Monday, November 21, 2011

padma lakshmi

  • Question:-Is Padma Lakshmi ruining whatever she did for culinary knowledge by being in the new Hardees commercial?
    Personally, I think the new Hardees commercial is hilarious. Not to mention that Padma is really hot. But by being in a fast food commercial, especially something that is really unhealthy, is she ruining what good she has done for the culinary community (Top Chef, her books, or whatever) by being in the new commercial?

    Answer:-Not at all. If anything it shows that the people who are in the "high end" food business eat like normal people now and then.
    Plus I would love to lick the sauce off her leg for her! :)
  • Question:-How the heck did Salman Rushdie get a chic like Padma Lakshmi?
    This dudes been linked to other supermodels, and married 4 times. I don't get it?

    Answer:-One word, money.
  • Question:-How old was Padma Lakshmi when she came to live in America?
    If she was 14 or 13, how did she pick up American accent so fast?

    Answer:-She came to America when she was 4 years old, according to the article cited below.
  • Question:-Where did Padma Lakshmi get that scar on her arm?
    she is the host of top chef, encase some of you don't know her name.
    I'm just wondering, thanks.

    Answer:-She scarred it in a car accident. She purposefully shows it off to show that she is not ashamed and is happy to have narrowly missed death.
  • Question:-So Padma Lakshmi had a kid by Adam Dell, win for White men?
    She even picked to have a kid with a White guy over an Indian guy, lol, what now Indians?

    Answer:-So most of the Indian Bollywood Actresses go for Indian guys, win for Indian men?

    So Aish (too long of a first name) Rai is married to an Indian guy, win for Indian men?

    So Naveen Andrews and other Indian actors have kids with White women, win for Indian men?

    Don't get full of yourself, most Indian women still go with Indian men, and plus it is not like Padma married to is dating the guy or anything.
  • Question:-What music is playing in the background of Padma Lakshmi's website?
    I know this has been asked before, but lacks a definitive answer. I hope someone can help. I have not received a response from the web designer.
    I am not speaking of the Eels song; it is the song after that...

    Answer:-Have you checked the website lately? You cant miss it.
  • Question:-Is Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) all Indian, or only half Indian?
    hi, i was just curious and had a question regarding Padma Lakshmi's (host of top chef) heritage.

    Is Padma all East Indian, or is she only half? I've heard both. Some people say shes 100% Indian, while others say she is indian/italian or indian/european. If you know the answer, can you list a source as well please?


    Answer:-According to the websites that I've seen she's full Indian. If you Google her name, you'll get alot of information on her.
  • Question:-how did padma lakshmi get the large scar on her right arm?

    Answer:-Car accident.
  • Question:-How old is Padma Lakshmi? (Host of Top Chef on the Bravo Network)?
    And do you know how old her former husband is?

  • Question:-Who is Padma Lakshmi's husband?
    Padma Lakshmi is the host of Top Chef.

    Answer:-The extremely famous and in Iranian circles infamous author Salman Rushdie. The Iranian government put a price on his head for publishing The Satanic Verses.

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