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michelle duggar

  • Question:-How old is jim-bob and michelle duggar from 19 kids and counting 2011?
    I love the show 19 kids and counting:) but i have always wondered how old jim- bob and michelle duggar are. i would appreciate it if someone out there that knows could tell me:D

    Answer:-Jim Bob Duggar (born July 18,1965) he is 46.
    Michelle Duggar (born September 13,1966) she is 45.
  • Question:-Do you think this new mom of octuplets is giving Michelle Duggar a run for her money?
    The mom had 6 kids before taking more fertility treatments and then she had 8 more kids... a grand total of 14 kids! Seriously, after 6, wouldn't you think that's enough?

    Anyhow, do you think Michelle Duggar has some "healthy" competition now for the most kids under one roof? LOL.
    KItkat- I won't argue with you on that! I make think the Duggars are nutty, but at least they are self sustaining and don't live with their mother.

    What I meant by "a run for her money" regards the number of kids and media attention.
    Oh and another point- Michelle Duggar didn't use fertility treatments!

    Answer:-i think she is an idiot, she isn't even living at home. and she already had six. maybe it was a sign that's enough children your already living with your parents! your husband is going back to iraq. she is so selfish and i am disgusted that she would do such a thing. and my question is how are they going to afford it? and i feel bad for those kids they most likely wont have the greatest life unless TLc picks them which i don't think that they deserve it honestly.

    they are no match to the duggars because the duggars can support themselves they were all natural and planned and prepared! its not healthy ha ha.,

    but possibly competition....
  • Question:-Does Michelle Duggar look like she is high?
    Do you think that Michelle Duggar looks like she is high on some drugs often... I see her looking in the camera and off in space sometimes when she is thinking it seems to me like shes really high on something.

    Answer:-It's a wide-eyed glazed look that most cult members seem to have.
  • Question:-Why do people slam Michelle Duggar for having her older kids help out with the younger kids?
    At least it's within the family, you know? Most women go off and leave their kids in daycare pretty much all day and people say nothing bad about that. Why is it so wrong of Mrs. Duggar to have her kids help out?

  • Question:-What do you think about Michelle Duggar being pregnant with her 19th child?
    Apparently they've decided to continue to have children until Michelle physically can't.
    Guys I didn't provide my own opinion, the additional note is a fact.

    Answer:-more power to her. I dont get why people think she is selfish. decades ago it wasn't abnormal to have big family, and in my opinion those generations seem to be more well adjusted then these crazy kids today
  • Question:-Do you think Anna Duggar and Michelle Duggar get along?
    Today on Good Morning America, Michelle and Jim Bob announced their 19th is on the way. Meredith Vieira said congrats and then asked Anna how she is feeling and to me it seemed like Michelle acted as if Anna was "stealing her spotlight". Even in Anna's responses to Merediths questions, she addressed Michelle as "Mrs.Duggar". I don't know about any of you all, but I call my Mother in Law by her first name. Just seems like Anna is not well liked by the "Original Duggar's".

    Answer:-I didn't call my mother in law much of ANYTHING the first 6 years of marriage, only started last year after 7 years and now that we've hit 8 I filed for divorce from her abusive son.

    I hope my ex never speaks of his family to me again.
    I know I wasn't liked by my ILs.

    I feel sorry for Anna but she knew what she was getting into when she married #1 of 19.......... :/
  • Question:-Kate Gosselin vs. Michelle Duggar. What do you think of both of these moms?
    I enjoy watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 as well as 17 Kids and Counting. I think the difference in the personality of Kate Gosselin and Michelle Duggar is interesting.

    What differences do you notice in the 2? What do you think about them, in general? Do you enjoy watching their TV shows?
    I relate better to Kate Gosselin. I admire Michelle Duggar's patience, but I don't think I could keep it together all the time like she appears to..lol.

