Friday, November 4, 2011

lindsey vonn

  • Question:-What effect do you think hype had on Lindsey Vonn & Apolo Ohno?
    Lindsey Vonn and Apolo Ohno had so much expectation from the media and everyone around them. Out of all the Olympians, they had the most pressure, but didn't perform their best tonight. They both did better in Torino 2006 when they weren't as hyped up.

    Answer:-I think everyone is REALLY hard on these guys, especially Apolo Ohno. They're olympians, which proves they're the best in the world anyway. Apolo Ohno is the most decorated person as opposed to medals in the winter games, and Lindsay Vonn did her best and won a gold, what everyone DREAMS of winning. People are too hard on them, and i don't think its hyped up at all. They're both really good and they shouldn't be criticized. And Apolo Ohno should have won a silver and a bronze on friday night. That DQ was unfair. Hope that helps!
    Amanda (:
    PS- Oh, and on yahoo news they said apolo ohno has no class. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. He was the best sport about getting DQued, even when it wasn't fair at all.
  • Question:-I need an attention getter for a first person speech on Lindsey Vonn?
    Ok, so I am going to be writing a speech about Lindsey Vonn and I am in desperrate need of an attention getter/introduction. Help me out here people!

    Answer:-you should talk about her dramatic gold medal win in the 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Question:-Is it true that Lindsey Vonn skied the downhill in Vancouver on men's skis ?
    I was watching the women's downhill live on BBC. The commentator said that Lindsey Vonn was the only woman athlete able to do this. Can this be true ?

    Answer:-I couldn't imagine her being the only one. I don't care for women specific skis or boots, they are too soft for me, making me think that if me, a nobody, feels that way, surely more than Vonn at that high level must feel that way. Of course, the skis they use aren't off the rack skis just like we buy, they are race stock built specifically for the racers.
  • Question:-Is President Obamam Going Downhill Faster than Lindsey Vonn?
    If it is proven Obama is going downhill faster than Lindsey Vonn, then does Vonn have to give him her Gold medal?

  • Question:-Which Women's skiing races is Lindsey Vonn going to enter, besides the one today?
    I know that Lindsey Vonn got the gold in Women's downhill skiing today, but I'm wondering what other races she is going to ski? Anybody know?

    Answer:-She has stated that she would be in the remainder of the ski races which are Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Super Combined. The are scheduled:
    Super Combined- Thursday
    Super G- Saturday
    Giant Slalom- Next Wednesday
    Slalom- Next Friday
    Note: This may change because of the poor weather at Whistler but she stated that no matter what, she will be competing in the remainder events
  • Question:-Do you think the photo of Lindsey Vonn on the cover of Sports Illustrated is too provocative?
    Vonn's semi-provocative pose has drawn the predictable ire from those who claim that it objectifies her.
    She looks nice and all but not too bad.,217525

    It's much less revealing than Michael Phelps' Subway Ad - which shockingly and provocatively promotes a long, hot, meat sandwich to stuff in your mouth!!!
  • Question:-Why didn't Lindsey Vonn immediately get up and throw her skis and herself over that small fence to get out of?
    the way of her teammate Mancuso while she was having a great run? Vonn could have easily popped up and quickly knocked her skis off and did everything in her power to clear herself off the slope. Your thoughts?

  • Question:-Poll: For what possible reasons can Lindsey Vonn be Trending?
    BQ: Who the heck is Lindsey Vonn?

    Answer:-She is a skiier from US. She likes her name in lights and headlines. She is currently ranked #1 in the world but she did't get gold in the Winter Olympics.
  • Question:-Why do we hear about Lindsey Vonn so much?
    But hear nothing about Julia Mancuso? Isn't she a gold medal winner too? Why so much press on Vonn and so little on Mancuso?

    Answer:-Julia won 2 silver medals this olympics. She won gold in the giant slalom in 2006. She doesn't seem to be the media ho that Vonn is...I actually think Julia is just as pretty. I also like her tiara (shows me she has a great sense of humor).
  • Question:-How does Lindsey Vonn do it?
    How does she work so hard? I watched this movie called "Lindsey Vonn: In the Moment" and I have gained more respect than I've had for any other athlete. I've liked Lindsey for awhile but I didn't know how hard she works. She bikes for 3 hours a day....INSANE. I'm a guy, a soccer player, and I know I couldn't do that.

    Answer:-Agreed. She is AMAZING. and she still finds time for her fans. Once I met her in Colorado and Thomas (her husband and coach) was tapping his watch and saying they had to go and she told him that it could wait until she signed all of our stuff and took pictures etc. Such an amazing athlete!

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