Friday, November 11, 2011

duke basketball

  • Question:-Duke basketball.. : )?
    does anybody know what network has the duke collage basketball team on tonight at 7:00p.m?
    7:00 P.M ET

    Answer:-fox sports.....
  • Question:-Duke Basketball?
    Hi Does anyone know how I could get in touch with one of the Dukes Mens basketball team members?? I really want to get in touch with greg paulus....he is my favorite....thanks for the help
    I want to get in touch with him because I think he is cool and he is my favorite player

    Answer:-Why do you need to be in touch with you want to have his baby?
  • Question:-The Duke basketball team has 12 women who can play guard and 9 tall women who can play the other three positio?
    The Duke basketball team has 12 women who can play guard and 9 tall women who can play the other three positions. At the start of the game, the coach gives the referee a starting lineup that lists who will play left guard, right guard, left forward, center and right forward. In how many ways can this be done?

    Answer:-Since there are 12 women for 2 guards and 9 women for 3 others
    132*504=66,528 different ways
  • Question:-How much money can i get for a basketball signed by the 2005 duke basketball team??? ?
    i have a basket ball that was signed by the 2005 duke basket ball team. it has jj reddick and sheldon williams on it. i also have a ball signed by the 2007-2008 unc basketball team with everyone on it. anyone know how much they are worth??

    Answer:-It might help to get it authenticated, but you could list it with a memorabilia site or e-bay with a note that it can be sold pending this less any fees for doing so.
    A lot depends on the quality and condition of the ball as well. Most need to be in new condition and be cared for in a way that there is no wear on the signatures as well, but those type of things usually sell for more after more than a few years.
    I would suggest that if these are high quality balls and in good condition, that you buy a display case and keep them and wait and see when some of the players reach the height of their basketball life; then try to sell them later.
  • Question:-How much are Duke basketball tix at face value? ?
    I was wondering if anyone knew how much a general ticket is for Duke basketball at home. What is the typical face value?

    Answer:-20 for students i duno about outsiders
  • Question:-How good will duke basketball be next year?
    Just wondering what people think. Assuming that Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith decide to stay and Irving,Dawkins,Curry,Hairston,Thorton,Kelly as other top players will duke be another contender next year? How do they match up to North Carolina and the rest of the ACC.

    Answer:-duke will be good next season they get alot of good recruits also
  • Question:-Where can i watch the espnu special on the duke mens basketball team aired back in 2010?
    I remember watching a documentary on the duke mens basketball team on espnu after they won the national championship.Where can i find those videos to watch?

  • Question:-Why did Gregg Paulus switch from basketball at Duke to football at Syracuse?
    There's obviously something I missed here. He was a beast at Duke at basketball, and even if he wanted to play football he could have stayed there because God knows they need him.

    Anyway, what am I missing?
    Right, but why leave Duke (one of the best Basketball programs in the country) for Syracuse?

    Answer:-He ran out of basketball eligibility. There's some weird rule or loophole that will allow him to play a semester of football.
  • Question:-How and where to buy tickets for Xavier Duke basketball game December 20 2008?
    My fourth son who is a senior would like to go to the game. He will be the 6th person in my family to graduate from XU and we have all been fans of their basketball program. The players all graduate and Sean Miller is tough but fair

    Answer:-You need to buy them ASAP b/c Duke tix always go quick. Your best bet is You can compare ALL the reputable sports tickets sites, and save money. Good luck!
  • Question:-Is todays Duke Basketball game going to be televised on Dish Network?
    I know Duke is playing Montana today at 1 but I can't find it on the Dish Network program guide anywhere. Does Dish Network carry the channel the Duke game will be televised on today anyone know?

    Answer:-i dont think it was on

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