Thursday, November 17, 2011

benetton ads

  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can get the United Colors of Benetton posters?
    hey I've been trying to find somewhere where I can get some prints of the old United Colors of Benetton ads. Please help.

    Answer:-Back issues of magazines... Or contact the company
  • Question:-Where can I find a copy of the Benetton ad "we, on death row?"?
    I have been trying to find a copy of Benetton's controversial ad "we, on death row." I'm not having any luck. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-Hi! Is this what you're looking for?
  • Question:-Benetton Unveils Ads with World Leaders Kissing?

    could you please tell me what they are on about

  • Question:-What do you think of Calvin Klein's or Benetton's ads ?
    What is your analysis of the ads and do they appeal to you?

    Answer:-Speaking only of the Calvin Klein ads with the hot young stud-muffins..... um, I never really noticed them! (hee hee)
    I like it when Antonio Sabato Jr was photographed in his CK undies. WOW!
  • Question:-Benetton Ad campaigns, good or bad?
    Hey guys, I came across the United Colors of Benetton's ads.
    I wanted to know what you guys think, do they really send a "positive msg" by bringing awareness to controversial issues like aids, racism etc...
    Or their Images are just tasteless and its just another way to sell their product...

    Please!!! If you can explain yourself that would be great!!!

    Answer:-It's advertising. Must be working, you just gave them a free ride on Yahoo!!
  • Question:-What is the song in the It's My Time ad campaign by Benetton?
    Its kind of like a techno song.

    Answer:-Try here:
  • Question:-Are you familiar with Benetton ad campiagns and if so?
    do you know how they relate to any of Calvin Klein ads

    Answer:-sorry i am not
  • Question:-I have to write a five page paper and I don't think it will be possible can you please help?
    We have to pick two ads, one from any of Benetton ad campaigns and another by Calvin Kelin, and do a formal analysis of their rhetorical strategies and the meanings the wish to communicate.

    What does it mean to do a formal analysis and what are rhetorical strategies

    Answer:-oh sweetie... five page paper.... i was just looking at the homework help advice that others have given you, and they are all great!!!...

    But I would like to add one more thing... I didn't really have an answer for you, but one thing did strike me when I read your question.

    It's the part where you said... "and I don't think it will be possible..."

    If you 'think' it is impossible and 'believe' it is impossible, then it WILL be impossible. You've sealed your fate before you have even started writing!

    But now that you've gotten some REALLY helpful advice from others, NOW do you think it is possible??? Believe that it IS possible, and you'll be able to start writing. WOW...You're sooo lucky to have so many people helping you. =) Good luck writing. Believe it is possible. I believe you can write this 5 page paper. Now you just have to believe that you can, too! That's all.... Rooting for you at the sidelines!!! GO-GO, LaLa!! You can do it!
  • Question:-What do you think they're trying to say with their eyes... and how is this ad effective in selling ads?
    snob appeal? harsh gaze filled with contempt?

    Answer:-I think they are trying to disrespect me by giving me the up-down. Grrrrr
    I won't be buying their knits, no way!
  • Question:-provocative ads?
    i was wondering if anyone knows where can i get some provocative ads. i have an oral presentation soon. i know United colours of benetton has loads of provocative ads but i want something worse.. something more radical.

    thanks (´´, )
    printed ads.

    Answer:-Do you mean like print ads? Go to the library and read through the magazines. I would suggest Stuff, Maxim, and FHM. These are men's magazines and the content is socially unacceptable so the ads are about ten times worse. If you can get the back copies for free great, if not you could go out and buy the magazines with the ads that caught your eye.

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