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kelly slater

  • Question:-What operating system is required to have with Kelly Slater Pro Surfer?
    I am trying to download Kelly Slater Pro Surfer on my PC right now, and it says the operating system isn't the required one. What is the required operating system? And can I download it onto my computer?


    Answer:-Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is a extreme sports video game in the Activision O2 brand. It was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance. In 2003, it was published for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh.
  • Question:-What size surfboard does Kelly Slater use the most?
    What size surfboard does Kelly Slater use the most?

    If you don't know, what size does any other champion use the most?
    I'm saving up for a new surf board, but I want the same size board the pro's have. Would it be around 5 feet? 5"11? Or...?


    Answer:-it all depends on how tall u are and how skilled
    but the pro's are usually 5 feet to 6 feet

    and try isle surfboards there good ,they also have site as well
  • Question:-kelly slater?
    is he past his best?? or will he win 9??

    Answer:-It's insane the manouvers people pull off these days. Back in the day, Kelly had no competition but is quickly becoming the Tom Curren of his time. Kelly is a great surfer, there are better, but he is definitely the most consistent. I think he will!
  • Question:-How much is a Kelly Slater surfboard worth?
    I recently aquired a Kelly Slater (Sl8r) surfboard, and am looking to sell it. I got it in trade for an old beat up aluminum boat, so I'm hoping it's worth more than that. It's white with 3 blue fins, 6' 10", practically brand new. A Slater 7 Surfboard. Any idea how much I can get for this? Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-if brand new expect 750 for it if not 400 depend of the board it self ding stuff like that !!!! when you live the shop with it it used even if you never surf with it1
  • Question:-how would i get to watch or see kelly slater surf?
    i was wanting to watch or get the chance to meet the pro surfer kelly slater. how would i go about doing that? please please please answer!

    Answer:-Your best chance to see him surf and get his autograph is to go to an ASP Surf competition. Here is the schedule:

    The Surfboard Man
  • Question:-Kelly Slater wins 9 World Titles and celebrates his victory at Pipeline Cafe in Hawaii?
    Kelly Slater wins 9 World Titles and celebrates his victory at Pipeline Cafe in Hawaii. I noticed him wearing a ENVE t-shirt, i thought he could only wear quiksilver? Does anyone know his sponsorship contract?

    Answer:-Kelly is Quiksilver's prime real estate. Are you sure about him wearing another brand? Quik pays him millions. You will occasionally see surfers wear other brands if they are recognizing some sort of accomplishment of someone sponsored by another brand. For instance, everyone was wearing Billabong Occy shirts when he retired last year at Pipe.
  • Question:-What do you think about Kelly Slater winning his 9th World Championship?
    This is a question for surfers. In my opinion, he's one of the greatest athletes whose ever lived. He one his 9th when he wasn't even thinking of continuing to win it

    Answer:-The guy has raised the level of surfing since he first came on the scene. Youngest and oldest world champ.
    I'm Australian and love it when we bring a world title home but Kelly just dominates, he is so consistant, he has all the moves, he has the style and he is one of the best tube riders on the planet, he is the complete package. It will be interesting to see if he will make it to 10.
  • Question:-Know where I can get a signed photo of Kelly Slater or Laird Hamilton?
    My cousin was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and things are pretty damn rough for him. He spends most of his time in bed now, depressed and waiting for the cancer to "go away". He is a big time surfer but was forced to give it up because of chemo. His favorite surfers are Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can get a signed photo of either one of them. It would be the best present EVER for my cousin. Thanks for any info.

    Answer:-I would email them personally with your story and they might send you something? Or check craigslist and ebay. You might be able to get in contact with him through here
  • Question:-Will Kelly Slater win the ASP world title again?
    Kelly is on fire right now winning three huge events already this year. Are these just flukes, or is Kelly simply an unstoppable beast? Do you think any judge favoritism is involved? Please give your opinion.

    Answer:-With kelly there are no flukes... but occasionally there may be slight favoritism, however in the last event he had the toughest draw i've seen and still won. And YES I think he will win the title again. PS Pull ur finger out Parko!!
  • Question:-How much is a Kelly Slater's broken surfboard worth (signed and used in a contest).?

    Answer:-Just because it's signed, in 20 years it will be PRICELESS.
    Now its maybe worth 20-50 bucks, that's prob. what I'd give ya being a surfer living near Kelly's home town of Cocoa Beach

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