Friday, November 4, 2011

koch brothers

  • Question:-Will the Koch Brothers have to give back the power plants if collective bargaining comes back down the road?
    Walker is just a poodle to the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers know people still have to keep the lights and heat on and you still have to wipe your butts (Georgia Pacific). They don`t sell products like small businesses in Wisconsin. Lower wages means less stuff you can buy.

    Answer:-Walker owes his election to so-called "independent expenditures" in support of his candidacy, by Koch front organizations and others. Thus it doesn't matter that the Koch's donated only the maximum amount possible to his official campaign; the real money is in the independent money. Walker knows this, which is why he gave 20 minutes of his time to the guy he thought was Koch, explaining how he was helping Koch meet his goals of destroying the incomes of Wisconsin's working people.

    It is prudent that Wisconsin's unions have invested there money in a wide variety of industries; that this includes some Koch investments means nothing except that Koch's defenders have no issues.

    Now, to answer the question: if the sale complies with the law in force at the time, subsequent revelations that the politicians who enacted the law were corrupt will probably not unwind the transaction. History (American and otherwise) is full of precedent for maintaining the "sanctity of contract" even when the public interest was bought and sold. If it can be shown that Koch bribed Walker, they may both go to jail but this is very hard to prove.

    The real solution is to let the people of Wisconsin rule Wisconsin; keep foreign money out of it.
  • Question:-Do the Koch brothers and Walker care about Joe the Plumber?
    Why would the Koch brothers care, they know you still have to keep the heat on (finite energy investments) and you still have to wipe your butt (Georgia Pacific). Joe the Plumber will see cancellation from lower wages. Sorry Joe that new bathroom is going to have to wait.

    Answer:-Apparently, some guy named Sam Wurzelbacher, who was branded as “Joe The Plumber”, may be coming to Madison to placate the Tea Party rally, which should be quite interesting.

    Sam (or Joe) has been rightfully accused for being a scab since he “practiced” as a plumber without a proper plumbing license. He later admitted he was being used by McCain and Palin and has admitted that he’s mad at how McCain treated him and doesn’t owe him sh*t.

    So now it’s perfect that Sam The Scab would represent the Walker message that not being in a union, avoiding paying taxes or not getting proper permits and licenses is a good thing.

    We’ll see if he shows up. Is he going to introduce himself by his real name or his fake name? Inquiring minds want to know.

    It’s funny how Meghan McCain said this about Sam (or Joe): “Joe the Plumber — you can quote me — is a dumbass. He should stick to plumbing.”
  • Question:-Are the Koch brothers against the government subsidies they receive for their ethanol plants?
    Conservatives hate ethanol ! Do they support the subsidies the Koch brothers get for their ethanol plants ?So if you follow your conservative logic they are spending tax dollars(Ethanol subsidies) to lobby congressand support candidates . Conservatives say public sector union dues (union employee wages)are their tax dollars.
    pachoul ? I do not believe libertarians believe in subsidies. think you might have that wrong

    Answer:-The Koch Brothers lobbyist is pushing for every subsidy they can create and retain. Their goal is to make more money; Congress votes for the lobby, not their conservative beliefs.

    They spew ideas to get more money into their conservative coffers to get votes for their conservative congressional candidates that will vote with their lobbyist!
  • Question:-Is it true that the Koch Brothers paid homeless people to attend the Beck rally today?
    I heard from a friend in Virginia that the Koch Brothers and their "Tea Party Express" were paying $100 and a new set of clothes to homeless people plus the bus ride up and back to the rally.

    Answer:-I wouldn't doubt it, because it was dead empty when I saw Beck starting his charade before the monument, it was sad. No one was coming in droves like he thought. Beck is a fake politician, a backsliding Mormon, recovering alcoholic and drug user.
  • Question:-Do you think koch brothers gave Scott Walker the lavish trip that the fake Koch brother promised?
    Scott was so ready to take his reward from the fake koch brother for destroying the middle class. I wonder if they fulfilled the invitation. Koch brothers aka bbc(billionaire boys club) The rich and powerful win again thanks to the very "special" tea party.

