Tuesday, November 15, 2011

childish gambino

  • Question:-Childish Gambino!!!!!!!!?
    Who is the singer in Childish Gambino's EP Mixtape?..He is really good..he's on the songs
    Be Alone & Break..easy pts to anyone who can tell me

    Answer:-hes the famous comedian donald glover
  • Question:-Childish gambino.....?
    Ever heard of him?
    -If so rate 1-10.

    -If not, i guarantee hes better than at least two of your top three favorite rappers.

    why didn't vintage rappers become legends until they died?

    Answer:-No i've never heard of him
  • Question:-Not Going Back by Childish Gambino in a Community episode?
    According to Donald Glover's Twitter, his own song (under name Childish Gambino) called "Not Going Back" was on the episode "Paradigms of Human Memory", but I can't find where. Help?

    Answer:-It's the instrumental during the group's "Glee" bit. It's sped up a bit though.
  • Question:-Any working links to download Sick Boi and EP by Childish Gambino?
    Are there any places to download Sick Boi and EP by Childish Gambino, in which the links are still valid?

  • Question:-Where can I find the guitar tab (or whatever it's called) for Childish Gambino's Freaks and Geeks?
    I love Childish Gambino's song Freaks and Geeks, but I can't find where the guitar tab (or whatever it's called) is. Does anyone on this have a link to it? Thanks if you do.


    and then just make up the strumming pattern using those chords (Cminor, A#, Gminor, Cminor). I couldn't work out the high pitched quick sounding bit

    hope it helps
    it's impossible to find childish gambino tabs anywhere
  • Question:-What Childish Gambino songs have a music video for them?
    I was just wondering what all his music video's were. Thank you for your help if you can!

    Answer:-only one suprisingly , maybe its because he hasn't done an album yet, all of his songs are from mixtape and the ep he did, or he is just so busy with acting/comedy/and recording and making mixtapes, im not sure but the one song he has made a video for is the song that got me into his music :

    Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks
  • Question:-Where can I download the Childish Gambino EP?
    I know i'm really late but i'm trying to find Childish Gambino's EP (the one with freaks and geeks etc.) but on his website when I press download it goes to mediafire and says "error". So where can I download the EP? link please? thank you.

    Answer:-Datpiff. I'll give you a link.

    Here's both mixtapes, Culdesac and EP:

    And here's his newest single:
  • Question:-Why does Childish Gambino not get the same hate as Lil Wayne, Drake, etc?
    They rap about the same exact shit in the same exact way. The only real difference i can tell is the lack of autotune from Gambino, but there's gotta be more to it than that no?
    He may be a comedian but he sure aint like lonely island or even traphik. He seems like he's trying to be taken seriously to me. I'm not saying he's not a good comedian, I'm just saying he's held to a different standard and I didn't get it.

    Answer:-I don't know what you are talking about. Childish Gambino is dope. His lyrics are smart and hilarious.
  • Question:-What album is The Longest Text Message by Childish Gambino on?
    And where could I download the album?

    Answer:-Google it?
  • Question:-What are some similar artists to Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino I may like?
    I like the indie music clips the incorporate into the songs. I normally listen to bands like Cold War Kids, Manchester Orchestra, & so on. B.O.B does some of this as well.
    I like Chiddy Bang as well. I know Kid Cudi is leaving already.

    Answer:-Kayne West - Eminem - Akon - Bruno Mars - Cee Lo Green - Chiddy bang ... ect

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