    Answer:-I too, love both of the shows, and admire BOTH moms for what they do!! I feel I can better relate to Kate's parenting styles....and they keep it real for the camera's. However, Im not saying that Michelle is not keeping it real. As she is! They are the way they are, as they are deeply religious, and thats what they base their family values on. I dont think she's taking her children to the thrift store because they cant afford it, but simply because there's more to life than name brand clothing, and trying to fit in! I take my children to thrift shops, as well as I have enough pride to shop in them myself...and my family isnt struggling. Its just that materialistic crap doesnt mean anything to me. So I can relate to her better that way! I think they both are very patient loving moms, and I admire them both, because no way could I handle more than the 3 Im about to have!
  • Question:-What happens to Michelle Duggar on her 19th or 20th child?
    They say it is going to change their lives for ever? What does that mean? I am so worried for her. She could have a stroke what does that mean? If you are reading, I hope everything goes well.

    Answer:-haha i just saw this commercial like 10 minutes ago and ran to my computer to find out just wat ur asking!
    i had noooo idea she was having her 19th?! where was i....wowow
    anyways...she was supposed to hav her kid march 18th but instead had it like december 11th...it was only 25 weeks old. they were afraid the kid was going to have mental problems or complications because having a baby this early usually results in severe problems. i read theirs an 82% chance the baby will be fine...i havnt heard anything so far on the condition of the child but i think its ok since it hasnt hit big news tht its retarded or dead or anything like tht...but who knows. btw the childs name is Josie Brooklyn :)
  • Question:-What health risks is Michelle Duggar taking having so many kids?
    I don't care to hear peoples opinions on if what they are doing is right or wrong....just what she is risking health wise? How would that many kids affect her body?

    Answer:-every pregnancy comes with health risks whether it is your first or 19th. so obviously each time she gets pregnant she faces all of the "normal" risks.
    the baby she just had a few days ago was delivered by cesarean and i am pretty sure it was not her first c-section. having multiple c-sections can cause a lot of scar tissue and then complications from that. otherwise there's no risk that i know of from just being pregnant a lot. you are supposed to wait at least 6 months (probably varies based on who you ask) between pregnancies so your body can heal and the older you get the riskier the pregnancies become.
    but again, i am pretty sure that just being pregnant a lot does not negatively affect a woman's health.
  • Question:-What do you make of Michelle duggar having her 19th child?
    Do you think it's a bit much considering her youngest child is only 8 months, and she will become a grandmother next month?

    What do you think of her views on no prenatal testing?

    Do you think it's a good idea to have a large family?

    Would you prefer a small or large family, how many?

    Answer:-Do you think it's a bit much considering her youngest child is only 8 months, and she will become a grandmother next month?

    Well, in a purely human logic sense, I do think it's a bit much and worry about her health. But knowing their beliefs on having as many children as God is willing to give them I am not shocked and would expect them to do nothing less. I mean, you don't get 18 kids by saying, hmmmm I think we'll shoot for 18 and stop. They said, we will leave it to God, period. That doesn't mean they stop having sex, doesn't mean they change their mind when God gives'em too much, it just means they'll leave it to God. You don't renig on your beliefs midway through...even if they don't make good sense to other people.

    What do you think of her views on no prenatal testing?

    They do prenatal testing. We've seen a million ultrasound visits and doctor visits. Maybe you are talking about the amnio test. I'm in agreement with that. From what I understand it doesn't fix anything, they just tell you if your child is likely to have Down's Syndrome and that gives you the chance to abort him or her before they are born. If you KNOW you wouldn't abort your child what's the point in having that test? If you are talking about some other tests, I dunno. I didn't realize they skipped the health checkup parts.

    Do you think it's a good idea to have a large family?

    For some, I do. It's up to them and God. My only concern ever with these folks or those like them is that they are truly caring for, loving and protecting their children adequately. And of course, you can't tell that by watching t.v. no matter how close to 'reality' it's supposed to be. Assuming no one or 3 people (most likely the oldest girls) are being overburdened by family chores and that everyone is happy and healthy, I think large families are great.

    Would you prefer a small or large family, how many?

    I've got 1 and that works for me, lol. If God wanted me to have more, that would be fine too. But I don't know that I'm an 18 kid kind of girl. I'm not disciplined enough. I know that already.

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