Monday, November 21, 2011

justin verlander

  • Question:-Justin Verlander?
    On Justin Verlanders no-hitter. What other milestone was accomplished?

    If this isn't solved by 12:35 a.m ill give hints (i got a TON of laundry to do and my dryers really slow so i got time)
    Chris H--good answer...but I'm talking about one person doing what no other person has done in there career.
    Yeah Chris H i figured it was you. But lemme give you a hint.

    ~~It was a member of the Detroit Tigers.
    ~~It has nothing to do with Justin Verlander.

    Sure it was the first no-hitter at Comerica, but thats not it either. no other player has done this in their career.
    Hey here's a hint. It has nothing to do with the no-hitter.
    well... no one got it. pudge rodriguez got his 12,000th putout. a feet never accomplished by a catcher before.

    Answer:-It's me on another account. It was the 1st ever no-hitter pitched at Comerica Park.
  • Question:-Is it fair to say that Justin Verlander is the Tigers equivalent to the Colts Peyton Manning?
    The Colts aren't a playoff team without Peyton Manning and the Tigers wouldn't be one without Justin Verlander.

    Answer:-no. manning plays every game - when healthy. verlander pitches in only every 5th game. no comparison
  • Question:-Would you rather have Justin Verlander or Josh Johnson on your fantasy baseball team?
    I have Josh Johnson(Marlins) on my team and I am wondering if I should trade him for Justin Verlander(Tigers). Would this be a good trade for me? Why or why not?

    Answer:-I would rather have Verlander because Johnson is an injury risk and Verlander is still the pitcher that threw a no-hitter n the guy who went 18-6 with a 3.66 ERA
  • Question:-What Would You Guve for Justin Verlander?
    The fact is pretty much established... Justin Verlander is the best player in baseball, saying that what would you give up from
    your favorite team to get JV as your ace

    Answer:-I would trade a couple of players for Justin Verlander
  • Question:-Can Justin Verlander save the Tigers season on Sunday?
    Basically, what the Tigers season comes down to is Justin Verlander, the savior of the Detroit Tigers. But, what the Tigers really need is offense, because the Tigers are just fundamentally dumb offensively.

    Can Justin Verlander save the Tigers season, or will Tigers fans be asking What if? questions when the season ends?

    Answer:-Yes . . . Verlander is gonna shut em out on Sunday.

    By the time you come back to check for the best answer the Tigers will probably have clinced by then.

    No matter what the Twins do the Tigers will clinch tomorrow cuz of Verlander and Ordonez.

    Too bad for the Tigers though because now Verlander can't pitch in games one or two of the ALDS in New York against the Yankees.

    But if Jackson can beat the Yankees in Game 1 or 2 and then the series goes to Detroit tied at one game apiece . . .

    Then I would say that the Tigers would be favored because they would get Verlander to throw in game 3 and game 5.

    But I just realized that the ALDS has a day off in between games one and two!!!

    Oh snap if this happens then the Tigers can throw Jackson in game 1 and Verlander in game 2!

    Man . . . I think the Yankees are going down in the first round AGAIN!!!
  • Question:-Do you think I can get Justin Verlander for Dan Haren straight up?
    Or do I have to add someone with Haren, like a lower tier pitcher to get Verlander?

    Answer:-Well it sort of depends.

    In public leagues a lot of the people there have no idea what they are doing, so getting Verlander for Haren and somebody else would be easy. Since Haren has the better "rank" and "O-rank" they are going to be valued higher than Verlander. In that case they would easily make that trade.

    On the other hand, if you get a bunch of people together who know what they are doing, Haren for Verlander is fair, but wouldn't get done. Verlander has the chance to get 18+ under 3 ERA and probably 200+ K's. Ok so they are a bit high, but I don't believe Haren would put up those same numbers.

    So public league, you might even be able to get a 2 for 1 since most players think that the better "O-rank" gets them the better player...Try telling that to Magglio Ordonez (ranked 4).

    You would win the trade if you could pull it off. Its not fair, but your getting the better end.

    Good luck!!
  • Question:-Did Justin Verlander receive a gift from the Tigers for throwing a no-hitter?
    Since Galarraga got a new car, did Verlander get something as well? Or was it some sort of make-up gift?

    Answer:-Chevrolet gave Galarraga the car, not the Tigers organization.

    There's a difference between a no-hitter and a perfect game.
  • Question:-Does anyone know how to contact Justin Verlander or Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers?
    I am volunteering for a non-profit and in charge of running the annual fundraiser. I was interested in contacting Verlander or Porcello for the fundraiser and I could not find any contact information regarding their booking agents. Did not know if anyone could help!

    Answer:-Contact the team. They can help you.

    Btw, if you can get them, can you get some autographs for me?
  • Question:-Is there anyway to get FREE text alerts for a certain MLB Baseball Player (Justin Verlander)?
    I would like to get text alerts about how Justin Verlander has done in a game similar to ESPN text alerts...

  • Question:-should i trade justin upton for justin verlander?
    i have more than enough quality outfielders( braun, manram, quentin, francouer, ellsbury, c hart and jay bruce in the minors). i was offered justin verlander for justin upton. despite verlander's struggles i am tempted to make this deal. verlander cannot be this bad, unlucky, whatever the case may be, all year, can he? if he rounds into form this trade could be huge. should i pull the trigger?

    Answer:-depending-are you in a keepers league?if you are definitely dont do it -both the upton brothers will be top 10 OF by next youre in a regular league-dont do it whatsoever-verlander wont get that big of a turn around-the tigers offense is struggling and which means he can not get wins-and wins equals points-upton has a great team with him so its easier for him to bring in runs and score runs-hope i helped

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