Thursday, November 24, 2011

jr martinez

  • Question:-What was the song that JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff did the Freestyle dance to on the 11/21/11 DWTS?
    on the 11/21/11 Dancing With the Stars finals episode? The song with their freestyle dance.

  • Question:-Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr + any performance enhancing drugs he wants?
    Sergio Martinez: "Chavez Jr. can show up and take any performance enchancing drugs he wants and he'll still go to sleep. If he wants to go to sleep in Mexico, I will be more than happy to travel to Mexico and put him to sleep, and he can use whatever performance enchancing drugs he wants."

    This is a strong statement by Sergio Martinez. What would happen if this fight actually happens?

    Answer:-lol. Funny question bro!

    Sergio Martinez would beat the living stuff of JCC Jr. even with all the steroids in the world. Even if the bout take place in Mexico City, Sergio would still whoop overrated JCC Jr. easily. JCC Sr. has a better chance in beating Sergio Martinez.
  • Question:-How would Floyd Mayweather Jr feel if Sergio Martinez moves to #2 and Manny and Sergio agree to fight @154?
    I think Sergio Martinez should be #2 or co-#1. Everyone wants 1 vs 2...what if Martinez and Pacquiao give us 1 vs 2 without Floyd?

    Answer:-I think Mayweather would be jealous and may start thrash talking Martinez as he has done to any fighter who has threatened his spot. Mayweather may not even fight at all. He still has two months to decide to fight or he should be taken off the P4P list. Until then he should keep his spot. Ring Magazine kept Mosley and Hopkins in the top 10 even though they didn;t figth for over a year. If Ring is credible, they will also maintain Mayweather's spot unless Mayweather really decide to leave. We know the truth, No way in hell that Sergio Martinez is pound for pound better than Mayweather. His career and quality of opposition is 10 times below Mayweathers. I know people may not like Mayweather but he is a better fighter pound for pound than Sergio Martinez. I think Mayweather being overtaken by Sergio Martinez will bother him even more, but the only person Mayweather can blame is himself for not being active.

    I respectfully disagree with some of the comments here. Sergio Martinez win over Dzinziruk was impressive but Dzinziruk is 0-0 at Middleweight and biggest claim to victory is beating Daniel Santos, the same guy light punching Yuri Foreman dropped twice and defeated. Martinez should remain no.3 or 4. Mayweather should not be removed yet unless it is one full year. Mayweather's record is unblemished and his career and quality of opponents is 10 times better than Sergio Martinez. Manny Pacquaio moved up in weight and fought tougher quality of opponents in the last 5 years than did Sergio Martinez in his entire career. You can even argue that Nonito Donaire knocked out two top 10 P4P fighters like Montiel and Darchinyan while Sergio Martinez only beat one guy in top 10 P4P and that was Paul Williams. Kelly Pavlik was taken of his no.10 spot when he lost to Hopkins and was really not the same fighter. I am a true Puerto Rican and a Miguel Cotto fan. I will support Puerto Ricans more than any fighter, but I don't have an ounce of jealousy toward Pacquaio, Donaire, or Mayweather. Those two guys deserve to keep their spot at least if Mayweather continued to fight, and I believe Dzinziruk is a weak opposition who was undefeated by fighting tomato cans and had no impressive victory at all in his career against an elite fighter.
  • Question:-Who do you think will win Dancing with the Stars?Rob Kardashian,Ricki Lake or JR Martinez?

    Answer:-J.R. Martinez will win the mirror ball trophy if his foot he sprained does not get more hurt during rehearsals this week...He should really rest the foot, a lot depends on how serious his sprained ankle is...if he can dance well and give his usual best then he will win without a doubt but if the strain on his ankle during the week should make his foot worse there is a possibility that Ricky Lake will win and he takes second place..

    Rob will be in third place.

    Most likely J.R. Martinez will win. He will win if his injuries to his foot don't prevent it otherwise he will be in second place and Ricky in first.

    Ricky Lake will be in second place

    Rob Kardashian will be in third place
  • Question:-Do you think Mayweather vs Sergio Martinez is a more interesting fight for Floyd Mayweather Jr.?
    Certainly more feasible to happen than a fight with Manny Pacquiao or Paul Williams. No other fights availble for Floyd except this three fighters. The other two he certainly will avoid, why not Sergio, the guy deserves a chance.

    Answer:-Yes it is more feasible and Sergio does indeed deserve a chance but I doubt it will be more interesting than the Mosley fight. Sergio is a good puncher with a high work rate but he often leaves himself open and in awkward positions. I see Floyd figuring him out in the first four rounds and shutting him out for a UD.
  • Question:-Why does Sergio Martinez want to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?
    Did he not say he only likes to fight against good fighters.

    Answer:-Money. Martinez is already in his mid 30s and doesn't have much time left in his career. He's realistic enough to know that a fight with Pacquiao or Mayweather will not materialize. The line is too long and Martinez' place in it is not good.

    Chavez and Alverez are the most attractive names within Martinez' radar. He'd love to fight either of them and I, for one, would love to see it.
  • Question:-Chavez jr vs Martinez?
    what are your thoughts on the WBC trying to force chavez jr to fight sergio martinez??
    chavez jr and arum have to be sweating bullets rightnow.. chavez jr is no where near ready for martinez. chavez jr gets hit way too much and martinez would probably end his career. i think chavez jr will vacate the title, i just dont see top rank allowing him to fight martinez.

    Answer:-I think the WBC love JCCJR because of his name and the fact he is Mexican, so they will probably back off.

    They want Chavez Jr to have that belt. Everyone and their mother knows that Martinez would RUIN Chavez. That fight would be a wrap the second Martinez lays some good leather on him, because like you said, Chavez gets hit way too much and wouldn't be able to avoid getting punished.
  • Question:-Chavez Jr. vs Martinez, who will win?
    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.. VERSUS ... Sergio Gabriel Martinez

    They are both Middleweight...

    won 42 (KO 30) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 1 = 44

    won 47 (KO 26) + lost 2 (KO 1) + drawn 2 = 51

    Answer:-LMAO.......Sergio Martinez would knock Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. out in four rounds.
  • Question:-when wil jr martinez be on the view?

    Answer:-look on the view web site
  • Question:-Now that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is a champion, do you think he is ready for someone like Martinez or Cotto?
    Would he be competitive? How about Chavez Jr vs Saul Alvarez?

    Answer:-Although I am a fan of "anything can happen in the ring", I can't find something that suggest that he is ready for a prime time competitions. I think we should give him a chance to prove himself. He was pampered too much that we don't know the real Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. To belittle and judge him is unfair. He want Sergio Martinez and that could be too much for him but it is only fair that they make that fight. It is his choice after somewhat feel embarrassed when Sergio ask for a fight with Sebastian Zbik and said that Julio won't fight him. How many times we witness an underdog winning against a high profile fighter. It is about time for Chavez Jr. to be in a more defining fight and Sergio can provide that.

    Saul Alvarez is a good opponent for him too but it could be in a catchweight since Canelo have preference and a craving to catchweight. This is another unproven fighter who is moving up the ladder of stardom without proper competition. Let these two fight and called the match up "The Unproven Commodity".

    We won't have an idea if Chavez Jr. is ready for a real competition unless they have him tested and to judge him would be unfair and improper to him and for us.

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