Thursday, November 17, 2011

kelly ripa

  • Question:-kelly ripa?
    Did kelly ripa ever live in mount carmel ,pa.?

  • Question:-How long would it take to get sculpted arms like Madonna or Kelly Ripa?
    I already have thin arms. I have a little bit of muscle but I'd like them to be more defined and sculpted. How long would it take to get arms like Madonna or Kelly Ripa (or some of the other celebs on TV) if I started a workout plan today?

    Answer:-You've made it sure that you're already having some muscles in your skinny arms? To make it well defined and sculpted, you've to train with lighter weights (high reps). Being a female, it won't take as much time for you to get it. If you start to do workouts for your arms, then within a month you'll be able to note the progress.. since women could build lean muscles faster than men. I swear if you work hard, then within few weeks you could get Kelly Ripa's arms. But Madonna's arms are really well-developed, sculpted. At 50 itself, she managed to get it. Then what about you? I hope you'll be younger than her. Keep pushing hard, definitely you'll get it. Mail me if you have any doubts on workouts or about your progress, if you wish:)
  • Question:-Kelly Ripa?
    Do you like her?

    I do and I think she is gorgeous and so down to earth. Her husband is hott too! What do you think about her?

    Answer:-I guess sometimes she gets on your nerves. Who doesn't? I agree with you, she's definitely down to earth and not stuck up like other celebrities. And she is really pretty and has good clothes. I do like her :)
  • Question:-Kelly ripa ??
    Complete phony you --know--what! She thinks getting a call from howard stern was so great????!!!
    I am on Clays side all the way!!

    Answer:-I think she completely over reacted. He was obviously nervous, give him a break, he just did it to be funny and as a joke. I am soo with Rosie O`Donnel on saying it was a homophonic remark.She wasnt calling Clay Gay,but she is just defending him if he is. Anyway Kelly shouldnt take things so seriously. Plus, he was a co-host, let him talk too man!!
  • Question:-Why does Kelly Ripa wear sunglasses on the show?
    Why is Kelly Ripa wearing sunglasses indoors, during the Regis & Kelly show?

    Answer:-Maybe she had lasik eye surgery...or maybe she just thinks she is cool...
  • Question:-Where do I find clothes to look like Kelly Ripa?
    My friend and I are being Regis and Kelly for Halloween. Where is a good place to find something that Kelly wears but not to pricey. I live in northern Chicago.

    Answer:-Watch the credits at the end of their show & it will tell you where she gets her clothes from.
    As far as finding something that is priced reasonably, go to GoodWill with a picture of what you want to look like & search. I'm pretty damn sure you'll find it & you'll save a few bucks.
  • Question:-Why does Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly talk about herself the whole time?
    Did you ever watch Live with Regis and Kelly? The whole show she talks about herself. She tries to interrupt Regis but he wont let her anymore. Then when the guests come on she interrupts their story to talk about herself, Mark, and her kids. Why not just have her as the guest everyday and she can talk the whole show about herself.?

    Answer:-The point of their Host Chat is to talk about themselves and what's going on with them in their lives. Regis and Kelly both talk about themselves.
  • Question:-The Thread chose Michele Obama as America's third most stylish mom, ahead of Kelly Ripa and Angelina Jolie?
    In every picture they showed of her she looked like a monkey. Shouldn't she have been chosen as America's most stylish ape? And then to have the nerve to say she's more stylish than Kelly Ripa and Angelina Jolie. Talk about being in the tank for Obama.

  • Question:-How long do you think that Kelly Ripa and her Husband will stay together after thier show airs?
    Or that could never happen to them. Not the sweet nice couple? Huh?

    Answer:-IF its like any other reality show couple than i am sure give it one season and youll start to notice them go down hill ,....the tabloids will tear them apart
  • Question:-Does anyone know the Kelly Ripa's commercial where she is holding a fruity layered pie?
    I believe it is a Lowe's commercial for appliances and she turns around from the fridge and is holding a layered fruity pie thing that had fruit. Does anyone know what that is called and have a recipes?

    Answer:-Probably a fruit torte ( tart ). Look up "fruit torte photos" to be sure.

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