Monday, November 21, 2011

christina aguilera

  • Question:-Christina Aguilera?
    Hey does anyone know where i can watch MTV Diary Christina Aguilera in 2002? I've tried looking on YouTube but i cant find it. Does anyone have a direct link to the video or a website i can download it from. Thanks!
    xoxo - Rory
    i already tried.
    Thank you so much i found it and i am watching it right now. I will be picking you as my best answer thank u so much, Junglegal.

    Answer:-Did you try Limewire or go directly to the MTV site to see if they have archived episodes you could watch?
  • Question:-christina aguilera?
    i have a question, hope you don't mind answering it. okay here goes, from all of your tours that you did these past few years, why haven't you thought of performing live here in the philippines? Oh by the way, I bought your dvd copy of stripped tour live in U.K., i had so much fun watching that!

    Hope to hear from you soon. I know that you are so busy with your tours, so i hope you can find time to read and answer my question. Thanks so much. More power to you Christina Aguilera! WE LOVE YOU...

    -skeleton man

    Answer:-I do not know....
  • Question:-Christina aguilera!?
    Hey! Does anyone know if there will be an autograph session for Christina Aguilera's concert in Atlanta in May? please give me all the information possible. Thanx!

    Answer:-Sorry, I don't know, but have a good time!
  • Question:-How is Christina Aguilera considered someone who has made a contributions to Hispanic Heritage?
    I am do a project on Christina Aguilera and I can't find this answer! Also What is her Hispanic Heritage group? Thanks!

    Answer:-Her father is Ecuadorian :)

    As for contributions to Hispanic heritage, i don't really know what you're looking for with this. She released an album in Spanish called Mi Reflejo a while ago, other than that i don't know. Hope i helped a bit though.
  • Question:-Is Christina Aguilera the worst singer or what?
    Anyone happen to see Christina Aguilera totally botching the National Anthem at the Super Bowl?

    Just how self-centered and conceited can a person be? It's the National Anthem. It's about paying respect to the nation and the many thousands of men and women that died defending the USA at home and abroad. Why would ANYONE want to reinterpret it by trying to string-out the words? I've seen classrooms full of first graders do a much better job than she did.

    Am I alone in my thoughts?

    Answer:-i watched it and in my head, as i was listening to her, i was asking myself, wait a minute, did she just fu@k it up??? what a freakin douche!!! she gets no respect from me anymore and i was a fan. she tried to make our national anthem her own and she FAILED!!!! i am kinda pissed cuz that is one of my favorite parts of this game.
  • Question:-What is the sweater Christina Aguilera wore in Burlesque?
    In the movie Burlesque Ali (Christina Aguilera) wears a baggy oversize off white/cream colored sweater when she wakes up in the morning at jacks apartment. After her apartment had been broken into. It's really cute and I want one just like it so bad! Just wondering if anyone knows where I could one like it?

    Answer:-It is from Forever 21
  • Question:-When will Christina Aguilera be releasing her next album? and when will her next tour start?
    Basically, im a huge Christina Aguilera fan, but i can't seem to find any information on her next album or next tour (after the Back to Basics tour). Just wondered if anyone else new anything :) thanks.

  • Question:-What is a good idea for a Christina Aguilera costume?
    Me and my cousin are having a competition for Halloween on which one of us should be Christina Aguilera. I liked her wayyy before her. I always lose to her and i hate it. Our cousin did Christina Aguilera's makeup for the Not Myself Tonight Video. He even has the outfit and of course she gets it. I have to win this time please help! B.T.W I have blue eyes and her skin color. And my cousin has brown eyes and is tan.

    Answer:-You should do the Stripped album look with the tank tops showing belly, faded jeans, blond hair with blue and red streeks and a head bandanna. Get a fake nose piercing and lip piercing if you can.
  • Question:-Would Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera make a good couple if he was still alive?
    Yes what do you all think? If Michael Jackson was still alive and dated Christina Aguilera do you think they would have made a nice couple? Now don't be rude people thank you.

    Answer:-How do you think they could make a good couple? Besides having great talent they're nothing alike.~
  • Question:-What was wrong with Christina Aguilera forgetting her lines?
    I heard from various radio reports that Christina Aguilera fluffed her line at the Superbowl. In the UK, where I am from, good number of people don't even know their national anthem. It 'The Star-Spangled Banner' more important to Americans than 'God, Save the Queen' is to the British?

    Answer:-It's because in America you learn it in like first grade (if not kindergarten) and have to say it so much after that till the end of high school that it's totally wtf that she didn't remember... but everyone makes mistakes so...

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