Tuesday, November 15, 2011

chris hansen

  • Question:-Chris Hansen ?
    what do you think of Chris Hansen on Dateline cracking down on Pedophiles and Child Molesters? Im glad are you?
    its protecting our kids.

    Answer:-I definitely think its a good thing. I have heard he has gotten some flack about it as they say it is just to get more viewers and its all about money, but so what if it is? As long as it is making it a safer society for children against pedophiles then I do not care what their motives are. I mean, think about it, I bet the show makes predators think twice before showing up at a home when they are not sure it is a set-up or not. For that reason alone, I think it is a good thing. I also love the way Chris Hansen handles them. He doesn't back off and he treats them like they should be treated, like they should be ashamed of themselves for their actions...so Chris Hansen is tops in my books.
  • Question:-what brand of sunglasses does Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC wear?
    what brand of sunglasses does Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC wear? Clips can be found on youtube if you type in "to catch a predator." His sunglasses are super awesome does anybody know what rand they are?

    Answer:-Hi, I'd like you to have a seat....right over there.
  • Question:-What would happen if it turned out Chris Hansen was assisting Julian Assange, and wikileaks was just a way to?
    a way to gain attention for to catch a predator, because chris hansen would claim that Julian Assange is a pedophile?

    Answer:-Beginning with your question it's only a short leap to get to the ultimate question: Is Chris Hansen doing that show so he can meet lots of pedophiles and/or their victims? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Question:-You you ever think about pretending to be underage online to attract pedophiles so you can pull a chris hansen?
    It seems like it would be fun to set someone up for Chris Hansen to catch!

    Answer:-i do that on omegle sometimes. theres tons of perverts and they'll be like you like older guys?? and i'll pull a chris hansen on then and it will say your chat has been disconnected haha
  • Question:-What type of personality would Chris Hansen have if he were to meet Joseph?
    How would Joseph, the mother of Jesus react to seeing Chris Hansen since he raped a 14 year old virgin, and we know what they say, those who do it once....

    Answer:-Joseph was not the mother of Jesus. I think Mary was preggie when she met Joseph and he took care of her. I'm not sure though because I'm really not religious.

    What would Chris Hanson say about Mohamed? Please take a seat!
  • Question:-what happend to Chris Hansen NBC catch a predator?
    chris hansen?!? i heard a doctor got caught being a predator and after the show he committed suicide is that true?

    Answer:-This should answer your question, but it's kind of long:

    Louis William "Bill" Conradt, Jr. was a district attorney in Texas who became inextricably linked to To Catch a Predator after he committed suicide when the Kaufman County SWAT team entered his house, with Dateline cameras recording the action.
    Conradt's death prompted criticism of the show, already attacked by some in the legal and journalistic profession for breaking down the walls between the press and the police. A year later, Rolling Stone and Esquire magazines published articles criticizing To Catch a Predator. Hansen was criticized for his predator series; among the accusations he faced was that he colluded with law enforcement authorities to conduct the stings. Hansen denied these accusations, claiming that he and law enforcement agencies conducted "parallel investigations" and that he barely talked to law enforcement during the cases. In the Esquire article, Luke Dittrich accused Hansen of deception.[4]
    In September 2007, Esquire interviewed Hansen about the show and, in particular, the case of Conradt. In the interview, Hansen defended To Catch a Predator and its practices, but admitted he never saw the MySpace page that he mentioned in his own blog and on the show to incriminate Conradt.[5]
    According to the Esquire interview, Murphy detective Sam Love claims that Hansen asked the Murphy Police Department to obtain a search warrant for Conradt, since Conradt had stopped communicating with the decoy.[5] Hansen denied doing so, and claimed no knowledge of anyone from NBC or Perverted-Justice making such a request. Hansen admitted to several other inconsistencies or gaps in his personal memory. He claimed that NBC cameramen were never on Conradt's property; footage obtained by Esquire showed a cameraman on the property even before Kaufman County, Texas SWAT team members had arrived. Hansen claimed that members from Perverted-Justice were never at the scene.[5]
    In June 2008, NBC settled a lawsuit with Patricia Conradt, the sister of Louis Conradt. The amount of the settlement is not public.[6] The Los Angeles Times reported that To Catch a Predator was being dropped from regular production as a result of the controversies surrounding it.[7]
    State investigators subsequently found three laptops, a cell phone and several computer disks in Conradt's home, all containing child pornography.[8]
  • Question:-Should I go investigate and maybe met Chris Hansen?
    I think they are filming a new episode of "To Catch a Predator With Chris Hansen" next door. I've always wanted to meet him. Do you think it's too risky to go over there?

    Answer:-I strongly urge you not to meet Chris Hansen. I have met him and it was under unusual circumstances. I was supposed to be meeting my friend, Renee, in her parents' kitchen. Basically, I met Chris Hansen and a lot of paparazzi. I don't know what they did with my friend Renee and at this point frankly, I think they "did" her in. If you know what I mean.
  • Question:-With news of the Cain scandal coming out slowly would you be surprised to see Cain on Chris Hansen's show?
    Would you be surprised if Cain was caught on video with Chris Hansen asking him what is he doing in a young girls house? Maybe the truth isn't nearly as bad or maybe it is, but until Cain gets the records released do you think he will have a cloud of sexual misconduct hovering over him?

    Answer:-ahahahaHAHAHAHA! That would be hilarious. I love To Catch a Predator! Hi Herman what are you doing here in this 12 year old white girls house when her parents aren't home. But that is just apples and oranges isn't it. Mr McFeely is going to have a hard time getting elected dog catcher after his victim comes forward.
  • Question:-Where can I get the image of Chris Hansen in text?
    Where can I get the text that forms the image of Chris Hansen's face and below it it says his famous catch phrase, "Hi I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don't you have a seat over there?" If someone could post a link where I could get it or post it here that would be awesome.


    have fun
  • Question:-Satanically speaking: Where was Chris Hansen when Muhammad molested children?
    Where was the Chris Hansen of that time to have Muhammad take a seat over there. Was there no one fighting pedophiles, one step at a time?

    Answer:-wasn't he working with maury povich trying to do a DNA work up on mary for who is my baby's daddy?

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