Friday, November 4, 2011

jim thome

  • Question:-Jim Thome........?
    who would have thought Jim Thome would be as awsome as he has been. getting every hit in the clutch when he needs to. 14 HR. batting .307. obp .466.

    who needs Frank Thomas. 6 hr. batting .188. obp .282


    Answer:-I'm a long time White Sox fan so I'll never be completely down on Frank Thomas, yes he was a pouting brat sometimes, but he carried the White Sox through some lean times. Once upon a time Frank was on a very elite career trajectory, legends of the game type numbers.
    Never was a fan of Thome back in the day, but what can I say, I hate all Cleveland Indians. He's basically a good local guy(downstate Illinois?) with a killer bat when he's in shape and healthy. He's exceeded my expectations, and I hope he keeps it up.
    Incidentally, as first basemen they both make great DH's.

    -All that being said, Thome is my screen saver at work.
  • Question:-How many more years will Jim Thome play?
    I'm a Jim Thome fan, and noticed the White Sox have a $13M option for 2009.

    Answer:-One of my friends hunts with Jim out in Canton Ill. He asked him that question. He said he feels great and will play as long as he can. So I think he is planning on signing another contract when this one is up in 09.
  • Question:-Is Jim Thome a switch hitter or just a left handed hitter?
    I was really curious because i wanted to know is Jim Thome a switch hitter or does he just bat left handed?

    Answer:-He's just a lefty.
  • Question:-What did Jim Thome do to get suspended?
    I love the White Sox, but i live far from Chicago, so I don't get to see every game. Now, I hear that DH Jim Thome has been suspened? What the fudge? He's the nicest guy on the team. What did he do to get fined and suspended?

    Answer:-He got suspended 1 game for arguing balls and strikes.
    I wouldn't worry about it. He is hitting .156 this year anyways and probably needs a day off.
  • Question:-Congratulations Jim Thome! Did you just cement your place in the Hall of Fame?
    Against the Rays, Jim Thome has already hit two home runs. The first one tied Harmon Killebrew for 10th on the all-time list and the second supplanted him. Killebrew is a Hall of Famer. Will Thome join him there?

    Answer:-Yes. I suppose. I like Jim Thome, but here is one of those -- sure, he hit the milestone, but is he REALLY a Hall of Famer?
    Yeah, put him in. But get Ron Santo and Tommy John in there, too.
  • Question:-Jim Thome to finish his career with Indians?
    Now that Travis Hafner is back on Disabled List again, Could we see the Cleveland Indians bring back Jim Thome?

    Answer:-I would love to see that happen. The Indians could use him and Thome has said he'd like to return to Cleveland.
  • Question:-Trivia: What is the only team Jim Thome has not hit a home run against?
    Best answer goes to first correct answer!
    The Expos and Nationals are both one team together. Sorry about that.

    Answer:-Washington Nationals - although he did hit 9 against the Montreal Expos - before they moved to Washington.

    EDIT: In that case - the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Question:-Does Jim Thome have the best center field power in the past 50 years?
    Where would you say he ranks on the all time list for center field power? It seems like he's hit a lot of deep shots to straightaway.

    Answer:-I would say he does, but I do not have knowledge of historical players. It is only safe for me to say that he has great center field power. He hit a ball 480 feet while on the White Sox, going up to the center field fan deck at US Cellular Field. His second best spot is left-center field for opposite power.
  • Question:-Will Jim thome start doing really good the rest of the season?
    i just dont no if he'll continue to hit a lot of home runs and drive in runs since his injury. should i trade him for som 1 else?

    Answer:-Thome as long as he is healthy is a great fantasy player. The Health is the issue.
  • Question:-How many home runs has Jim Thome hit against the MN Twins over his career?
    He has hit 23 home runs WITH the Twins, but wondering how many of his (currently) 587 were AGAINST the Twins. If someone could please provide a source if they have the answer, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Answer:-He has hit 57 against the Twins.
    In the 2nd column, it says 30 OPP. And those are the teams and the number of home runs he has hit against them.

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