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joe frazier

  • Question:-Joe Frazier?
    Here is to all you racists who spent the middle of last night bashing and lying about Rocky Marciano...

    "Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight champion of all-time. Rocky Marciano is second only to Joe Louis. Where do I rate Ali? Somewhere below me. I beat him, and if I could beat him, NO DOUBT Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano could have beaten him"

    - Joe Frazier-

    I suppose you racists will even throw Frazier under the bus to get at Marciano! How pathetic :(
    Actually, Marciano fought guys who were 250 pounds. Not to mention those guys stayed in better shape back then and fought with no fat on them. Most of the 220 plus guys fighting the last 30 years could have been better by shedding 10-20 pounds.
    Did you guys read those posts from late last night ?
    Also, Frazier beat Ali when both in prime. The re-matches came after Frazier was ripped to shreds by Foreman and wasn't the same guy - even then they were close. I'm not knocking other fighters here, I'm just tired of these guys distorting the facts just because Marciano was white. They don't do it to Dempsey because Dempsey didn't beat any great black champions. It's really pathetic and annoying!
    Gannoway- Sonny Liston was a half retarded, mafia-owned street thug. You cannot rate him with the great champions because he was NEVER on the level. He could be the all-time great, or he could be a total bum. Just put an X through his name.
    Foreman would have exactly one chance against Marciano. To catch Rocky coming in on the first exchange in the first round, and knock him out. If Rocky got inside Foreman's power one time, it would be later-days George. Since Rocky took the best punches of Louis, Walcott, and Moore, without even being slightly hurt, odds are he could get inside Foreman the one time he would need.
    Devon - thanks for always giving an honest view of things. Even when we disagree, you bring good points to the table.

    Answer:-I haven't been here long.......but it didn't take long to figure out that answering questions about Marciano is an exercise in frustration.

    Those of us that do not rate Marciano as the best HW ever point at size, style and quality of opposition. All valid and FACTUAL points.

    Those of us that rate him as the best point at the record, detemination and power. Also all valid and FACTUAL points.

    Don't sweat the race baiting and move on. In the end.......we all view our opinion as the truth.
  • Question:-What type of music did Joe Frazier listen to when he trained?
    Does anyone know what type of music Joe Frazier used to listen to when he trained at the gym? when he was doing rope/bed/speed bag etc.?

    Answer:-Knock on Wood by Wilson Picket was one song he used to listen too. Probably some James Brown or Otis Redding songs too.
  • Question:-Who would have won these fights George Foreman vs Earnie Shavers and Joe Frazier vs Ken Norton?
    I would go with George over Shavers too big and strong also he hit nearly as hard. This would not have gone the distance.Joe Frazier should knock Norton out in 5 or 6 rounds. Norton was unorthodox but his chin would not stand up to the left hook.

    Answer:-Foreman vs. Shavers...

    Foreman was knocked down by Ron Lyle (2x's), Muhammad Ali, and Jimmy Young(!). So, the young Foreman was vulnerable to some knockdowns. But, George was seen as a great even back before his second comeback. He did beat Frazier (2x's), Chuvalo, Norton, Lyle, and others.

    Shavers was a knockout machine. He did beat some good people in Ellis, Norton, Young, and others. He knocked Holmes down too when Holmes was in his prime. He gave Ali a good fight.

    You would have to go with Foreman. He is a top 10 great and Shavers is just considered a good contender with a top 10 punch. Shavers didnt' have a good of a chin as Foreman. I think Foreman's power would get to him before Shavers power got to Foreman. Jerry Quarry knocked Shavers out in one round! I think Foreman would have KO'd him in under 6 rounds. I do think it would have been possible, maybe even probable, Shavers would knock Foreman down. But, Foreman would get up, he proved he had heart. The KO to Ali (as well as the knock down to Young) where more out of exhaustion. I don't think Foreman would get to that point with Shavers. It was also boxers who beat Foreman (Ali, Young, Morrison [at least in that fight Tommy turned boxer], Holyfield, [Briggs doesn't count]). The punchers wouldn't beat him, he is the superior puncher.
    Foreman KO Shavers Rd. 3.

    Frazier would beat Norton. Frazier was a good puncher, one of the best. Norton never dealt with big punchers well. He got blasted by Foreman, Shavers, and Cooney. Frazier only got beat by two top 10 Legends in Ali & Formean. He would find a way with Norton. His in-fighting ability, super determination, bob & weave, chin, stamina, and of couse his left hook would score a KO for him. I would say this would be less than 6 rounds too. Frazier KO Norton Rd. 5.
  • Question:-Rocky Balboa's character had some connections to Joe Frazier. Who today most resembles Rocky?
    Frazier grew up in Philly, Worked at a Meat Packing Plant at one point. Ran up the steps of the famous library or whatever it is in Rocky that he runs up. So Rocky was kind of loosely drawn from Smokin Joe. But who today most resembles the character of the Italion Stallion?

    Answer:-I think Sylvester Stallone looks amazingly like Rocky Balboa!

    It's uncanny.

