to become valuable?
    Like after he retires.
    Do you think he is going to have a good career?

    Answer:-Is it Topps or Upper Deck? Anyways, a base rookie of Durant sells for about $10.00. His autographed rookie cards are really hot right now. They sell from $75.00-$2,000.00.

    I am a huge collector of basketball cards. My guess is that the pack you got is 07-08 Topps orange borders, or it could be the 07-08 Upper Deck Premier Rookie set.

    Don't listen to people that don't know anything about sports cards. Little do those people know that basketball cards are BIG money now.
  • Question:-Kevin Durant gets so many calls in his favor?
    Ok so Haywood definitely committed a foul but if he did the same thing against a guy like Lebron or Melo no way would it have been a flagrant foul cause both of them are big enough where they wouldn't go flying when bumped. It's now Kevin Durant's fault its just that he is so small and every time someone touches him he goes flying lol. I just don't think he should get any benefit in terms of officiating because of how skinny he is. What do you think?

  • Question:-Do you think the blazers would have been a much better team if they drafted Kevin Durant instead of Greg Oden?
    Wen you look at kevin durant the guy averages more than over 20 pts per game wen Greg Oden only averages a little over nine. Not to mention the back up C/Fs they have and they are a little weak at the 3 spot???

    Answer:-Hey there

    Yeah,it's possible that they could be better team with Durant but i doubt about that.Durant is a scorer,Roy's a scorer and they want tthe ball in their hands.Plus they won't be good on defense,rebounds and blocks.The needed a great C and they got it in Oden

    Greg Oden will be a beast next season man.He'll averge sick numbers in the nba and is the future top 5 centers in the nba.

    He finally got the better of Durant in 2 years and his defense was the reason why he was picked as #1 on the draft.Oden's defense and veal to win plus the huge impact that he brings for the Blazers are huge and people should respect that.He steped up in the first game vs the Rockets and in the future he will do that almost 90% of the time

    so it was a good pick and i like Oden more in the Blazers then Durant.Some players needed more time to develo for example just like Dirk.He didn't have a great rookie season but since his 2 season he's doing that.Oden will follow his steps too
    He'll step up in the playoffs nad in the other season he will be a beast

    Oden will be a monster the next and other s

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