Saturday, November 5, 2011

andy rooney dies

  • Question:-Andy Rooney dies at 92; '60 Minutes' longtime curmudgeon... my condolences!?
    he was a good person!,0,2131737.story

    Answer:-What an amazing guy - I read a book of his years ago. Lots of great journalists came out of the war. Not sure about the "curmudgeon" part - he seemed nice enough.

    But a guy gets 92, and something's going to give.
  • Question:-How did Andy Rooney die if he had health insurance?

    So, all 92 year-olds will die under Obamacare?

    Answer:-Not to worry -- he will be voting for Obama next year.
  • Question:-What did Andy Rooney die from?
    The reports are that he died from complications from surgery. Does anyone know what really happened. RIP Andy Rooney.

  • Question:-Andy Rooney died at age 92?
    I just found out today that cbs 60 minutes host Andy Rooney died at age 92. Were you shocked? He just retired about a month ago or so. Such a sad news.

  • Question:-Andy Rooney died. No mention of any religious affiliation. Anyone know if he was a person of faith?
    Given the era he was from, and his heritage, it would seem to me that he would have been either Protestant or Catholic. Yet Wikipedia has no mention of any religious affiliation in their entry for Andy Rooney. Curious. Anyone happen to know if he was a member of any church or if he had ever mentioned religious belief?
    @atheist cat: Brilliant remark, save for the fact that this is the RELIGION forum and the question was quite clearly referring to RELIGIOUS faith. But you needed to be a typical argumentative douche. You did a great job representing "your kind."

    Answer:-Yeah he died and so what? He died. He was an arrogant self absorbed old man who did not realize he was in the past and the world has moved on. He showed it well the way he talked down about the X generation and Grunge rock. Hey Ronney it was not for you, fu! I am glad he was an agnostic. That means he goes straight to hell. Hey Rooney that was for you! fu!
  • Question:-Why did Andy Rooney died?
    why did he died

  • Question:-Wow...Andy Rooney died? Did you like him?
    I did...he was very honest and frank

  • Question:-Did the world record for biggest eyebrows die with Andy Rooney?

    Answer:-These babbies have no clue who he is. But perhaps. RIP.. I loved him.
  • Question:-Atheistic journalist Andy Rooney finally died. Is the world better off with one less bitter cynic?
    A year ago comedian Greg Giraldo, another bitter, cynical excuse for a human being took a few dozen pills with a quart of liquor and faded into unconsciousness and died. Of course it "wasn't a suicide." LOL He was only in his early forties. Andy Rooney spent the better part of his 92 years life making cranky, critical comments about things like God and those who choose to believe in God.

    Is the world now a much better place without such people in it? Using the thin veil of things like comedy or journalism, is it good for such people to live their whole lives tearing down and mocking others just because they happen to believe in God?

  • Question:-The world sucks and is now useless. Andy Rooney has died.?
    *flops to the bed in grief*


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