  • Question:-How would Smokin' Joe Frazier fare against Vitali?
    Some boxing writers have said that guys don't know how to work to get inside on taller opponents like Marciano and Frazier did. I'm not old enough to have seen Rocky, but I did see Joe, and like the Rock he was usually the shorter guy in there - and usually won.
    So how do you think a prime Frazier - or Marciano, if you wanna go there - would fare against Vitali?

    Answer:-Two things to consider in answering this tricky question:

    1. Frazier was successful fighting foes taller than him like Buster Mathis whom he weakened with vicious body shots and took out with his famed left hook smashed to the jaw and Muhammad Ali in their first fight whom he slowed and wore down and defeated by unanimous decision over 15 rounds;

    2. Frazier was also unsuccessful against taller foes like Mathis who first defeated him in the amateurs, George Foreman who KTFO of him not once but twice and Ali who decisively beat him in their rubber matches including the now immortal Thrilla in Manila in 1975.

    Vitali Klitschko is definitely better than Mathis and could have approximated the strength and boxing skills of Foreman but not the speed, smart and the ring genius of Ali.

    But given the fact that in all his career he has not met anybody even remotely resembling Frazier in his first Ali-best fight prime, Klitschko would definitely in for the hardest fight of his life. Unlike many of his opponents who were slow and limited ( except for Lewis ), Vitali would find Frazier a very difficult, perpetually moving ( bobbing and weaving ) target. And unlike his most foes whom he could ward off with just a push or long jabs, he would find Frazier at his face,literally at his chest most of the times landing brisk and hard short shots to his head and body.

    The experts are right: any good fighter who can get inside the Klitschkos and work on their body can wear them down and out eventually. And Frazier as well as Marciano are among the best inside penetrators and operators in the heavyweight division of all time. Foreman was able to negate Frazier's attack by using some deft movements as stepping back or sliding to the side to be able to deliver his ponderous jabs or if Frazier broke through, landing his division-best uppercuts. I don't see that in Vitali's arsenal.

    Frazier by 8th round TKO.
  • Question:-If Joe Frazier had a strong right hand?
    Would Joe have been a greater fighter if he had just as much force in his right hand punches as left.

    What would have been different in Frazier's career and legacy?

    Answer:-I think Frazier's career and legacy would be much the same if he had a strong right hand. In his career he only lost to two boxers, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, and I think he would have lost to those even with a strong right hand. The only difference I think there would be if Frazier's right hand was better is Frazier would be more of a two fisted fighter and more of his KO's would have come with the right hand, but I don't think he could have done more than he did. As I said his record was 32-4-1(27) with the only losses to two of the greatest heavyweights ever and the one draw when he was past his best, he was heavyweight champion for two years and beat every other top fighter he fought, so I don't think a strong right hand would make any difference.
  • Question:-How does a prime Joe Frazier differ from a prime Mike Tyson?
    In Stamina?

    I have a Tyson fan compare Frazier to Mike but say Mike is bigger and better in every way and that Frazier only had power in his left hook.

    Answer:-Power: Mike Tyson
    Speed: Mike Tyson
    Stamina: Joe Frazier
    Punch accuracy: Mike Tyson
    Chin: Joe Frazier

    Joe Frazier is better than Tyson in terms of all time ranking because he would beat just about every guy on Tysons resume except for maybe Lennox Lewis. However a Tyson-Frazier fight would end with an early KO for Mike Tyson every time because of the styles.
  • Question:-pleas every one write your condolence for Smoking Joe Frazier?
    Smoking Joe Frazier all the boxing fans from this site will pray for your health as your life on this earth fades your light will shine with your legacy the boxing community will morn one of boxing greatest sons will miss you Joe Thank You !!!!

    This isn't about race color or creed this about morning the life of one of the greatest boxer ever pleas be minding that i will print this in two days and send it to his family. Thank You

  • Question:-who hit muhammad ali with the better left hook, joe frazier or henry cooper?
    I read that when before when ali was Cassius Clay, Henry Cooper hurt him with a left hook and he was literally saved by the bell. However, I think if Frazier might have the better hook overall.

    Answer:-Joe Frazier for sure,.
  • Question:-Who do you rank higher, Joe Frazier or Evander Holyfield?
    On the all-time p4p list?

    Who, between the two, is better in these particular areas:

    Overall quality of opposition?

    Just out of interest:

    Ring Magazine have Holyfield at 22, while Frazier is at 42.

    So who do you have higher and why? Don't forgot to compare the two in the above-mentioned categories.

    Answer:-Speed: Holyfield.
    Chin: Not much difference but I will go with Holyfield.
    Skill: Holyfield.
    Achievements: Holyfield. He was the undisputed crusierweight champion and won a portion of the heavyweight title a record four times.
    Quality of opposition: very close, but I will give it to Frazier.

    I have Holyfield higher on the p4p list, because I believe he was the better all round boxer. He was slightly better than Frazier in all area's other than power. He has won more titles and has had more longevity than Frazier.
    No disrespect to Frazier though, he was a great champion and had great heart.

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