Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pie crust

  • Question:-pie crust?
    so i just made pie crust and it looks crumbly..does it have to be that way.
    and when i try to roll it a little bit out to flatten it it goes apart a little.
    is dat the way its supposed to seem?

    ohyeah should i freeze this pie crust or just put it in the fridge?

    Answer:-add more shortning nead one more time should be fine
  • Question:-Pie Crust ?
    I have 2 rolled dough pie crusts. Is there any recipes I can make with these other than a pie?

    Answer:-Arseholes (aka dirty bums)...they don't sound very tasty, but they are, lol. Lay the dough on the counter and brush with butter, put a thin even layer of brown sugar and sprinkle with cinnamon. Then roll it up and slice the log every 1-2 inches. Lay flat on a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake. My Grandmother used to always make them for us with the left over pie crust pieces. YUMMY.
  • Question:-Pie crust.......?
    What makes a pie crust shrink when baked and how do you prevent it?

    Answer:-Gluten strands makes the pie crust shrink when you bake it. Allowing the dough time to rest between mixing, rolling, and baking will reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs. Other than that there isn't really anything you can do to avoid it, you just have to remember that its going to shrink up a little bit and roll it out slightly bigger.
  • Question:-How long does pillsbury pie crust stay good in refrigerator?
    I have a pillsbury pie crust in my refrigerator... I used one crust & threw out the box, but kept the other packaged crust in the refrigerator for about 5 days now. Is the pie crust still good?

    Answer:-It should be okay. Pie crusts are made from shortening and flour, so there really isn't anything in it that would "go bad" quickly. The only thing I would worry about would be drying out too much...
  • Question:-Do you bake the pie crust before you put the pecan pie filling in?
    I bought the pie crust at the store. I want to know if i bake the pie crust then the pecan pie filling in? Or do you put it all in and then bake?

    Answer:-You put it all in and bake. If you bake the crust before, then bake it again after you put the stuff in, it will end up burning the crust!!! good luck and merry christmas!!
  • Question:-How do I keep my pie crust from getting soggy?
    When baking pies, the outer crust is always golden brown and flaky, but the pie crust under the fruit always turns out soggy. This has happened with both fruit pies and custard pies.

    Answer:-Before you bake your crust, brush the bottom with a beaten egg. Then bake for 15 minutes, let cool, then add filling. Cover the outer edges with foil and bake as usual. When almost done baking, remove the foil and bake till edges are golden.

    By brushing egg yolk on the bottom, then baking, you are forming a seal that will help keep moisture out.

    Good Luck!
  • Question:-Any good Pie crust recipes using butter or vegetable oil instead of shortening?
    I just picked a bushel of apples and want to make some pies but I just realized I'm out of solid (Crisco) shortening. Does anyone have any tried & delicious pie crust recipes using real butter or canola oil?

    Answer:-You can substitute exact measurements of butter for other fats, but remeber if it is table butter it already has salt added to it. You can also make a crust with oil, but it is much harder to get a flaky crust with oil.
  • Question:-Can I substitute butter for shortening in a pie crust?
    I'm making a French silk pie and the ingredients for the crust say to use shortening or lard. Can I use butter instead? This is for the "Baked Pie Crust". Should I use the Graham Cracker crust instead? I know how to make the pie part, it's just the crust I'm worried about. Thanks!
    Yeah I mean real butter not margarine.

    Answer:-You can use the buter in place of shortening. I've done that before. The crust won't be quite as flaky as it is with shortening but it will work just fine.
  • Question:-How not to break pie crust while cutting?
    I'm planning to make a few pies with a homemade cookie crust for each one. However, I'd like to make sure that the crust (on the bottom of the pie) doesn't break while I'm cutting it (which is what has happened in the past).

    Are there any steps that I can take to ensure that as I cut the pies to serve, they won't break apart at the crust? (Especially on the very edge of each slice?)

    I used to work in a pastry shop, and we do it is, use a large kitchen knife, longer than the pie, and cut with a swift stroke. (ie, no hesitation)
  • Question:-How do you bake a good pie crust that will cut without crumbling?
    I have been buying store bought pie crusts. I never bake the empty crust first. I always make custard pies. Every time the pie is cooked and I need to cut the first piece, it usually falls apart and the piece doesn't come out clean. Any ideas as to how to remedy this problem?

    Answer:-Well, my family usually makes sugar cookie pie
    crusts because they taste sweeter and don't fall
    apart. You could try that, there are several different
    recipes online:D

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