Thursday, November 24, 2011

megyn kelly

  • Question:-Is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a Republican?
    Megyn Kelly is a very smart and beautiful woman. She comes across very conservative. Does anyone know if she is a Republican?

    Answer:-Is the pope catholic ?
    Do bears sh*t in the woods ?
    Of course she is ...If she isn't and IS a democrat , she has sold her
  • Question:-Who is this female anchor on Foxnews now? Is she Megyn Kelly?
    I'm watching Foxnews right now they're covering Japan but I'd like to know who this female anchor is. Is she Megyn Kelly? I know Megyn Kelly and she looks alot like her but I don't think Megyn would be on right now. Who is she? What's her name?
    Lady seems to be off now she was a caucasian lady who looked very much like Megyn Kelly.

    Answer:-You're an ideal fox viewer: concerned about the babe reading the teleprompter rather than the news itself.
  • Question:-Why is Republican Sarah Palin accusing Republican Megyn Kelly of "misinformation" about her?
    Whats the beef? Sarah should know by know that misinformation is what they do at Fox so why is she so upset at Megyn Kelly. Is it true that Roger Ailes is going to fire Sarah for her remarks against Fox News?

    Answer:-As a journalist, Meyan Kelly is not suppose to express a personal opinion, just report the news..
  • Question:-Who do u think is the prettier Fox News anchor: Megyn Kelly or Martha McCallum?
    Politics aside please. Lol. I think Megyn Kelly. She looks like Barbie. Lol.

    Answer:-both are pretty attractive pretty faces nice bodies id take either lol
    i miss laurie dhue tho she was a babe
  • Question:-Is Blonde Haired And Blue Eyed Megyn Kelly A Traitor To The White Race?
    A couple of months ago on FNC the blonde haired and blue eyed Megyn Kelly mentioned that her husband is a quarter Native American. She gave birth to a 1/8 Native American baby.

    Is the blonde haired and blue eyed Megyn Kelly helping destroy the White race mixing with a 1/4 Native American man and giving birth to a 1/8 Native American baby ?

    Answer:-No, not all, she is no traitor. She still has her ideals, it is what is in your head that counts.~
  • Question:-Why is Fox News sexually objectifying Megyn Kelly by showing us her nipples?
    The camera angle on her is at her waistline, therefore allowing us to see her nipples poking through her shirt. Is this appropriate treatment for an extremely intelligent woman with a law degree or is Fox News simply doing this to get ratings?

    Answer:-Andrew, you need to masturbate, then you will feel better.
  • Question:-Question concerning the Megyn Kelly interview with the head of the Black Panthers?
    Did any of you watch her make an absolute idiot out of him?

    Answer:-All I heard you say was Megyn Kelly. Was there anything else after that?

    There is absolutely nothing hotter than a good looking lawyer. I would love to argue all day with a hot lawyer.
  • Question:-How long can Andre Carson hide from Megyn Kelly?
    You know she's chomping at the bit to destroy yet another racist, fearmongering mental midget.

    Answer:-As long as their Messiah will protect him.

    Personnally, Megyn Kelly can call me out anytime she wants!!
  • Question:-Does anybody else think that Megyn Kelly has slept her way to the top?
    She looks like a Grade-A whore to me.

    Answer:-Most of us don't hate people just because they are on Fox news. Please grow up.
  • Question:-Did you catch the interview Megyn Kelly did with congressman Weiner yesterday?
    What do you think of his performance?

    Answer:-After his facial expression and how frustrated he was its safe to say that he beats his wife.

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