    Answer:-i hope he did. God Bless scott walker
  • Question:-Why did Hermin Cain openly admit he was buddies with the Koch Brothers?
    The Koch Brothers are basically openly corrupt. Is this what our government and politicians have become? Openly corrupt puppets for the corporations?

  • Question:-Why do Dems have a problem with the Koch brothers when unions spend all their due's buying/funding politicians?
    Once again its only wrong when your opposition does it right? You complain about how the Koch brothers funded Gov. Walker's campaign but are fine with unions funding politicians that will vote your way, really?

    Hypocritical much?

    Answer:-Shouldn't everyone have problems with both sides... Koch brothers gave this gov guy 40ks and it sure sounds like for a lousy 40 thousand this governor is in the Koch brothers pocket. The gov has already written legislation to allow the the Koch boys to loot the state and the gov hasn't been in office 60 days.
    The unions have the ironic twist of giving / getting in the same way that the Koch brothers do,with the peculiar twist that sometimes if the union wangles themselves some extra goody that the likes of the governor type does not have, the governor type then adds that to his/her own benefit package(ie. extra pay on Ground Hog Day).
    If you think it's good that the Koch brothers buy influence and bad that the unions do or visa versa you probably are a hypocrite or a union member or the Koch Brothers.
  • Question:-Soros on the left, the Koch Brothers on the right --Which one of them is good for our fellow American citizens?
    The Koch brothers own and operate America's second largest private corporation.
    Soros is a hedge fund manager.

    Who creates jobs and who manipulates the markets for personal gains?

    Answer:-Well, the Koch Brothers employ around 50,000 Americans. Jobs=good. One of the Koch brothers ( I forget which one) donates almost his entire salary to charities. The Koch's have helped the US over decades and appear to love this country- Soros, not so much. I think if Soros could ruin the financial markets here for whatever bizarre purpose he has- he would do it in a heartbeat.
  • Question:-Why are the Koch Brothers funding so much money into Politics do they have nothing better to do?
    What about helping charities or give money to poor people or something

    why is the koch brothers trying to get even more rich?

    they spent 39 million on think tanks

    they spent money to paul walker, and many other republican governors

    they spent money on 89% republicans in congress

    where are they gettin all this money to buy the whole congress an why are they not doing good things with their money like bill gates?

    Answer:-At least it's THEIR money...They can do whatever they want with their own money.

    Why not complain about the Dem contributions from unions who use their members' money?

    How about a little bit of concern for how Obama is wasting OUR money?
  • Question:-How hard is it to get a Koch Brothers-funded bus to transport Teabaggers to a grassroots Tea Party rally?
    How hard would it be to get Koch Brothers-funded buses to transport grassroots Teabaggers to a grassroots Tea Party rally?
    Joe in texas:

    Here you go -'s%20prosperity&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=44688l49923l1l50122l26l23l0l0l0l0l234l3645l1.19.3l23l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1920&bih=965&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw#pq=koch+brothers+funding+busses&hl=en&cp=16&gs_id=42&xhr=t&q=koch+brothers+bus+tour&qe=a29jaCBicm90aGVycyBidQ&qesig=xV2MMYHwpwQ5rEvNPB3mwA&pkc=AFgZ2tnRupCP26gx0HjyQFuXzUTmatTSdH3VISi84Pj3tVuu5li0W14X2nA8IVHKNM6wux1rCI_hdpsDlOCh6c_KvNCU33WOAg&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&safe=off&nord=1&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=koch+brothers+bu&aq=0p&aqi=p-p2g2&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=55ec5d59dd72fa0b&ion=1&biw=1920&bih=965

    And this CNN report:
    Joe In Texas: A bus tour carrying Tea Party members from Americans For Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch Brothers - that's not funding buses? Are you willfully ignorant?

    Answer:-Not hard at all. Have you seen some of the Tea Party protesters?? Most of them appear to be the kind of people dumb enough to follow someone into a dark alley, if that stranger offers them a 'free hot dog'

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