Tuesday, November 22, 2011

kyle orton

  • Question:-Kyle Orton..............................?
    Do you think Kyle Orton is a legit starting QB? Career starting QB.
    Or do you think he will just be a really good backup?

    Answer:-I think he is mediocre but he deserves to be starting so yeah he is legit better then Rex.
  • Question:-Did Kyle Orton draw the short straw or are the Bears waving the white flag?
    Did Kyle Orton draw the short straw to named the Bears starting QB over Rex Grossman or are the Bears waving the white flag on the 2008 season already?

    I mean really do you "win" a job like that or did he actually lose & has to do it?

    Answer:-In Orton's rookie season it was he that did the leg work to get the Bears to the playoffs that year- then of course Grossman came in at the end and road the high horse to the playoffs.Orton wasnt spectacular but he didnt lose games for the Bears like Grossman does. At this point, I think the Bears are just trying to ensure that same type of thing. Only their running game and offensive line is way worse now.
  • Question:-Should I start Peyton Manning against the Patriots? Or should I start Kyle Orton against San Diego?
    Peyton Manning has been a disappointment (in fantasy points) these past couple of weeks. Their offensive isn't looking to sharp. Where as Kyle Orton has been having a productive year. It seems obvious to start Kyle Orton but at the same time I feel like Manning is due to bounce back and have a great game. So if you guys can help me decide who I should start, that would be awesome.

    Answer:-Play Manning, he is going to have a good game because he had a low production in his last game. San Diego is coming back from a bye and NEED to win, they have a great pass D too.
  • Question:-Should I start Carson Palmer vs. Baltimore or Kyle Orton vs. a weakened New England secondary?
    I feel as if Carson Palmer will get shut down in Baltimore by Ed Reed and company. Whereas, Kyle Orton has two unbelievably strong Wide outs this year and appears to be doing well.

    Answer:-I would go with Kyle Orton. I feel he has a much better matchup and will be decent enough this week against the Patriots defense.

    Hope this helps.
  • Question:-How do you think Denver would do if they started Tim Tebow over Kyle Orton?
    The Broncos are 2-6. Kyle Orton is 2nd in the NFL in passing but he is very inconsistent. Tebow has showed his consistency in college. We dont like Interceptions at the end of games Orton

    Answer:-Just as bad. Tebow is a good athlete not a good QB. He would get sacked several times a game and probably have at least 1 fumble a game from that huge windup he has.
  • Question:-Do you agree with the Denver Broncos decision to part ways with Kyle Orton in favor of Tim Tebow?
    First the Broncos get rid of Jay Cutler then Brandon Marshall and now Kyle Orton. Is Tim Tebow ready to be an elite Quarterback? I am not so convinced after watching him play last year. The NFL is not College, where you are playing against less talented players. The NFL is the best of the best, and 300lb linemen often out run Quarterbacks and put damaging hits on them.

    Answer:-No, they should have kept Orton.
  • Question:-Do you think if Kyle Orton never got hurt the Broncos would of won?
    If kyle Orton is out for the wrest of the seasons the broncos are pretty much going to go 9-6. The only other games they would probably win would be the Raiders and the Cheifs.

    Answer:-Exactly what happened to the Bears, last season. Kyle Orton was playing like an elite QB before week 9, where he injured his ankle against the Lions. Before his injury, he had thrown 10 TDs, and only 4 INTs, and the Bears had a solid 5-3. After his injury, he threw 8 TDs, 8 INTs, and the Bears went 4-4 for the rest of the season, finishing overall: 9-7.

    Kyle Orton is a reliable QB, but don't expect a lot when he comes back from injury. It might actually hurt the Broncos.

    Yes, the Broncos most likely would've won if Orton never got injured.
  • Question:-Kyle Orton will take the Broncos to the Super Bowl?
    I spoke with my crystal ball this morning and it assured me that this year Kyle Orton will take the Broncos to the Super Bowl- it was wrong last year about this. Should I start planning my trip to Dallas now?

    Answer:-I think you might need to take your crystal ball in to get serviced. :-)

    Nice to see ya around!

    Thumbs up to those who agree.
  • Question:-Kyle Orton against the Jets or Ben Roethlisberger against the Browns?
    Big Ben's first game but against the Browns so its a good matchup.

    Kyle Orton has been on fire all season but its the Jets defense this week.

    Who you starting this week between these 2?

    Answer:-Big Ben - The browns are terrible and I think the steelers are going to have a big time win.

    Expect Big Ben to produce some big fantasy numbers.

    The jets D is solid and Orton is going to have a hard time cracking it.

  • Question:-Is it reasonable for me to get two receivers for Kyle Orton in a trade?
    I have Kyle Orton, my friend wants him. I'm asking for Greg Jennings plus one of the receivers on his bench (Michael Crabtree, Mike Wallace, Mike Williams) . He said i'm asking for too much, but i disagree since Orton is clearly an elite fantasy QB this season. What do you think?
    Just to note, I also have Drew Brees on my squad.

    Answer:-This is a GREAT trade if you have either P. Manning, Drew Brees, Romo, or Shaub as ur back up QB. But if u don't have any of the guys I mentioned then kiss ur shot at an Championship good bye.
    Check out the stats. Stats don't lie.

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