Friday, November 11, 2011

miami marlins

  • Question:-Miami Marlins?
    Who was #17 on the 1956 Miami Marlins

    Answer:-Don Orton is the only #17 in the history of the original Miami marlins from 1956-1960 he never made it out of the minor leagues
  • Question:-What do I do with my Florida Marlins paraphernalia when they become the Miami Marlins?
    When the Florida Marlins move to their new stadium in 2012 their name will change to the Miami Marlins.

    Answer:-Keep it, frame it, build a shrine to it. I'm keeping all of mine and am definitely still wearing the clothes that I have. The posters, plaques, and anything else you might have will surely be worth something one day. Either of sentimental value or perhaps even monetary value.
  • Question:-Anyone else happy to see the Marlins will finally be called the Miami Marlins?
    When they move into their new park, they will officially be the Miami Marlins. I hate teams who take the state's name, especially when there are other teams in that state. Anyone else happy to finally see this correction?

    Answer:-With Tampa Bay already in the state of Florida, I am happy with the approach the Marlins took. They are not "Florida's Team" and being located in Miami.......well, that just works.

    But I do not mind if a team takes a state's name, as long as they are the only team in that state (with the exception of New York....a city and a state).
  • Question:-Who will the Miami Marlins get in free agency this year?
    Its obvious after a dissapointing season that the Marlins are ready to rebuild their injured and banged up team. They have about $30 Million more to spend due to the fact they dont have to pay to rent out Sun Life Stadium. Whats possible for them?

    Answer:-They need a big signing to attract fans to the new ballpark. I don't think fans will want to go back to see the same mediocre team from the past year.

    I head a couple of days ago the management was in NY. Jose Reyes???

    I don't think they'll be able to sign any big free agents, but I think they'll be trying to pursue all of the big ones.
  • Question:-Since the marlins are gonna be known as the miami marlins does it mean their hat is also gonna change?
    the f in their hat stands for florida but their gonna be the miami marlins next season so I was wondering if their hat changed too

    Answer:-Very similar to when the NY Giants moved to San Francisco, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, the Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta - the logos changed because the old ones didn't represent the original cities.

    Every time the Angels changed their location (but not their stadium) from California to Anaheim to Los Angeles, their logo also changed.

    In the Marlins case, the F stands for Florida and their cap did have an F. But changing the name to Miami, the F would confuse people. So as someone alrady posted, the new logo will have an M. Marketing is a wonderful thing.
  • Question:-What are your thoughts of the Miami Marlins aka Florida Marlins' new look and name?
    This is what the new design and uniforms will be.,0,7083894.story

  • Question:-Are the Florida AKA Miami Marlins going to have the best off-season in franchise history?
    They got a new GM and stadium for the 2012. They also have a huge load of money of acquire all kinds of good players for next season. Will they get Jose Reyes & Jorge Posada?

    Answer:-Yes they are they will sign Reyes burhle and maybe pablebon hanley moves to third and there payroll is at 90 million bigger than ever
  • Question:-I heard the Florida Marlins are changing their name to the Miami Marlins when get their new stadium next year?
    Anyone know if this is true?

    Answer:-Correct. You can read an article about the name change here...
  • Question:-What is wrong with the owner of the Miami Marlins? Is he drunk?
    He wants to fire his manager when he has done a great job this year. Is the owner on dope?

    Answer:-The owner of the Marlins is upset because Joe Girardi has clashed with him all season, dispite the fact that the players love him, and have played their hearts out for him. If he is fired and the Cubs hire him, I think it would be a very smart move for the Cubs. Girardi was a hard working player in his playing days and I feel is a very good manager and knows how to get the most out of his players.
  • Question:-LMFAO the Florida Marlins are going to be re-named the Miami marlins next year?
    I'd be embarassed too if the Marlins repped my state

    Answer:-The Miami Marlins is a better name. Baseball teams should be named after cities, not states although the Colorado Rockies is a cool name and same with the Twins. However, one team probably shouldn;t have all the credit, it's like when the Angels were formed and called themselves the California Angels. There were still other teams in California, however if there is only one team in the state then it's okay I guess.

    The Marlins aren't that bad though, at least they have two World Chammpionships compared to the Rays. The Marlins won the World Series in their fifth season. The Rays didn't have their first winning season until 2008.

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