Wednesday, November 16, 2011

google music

  • Question:-How can I sync Google Music playlists between the site and my android device?
    I listen to Google Music at work during the day and create playlists. Would there be a way to get these same playlists onto my phone for when I'm not at a computer without having to just do everything twice (e.g. create the same playlist manually on both)?

  • Question:-If I download music from Google Music while in China, is it legal to bring that music back to the US?
    I'm currently living in Beijing, but getting ready to move back to the US. In China, Google Music lets you download legal music for free which is really awesome, but my question is whether or not that music has to stay in China? Can I bring the legally downloaded music back to the US?

    Answer:-No because you got it from Google!!
  • Question:-Download my music from Google Music Beta?
    I have a Google Music Beta account and I backed up my music to their site. My desktop computer had a virus and I had the hard drive reloaded and now I have no music on it. I just want to know how or if I can download the music I have on my Google Music Beta to my computer. I want to add the music back to my iTunes collection. Thanks.

    Answer:-As for now, I don't know completely and I am doing further research into it the only reason I am answering this is in case your dying for a certain song, you can right click and save as, not Ideal but as I said im looking into more fruit full answers, because I need the to re download my library too.

    Try this too:
    Google music down loader for Firefox
  • Question:-Who wants an invite to Google Music Beta?
    Google Music Beta is Invite only, I've got 6 invites and if anyone is interested leave your email and I'll give you an invite.
    Note Music Beta is only available in the USA during the Beta

    Answer:-I would like an invite please.

    Thank you.

  • Question:-Where does the Google Music player (on your Android device) save your songs when it caches locally?
    Using the new music app it lets you mark artists/albums/songs/playlists/etc. to local SD storage for offline use. Where exactly does it save my music to and can it be played on a different app such as poweramp?

    Answer:-/sdcard/Android/data/ /cache/music
  • Question:-How do I download songs off Google Music Beta?
    I got this when I uploaded all my music onto it so that I could get it back off later (infected computer). Anyway I want to get my music off so I can upload it onto my iPod shuffle.

    Answer:-You can use Firefox and get this add on: - it will enable you to download the music to your computer.
  • Question:-How to get my Grooveshark music into Google Music Library?
    I was just wondering if there was a way to directly do it or if I needed to download the songs from Grooveshark to my computer. Thanks!

  • Question:-How long does it take to get accepted for google music beta?
    I requested an invite and was just wondering how much longer I will have to wait.

  • Question:-How long will it take for me to get my google music invite?
    I requested an invite today, and I'm excited to get started. Anyone know how long it takes?

  • Question:-I need Google Music to think I am in the US?
    I was invited to Google Music by a friend and I am an Australian Resident who lives and works in Australia? How can I make Google Music think that I am in the US. Firstly I do know about proxies but all of them i have attempted are not working so if you could a legit free proper american proxy would also be useful.

    Answer:-proxies doesnt work because google identifies u by cookies. so try cleaning your cookies using CCleaner and then use the proxy for the first time. then it will work i guess.
    advanced user mode: try using a proxy to login to the proxy too (proxy within a proxy; proxception)

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