Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sexiest man alive 2011

  • Question:-Who do you think will turn out to be the sexiest man alive in 2011?
    Look at this slide show. It provides past and could be sexiest man alive,,20315920_20441953_20872678,00.html#20872682

    Answer:-Johnny Dep!
  • Question:-Sexiest man alive for 2011/2012?
    I would vote either Shemar Moore off of Criminal Minds.
    Bradley Cooper off of The Hangover.

    Who do you want to be the sexiest man alive?

    Answer:-Shemar Moore wins.
  • Question:-Who is People magazine's sexiest man alive?
    Ryan Reynolds was 2010's I believe? Is there a 2011 yet? What is the most recent Sexiest Man Alive edition and when is it available or is it out now or where can I buy it? (: lol And how many people do they have in each list? I don't ever read magazines so I don't know how any of this works. D:

    Just kidding, Im a fat chick.
    But my dad says Im hot.
    so there.
  • Question:-Do you think Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive ?
    People magazine just voted Ryan sexiest man he is the star of this summer's (2011) .......Blockbuster "Green Lantern" .......

    and if he wasn't already having a good year ! ...... He's married to Scarlett Johansson...... I can hardly wait to see their kids !

    Answer:-he's one of them, yes. not the only one, but one of the sexiest, yes! :)

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