Monday, November 21, 2011

dancing with the stars results

  • Question:-Dancing With The Stars Scores and Results?
    She tries, but she stumbles. Singer Macy Gray was the 1st female superstar to go missing from season 9 of Dancing with the Stars TV show. Actor Ashley Hamilton & partner Edyta Sliwinska was also get rid of on 23rd September results show. Macy Gray & Ashley Hamilton, next to by way of NFL star Michael Irvin, had the buck judges' scores after their presentation on 21September & 22 September...............

    Answer:-So what's your question? lol
  • Question:-Dancing With The Stars Results November 17?
    Where can I find some great inside info about the results and what happened on the tv show, dancing with the stars last night on November 17th?

    Answer:-Inside info? Joanna Krupa left. Derek was her partner.
    Kelly O., Donny O., and Mya are left.
  • Question:-Dancing with the stars results october 27? melissa joan hart ...?
    louie vito dancing with the stars
    dancing with the stars october 27 2009
    india vs australia 2nd odi live
    melissa joan hart
    louie vito and chelsie hightower dating nice Very))
    Tell me plz?

    Answer:-Yes Melissa Joan Heart and Louie Vito were eliminated
    I dunno what your asking, i cant understand what your saying but if your asking if thats who was eliminated ,yes.
  • Question:-Did someone fall and flash the cameras on dancing with the stars results?
    my power was out on Tuesday so i didn't get to watch it this week, but i heard someone fell and the didn't have underwear on or something. I'm just curious to know who it was or if it even happened. thanks

    Answer:-A girl on "So you think you can dance" fell and showed us her Va-Jay Jay, but not on Dancing with the stars.
  • Question:-when will dancing with the stars results show be on?
    with the presidential debate on pretty much every channel, so what's the deal? when will they show the result show???

    Answer:-It was on at 8 pm EST and for PT its on at 9;00 p.m., following the debate.
  • Question:-Who is performing tomorrow on Dancing with the Stars results show?
    Does anyone know who the performer is tomorrow on Dancing With the Stars?

    Answer:-Barry Manilow
  • Question:-watch Dancing with the Stars Results May 18 2010 ?
    where can i see this? who got the perfect score? or sidereel yeah she got
  • Question:-Was anyone else surprised at Dancing with the Stars results ?
    Are they keeping Steve the computer guy on for fun????? He will never be a dancer

    Answer:-I really wanted Jonathan and Belinda to stay! They could have done much better next week and every week after that. Steve W. is just annoying and probably won't get any better as time goes on. I'm ready for him to go home!
  • Question:-explain Rascal Flats in the audience of Am Idol but sing but on Dancing with the stars results show tonite?
    Ryan talked to R. F. after a commerical break on Americal Idol but yet performed on Dancing with the stars result show on 5-6-08. Which one is lying about being filmed live? Or are the studios that close that they can run from one to the other? You catch these things when you DVR one show but watch the other one.

    Answer:-i heard that both the dwts stage and ai stage are in the same lot. but dwts is pre-recorded like 3 hours earlier.
  • Question:-Where to learn the Dancing with the stars results may 4?
    Hello! Tell me, please!

    Where to learn the Dancing with the stars results may 4?

    I FOUND Dancing with the stars results may 4 on VIDEO here:

    HQ video. Enjoy. Pam - the best! :)

    Answer:-Pam and Damien and Erin & Maks were the bottom 2 couples.
    Pam got the boot.

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