Friday, November 4, 2011

jesse ventura

  • Question:-Jesse Ventura??????????
    does anyone know how i can get ahold of Jesse Ventura (former governer) if you have numbers to call so i can get ahold of him then please include. If u dont want to post it here then e-mail me at thank you very much.

    Answer:-This should help;
  • Question:-What do you think of Jesse Ventura's notion about eliminating parties from politics?
    He'd basically relegate political parties to the role of a PAC.
    So, Americans would vote simply for the person running for office.
    Forget about your opinion of Jesse Ventura, like him or hate him, I'm more interested in your thoughts about this proposal?

    Answer:-I think it is unworkable. The average voter makes up his/her mind about a candidate on only two or three things... and unfortunately, not many of those things are issues. The party system gives the voter a background about something the candidate stands for. Again, an oversimplified one... Left or Right. Conservative or Liberal. Black or White.

    No parties would be a giant step in the wrong direction if you wanted to actually get things done in Washington. Every election would be a blank slate and four years wouldn't be long enough to get your vision across and agreed upon by a majority who are only in it for themselves.
  • Question:-What did you think of Jesse Ventura tonight?
    I've been a Jesse Ventura fan when he is on the mic more then in the ring. I have to say it was a breath of fresh air tonight. Can't say much about the ending, but still a pretty solid show.

    BQ: Out of 10: What is the chance of Bobby Hennan being the next host in the near future?

    Answer:-mmm a 9/10.. maybe next year? who knows

    Jesse Venture the best host so far... he did a great job and loved the mcmahon and jesse ventura commentating
  • Question:-Why did Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura get pulled off the air without a word from Main Stream Media?
    While the government seeks to shut down free speech sites like WikiLeaks, and put anyone exposing government in jail, Jesse Ventura's show with sky high ratings, suddenly gets pulled from the air.

    He was about to do a show on FEMA concentration camps here in the USA

    Is something weird going on here?

    Answer:-when they come to take us away,me and my machine-gun(Browning Automatic Rifle) will have so much fun...i wish they would try...please try...
  • Question:-What former job experience does Jesse Ventura have?
    we are researching all the presidential canidates and my guy is Jesse Ventura....what former job experience does he have?

    Answer:-I know that Jesse Ventura was once a Navy Seal. You can't be an idiot and be a Seal. Only the smartest become Seals. He was a professional wrestler, a radio talk show host and the Governor of Minnesota.
  • Question:-Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theories are dumb who else agrees?
    I think he uses it to get attention and that his theories are dumb. Who else thinks Jesse Ventura is crazy?

    Answer:-Yes, Jesse really let me down when he went all "Truther" on me.

    I use to respect the man,............he's well spoken, often knows what the hell he's talking about.......ex Navy Seal, ran for Governor and beat the system........ holds his OWN when trying to be shouted down on Fox Noise.......and I give him MUCH credit for shutting THOSE Yo-yo's up.....

    but, then..........for God knows what reason..........he got hooked the "Loose Change" films or something and became a rambling IDIOT when it comes to 9-11..........just repeating NOT just garage........but often the WORST of the garbage.

    I don't MIND *Intelligent* questions about 9-11.........

    but when people start talking about Missiles into the pentagon, and giant smoke machines at WTC 7........ and controlled explosions..........I mean, their credibility just instantly falls below BIRTHERS, which is ZERO.

    I use to respect the man.....but clearly he's taken one hit to the head too many now.
  • Question:-If Jesse Ventura was running for president would you vote for him?
    I think that Jesse Ventura is the only honest politician I have ever seen in my lifetime.

    I would vote for him in a heartbeat.
    personally I don't care for republicans, but I dislike the majority of Democrats even more.

    Answer:-If Ron Paul was his VP definitely.*
  • Question:-Could Barack Obama pick former governor Jesse Ventura for his Vice President?
    Given the stance that Washington needs a complete change of almost everyone involved in politics, to clear the air, how about a duo that would do just that? Barack Obama and Jesse Ventura together would change things so that even the Clinton's would not recognize the ole homestead. What do you think, recipe for angel food cake or whippin up devil's food for sure?

    Answer:-In theory, he could. Jesse meets the qualifications. And most likely do well in the position. But, I don't think Obama will actually give it any serious thought. I think he should pick someone with military credentials in order to make a more balanced ticket and to build his foreign policy record. Jesse's Navy Seal experience would be very good for this.
  • Question:-Do you dismiss Jesse Ventura as a valid scientific source just because he used to be a clown on tv?
    peple often equate "Jesse Ventura: 9/11 was an inside job"
    to: "What next, did Hulk Hogan tell you the moon landing was fake?"

    but Jesse Ventura actually worked in controlled demolitions! he knows all about them.
    Ventura learned all this in Seal training.

    Answer:-I dismiss him as a valid scientific source because he is not a scientist.
  • Question:-Is Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones the closet thing we have to sanity?
    How about having a Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones Independent ticket for 2012?

    Answer:-Jesse is pretty cool. Alex has interesting stuff to say but he is a bit of a nut

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